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Top Food Influencers in Toronto- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Toronto

With over half of its population made up of expats, Toronto is famous for its diverse cuisine. Here are some of the top food influencers from Toronto to take us on a virtual food trip through the city.

Today, we travel all the way to Toronto, Canada’s gastronomic hub. Being one of the world’s most diverse cultural cities, Toronto is a paradise for foodies. A large population of Toronto consists of expats, so you will find everything from Latin American to European to Asian cuisine here. 

Top Food Influencers in Toronto - Net Influencer

Known especially for its colorful street food, World Food Market is one of the most famous spots for street foods in Toronto. And of course, no visit to Toronto will be complete without trying one of its signature dishes- the poutine! 

Let’s hear all about the multicultural palate of this city from some of the top food influencers in Toronto!

Top Toronto Food Influencers in Toronto To Watch

Toronto Food Trucks (@foodtrucksto)

Followers: 49k

Food trucks are a unique way to experience the cuisine of a city. The joy that is found in huddling around a food truck, eating delicious food while laughing with your friends is unparalleled. 

Toronto Food Trucks strives to provide this experience to you by posting all things food trucks. They curate pictures from food bloggers in Toronto. Whether you want funnel cakes or tacos or strawberry nutella cheesecake on a stick, this page will tell you the best food trucks to eat from! 

Food Porn Toronto (@foodpornto)

Followers: 46.8k

Like the name suggests, this page is food porn. Featuring photos of delectable and mouth-watering dishes, you can find the best spots to eat in town. If you are someone who loves trying new things that are unheard of, you will love this page! Here, you will find everything from watermelon ice cream sandwiches and stacks of churros to burgers and tacos. The pictures alone make me want to bite into the food. I don’t know what a torched umami sandwich is, but I. will. have. it. 

The Everyday Foodie (@theeverydayfoodie)

Followers: 32.1k

Take a virtual tour through the food scene of Toronto with these delicious pictures and learn about the best dishes and desserts at each restaurant, especially Asian cuisine. This is the best page to learn about the new restaurants that pop up. Bonus points: you get to participate in the occasional giveaways and see pictures of his white fluffy dog!

Toronto Food Guide (@torontofoodguide)

Followers: 29.6k

No more scrolling endlessly through food delivery apps wondering where to eat next because the Toronto Food Guide is here! This will especially be a hit with those of you who have a sweet tooth! (Did I hear honeycombs?) Whether you feel like going to a restaurant or a diner or a cafe, this page will give you stellar recommendations. So go on and treat yourself!

Hubert L (@goodfoodtoronto)

Followers: 18.2k

Nothing tops recommendations from real people, which is why you should follow Hubert. Not only does he recommend restaurants, he also tells you the best local farms to buy premium cut meat from, the best places for baked goods, and great wineries! Follow him for an eclectic food journey. (Psst.. it includes giveaways.)

Toronto Taste Test (@torontotastetest)

Followers: 9.9k

Sometimes, finding new restaurants you like is hard, okay? Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like taking risks with new dishes. In such cases, having someone taste and review the food beforehand can be a godsend. And that’s exactly what you get with the Toronto Taste Test- a curated feed of the best dishes by food lovers. 

Check out these places and your taste buds will not be disappointed! There are a LOT of dessert options, and all of them pass the vibe test.

Fred (@fred.bk)

Followers: 12.1k

Have you ever tried pizza in the shape of a skull? No? That’s what I thought. Well, Fred here will tell you exactly where you can find them. He posts the most unique dishes I have ever come across. Who knew there were so many flavors of cannoli? And crisps in the shape of ladies’ handbags? This is definitely a page you don’t want to miss if you want to have a real culinary adventure!

Peter Minaki (@kalofagas) 

Followers: 10.6k

Feel like immersing yourself in some European food? Peter is a cookbook author and caterer who specializes in Greek cuisine. Even his handle is a Greek word and translates to ‘good eater.’ You can find the recipes for each of his homemade dishes over on his blog. They are yummy and also easy to make. Perfect for those days when you don’t want to go out but want to try something new. Give yourself the taste of a new culture right from the comfort of your home!

Foodie Toronto (@torontofoodideas) 

Followers: 12.4k

Have a unique eating experience in Toronto with this page. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you will find something new to try. Bite into those fluffy pancakes and the mango pockets or slurp the sesame tan tan noodles! Or open a yuzu to find tuna inside! One thing is for sure- no matter what you try, you will not be disappointed.

Toronto Eaters (@torontoeaters) 

Followers: 8.4k

This page is #vocalforlocal by highlighting some of the best eateries in Toronto. With witty captions that make you chuckle, they also include the main ingredients that dishes are made of. This page also has a lot of latte and bubble tea recommendations, so don’t miss it!

Janet (@nevereatwong) 

Followers: 9.7k

Janet is living well, eating good food, and sharing those recommendations with you. Her reviews are very detailed, and include her experience eating at that particular restaurant, their address, phone number, and even website. Super helpful! She will also lead you to the best Asian restaurants in town. Whether you want to know in advance about new places popping up, or the offers going on in a cafe, she’s got you covered!

Fiona (@fiandfood) 

Followers: 6.8k

I always love a good review where the person is actually enthusiastic about the food. And Fiona provides that in spades. You can tell she is being authentic just by her captions. Try her recommendations, and your tastebuds will thank you. 

Lawson (@lawlam.eats) 

Followers: 7.8k

Lawson eats the best food and likes to joke that this page is a look into his growing belly. We are not complaining, Lawson. From desserts and frozen drinks to burgers and sushi platters, his recommendations cover everything. I love his reels because they make me wish I were eating those dishes right now! Go follow him! You may learn a thing or two about where to find alcohol-infused ice cream.

Jennifer (@savouringtoronto) 

Followers: 4.4k

Jennifer is savoring her way across Toronto by telling you about the best spots to eat along with the dishes she personally recommends. What I love about her is that she is a great champion of the restaurant industry. Check out her #Takeoutday hashtag to know which places deliver to your doorstep. Find out hidden food gems, participate in contests, and experience the wonders of food.

I hope you fell more in love with food after visiting these pages. I know I did! Toronto is certainly a haven for foodies, so visit the first chance you get and eat your way across the city! Don’t forget to share this article with your foodie buddies!

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