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12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow


12 Top Must-Follow MLB YouTube Channels

If you’re a baseball fan who just can’t get enough of the sport, this list of top MLB YouTube Channels to follow will surely get you your daily MLB fix. 

Baseball is inarguably America’s favorite pastime, especially if based on the history and culture of the sport. Today’s foremost professional baseball organization is the Major League of Baseball or MLB. It is the most prestigious major sports league in the world. Since its creation in 1876, MLB has evolved into a well-structured institution that continues to promote the passion for baseball worldwide. These are some of the greatest MLB games in the 21st century:  

  • Game 5 of the NLDS or National League Division Series in 2011 with Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies and Chris Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals. Carpenter emerged as the big winner with a three-hit shutout to win the decisive game for the Cards. 
  • Wild Card Game at the 2014 American League between the Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Athletics, where the Royals staged a riveting 9-8 comeback win against the Athletics
  • Game 7 of the 2019 World Series between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. The Nationals started as the underdogs well into the seventh inning, but they delivered a spectacular upset to snag the first title in franchise history. 

Top 12 Major League Baseball Youtube Channels 

If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings in the world of baseball, we’ve got you covered. The list below shows some of the best MLB channels on YouTube to watch and subscribe to.


Description:  With great content that’s lapped up by millions of its subscribers, this official channel of Major League Baseball is certainly the top MLB YouTube channel to follow. Their videos include rise-to-fame stories of some of the world’s best baseball players, memorable MLB game highlights, funny reaction clips, and insightful match analyses. They also stream MLB games so that you can enjoy live MLB action.

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 3.93M

Date of joining: December 26, 2005

No. of views: 3,409,739,678

MLB Network

Description: MLB Network is one of the best MLB youtube channels. And its slogan, “Our National Pastime All the Time,” expresses its commitment to every MLB fan. This official YouTube channel of the MLB Network serves up top-notch content from the MLB Network’s shows. From premiere plays and the best moments of the season, to insightful analytics discussions and entertaining oddities, the MLB Network YouTube channel has it all.  

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 196K

Date of joining: December 8, 2011

No. of views: 63,803,022

Baseball Highlights Reel

Description: Showcasing the best baseball highlights, this YouTube channel’s focus is as sharp as its high-quality content. Baseball Highlights Reel features the most incredible and unforgettable MLB moments. For instance, they talk about a lot of MLB superlatives, such as “the worst baseball injuries,” “the best players in baseball,” and some of the most bizarre plays in MLB history.  

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 98.3K

Date of joining: Joined March 25, 2010

No. of views: 9,649,839 


Description: If you’re passionate about MLB The Show, you’ll surely spend a lot of time on Dodgersfilms’ sports gaming channel. Most of its content puts the spotlight on MLB The Show online stats and MLB The Show 22 player ratings. The other subject matter they love is real-life softball games. If you want to catch up on the best of the season’s baseball series with all the amazing double plays, insane home runs, and grand slam walk-offs, Dodgerfilms is the perfect YouTube channel for you. 

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 1.45M

Date of joining: May 22, 2008

No. of views: 776,034,877

Antonelli Baseball

Description: Antonelli Baseball is the brainchild of Matt Antonelli, who created the channel in 2009. The former professional American baseball player now provides some of the best coaching available to equip the country’s softball and baseball players. Thus, this site can be invaluable to any player serious about achieving their fullest potential. Expect to find lots of baseball tips and advice on this channel. The site also deep dives into major league baseball stories, including behind-the-scenes content. They even offer courses like their elite hitting and fielding courses.

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 203K

Date of joining: May 13, 2010

No. of views: 47,616,006

MLB Vault

Description: MLB Vault is a certified treasure trove of some of the most extraordinary moments of the best sport in the world for many fans. One of the best MLB YouTube channels, MLB Vault celebrates the illustrious history of major league baseball. Their videos feature legendary players, classic plays, mammoth home runs, and other heart-stopping plays. 

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 148K 

Date of joining: September 9, 2010

No. of views: 59,939,310


Description: From the sound of its name, you may have already guessed what this up-and-coming MLB YouTube channel is all about. The most passionate baseball fans will surely appreciate the abundance of statistics, graphs, and projections on Major League and Minor League baseball games from the channe;. This may include MLB The Show online stats and MLB The Show 22 player ratings. 

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 12.3K

Date of joining: March 23, 2013

No. of views: 7,701,378 

Baseball Doesn’t Exist

Description: Baseball Doesn’t Exist is another one of the top MLB YouTube channels you should subscribe to. This uber-popular site deep dives into the histories of oddball athletes like Zack Greinke, Trevor Bauer, Aroldis Chapman, and many others. They also have a ton of super exciting videos on baseball frauds and cheating scandals, which rake in millions of views.

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 406K

Date of joining: Joined August 22, 2020

No. of views: 88,993,641

Made The Cut

Description: Made The Cut’s content includes MLB game highlights, reaction videos, in-person chats, and painful foul ball compilations—anything and everything under the bright MLB sun.

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 376K

Date of joining: November 24, 2016

No. of views: 404,721,172 

Zack Hample

Description: The eponymous channel’s content creator seems like your friendly baseball fan next-door. And he is—but with a bizarre claim to fame. So you may be pleasantly surprised that Zack Hample has scored over 12,000 baseballs from 61 different MLB stadiums all over the world. His passion for the sport is absolute, and this is why he scours the globe to add to his growing baseball collection. You’ll discover all about his MLB adventures on his blog, as well as tons of random entertaining stuff.

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 649K

Date of joining: June 5, 2007

No. of views: 171,189,889 

Sporting Videos

Description: Sporting Videos is one of the best MLB youtube channels that feature some of the most notable highlights in MLB championships and other games. Their diverse and easy-to-navigate playlists are enjoyable to watch. These include “Home Runs,” “Bad Calls,” “Angry Moments,” and “Great Defensive Plays.” 

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 315K

Date of joining: March 15, 2016

No. of views: 438,909,353

Baseball Sports

Description: This MLB YouTube channel presents the best MLB highlights in many of its videos. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s insanely weird, awfully funny, or unexpectedly smart—this site will feature any video that can be appreciated by its dedicated and large fan base. So from “Good Moments in Baseball” to “Smart Skills” and “Fake Moves,” you’ll indeed find something to interest your MLB-loving heart on this channel.

12 Top MLB YouTube Channels to Follow

Subscribers: 287K

Date of joining: November 16, 2016

No. of views: 211,588,329

Wrap up 

Whether you’re an aspiring baseball star, a businessperson looking for the best MLB YouTube channels to partner with, or simply a zealous fan of MLB, these top MLB YouTube channels to follow can teach you a lot of MLB-related stuff. We hope this list of excellent channels will help you have fun and elevate your play. For more tips and tricks on upskilling, drop by the Net Influencer blog today.

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