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10 Of The Greatest Dancers On Social Media Right Now


Top 10 Dancers Making Waves on Social Media

Wondering who the best dancers on social media are? Check out below to see some of the current best in the industry. You’ll also see what it takes to become the next best dancer on social media and maybe one of the best dancers of all time.

Social media content can come in either written word, images, or video. With video content, what becomes consistently trending and popular is the inclusion of dance in the video itself. While many are out there in a more amateur capacity, some have taken to social media to perform their craft and art to the masses.

10 Of The Best Dancers On Social Media Right Now


These have become excellent channels to help promote the talent they work so hard on, and that’s why it’s become ever more popular to be a dancer on social media channels. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Instagram reel or a YouTube channel; there’s opportunity and demand for this type of content. 


Step 1 – Make sure you’re a professional dancer

You should be a professionally trained dancer in some capacity. This can help in the long run as you’re trying to promote content primarily surrounded by dance. This helps bring that necessary authenticity to your page. 

Step 2 – Don’t pick all of the social media channels

Social media influencers focused on dance will need to hone their craft and talent constantly. They should not be focused on building up multiple social media channels because then it will just be repeat dance content across the channels. Focus really on only one at the start, whether it’s YouTube or Instagram. TikTok can be a great option, but the others offer more established monetization schemes. 

Step 3 – Tell people who you are 

Everyone will want to know your bio, where you got those dance skills, and other pieces of information about you. This can help you land your next gig or, if you run a dance studio, possibly lead to more students. Although influencers are already quite open, dancers need to be front and center at all times, showing their faces in their videos and being as transparent as possible at the start. 

Step 4 – Don’t focus on perfection

That means work on producing your content. It’s ok if the choreography isn’t great. However, you still want that element of an amateur unscripted feel pouring into your content. It will make the content feel much more satisfying to watch for viewers and even more rewarding when you land that perfect video reel down the line. 

10 Of The Best Dancers On Social Media Right Now


Step 5 – Be ready for the grind

Another reason to avoid perfection with dancing is that you will produce a lot of content. That’s why focusing on one platform, with one mission, and only a few dance styles will go a long way in building that consistent library of dance you want to show the world. 

Step 6 – Understand your channel

That means getting into the technical know-how of how to upload and quickly edit videos when necessary. You want to understand and pick the meaningful hashtags to promote your dance and to make sure it reaches the widest audience possible. You also want to focus on the metrics of the channel and see how your engagement is growing or which posts tend to be more successful than others. This will help with organic growth and the following to your channel to help easily monetize it down the line. 


Keep in mind with this list that it is a mix of professional dancers and dancers who are musicians as well. Yet currently, these are some of the best dancers on social media, with that high interactivity with their followers. 


Country of origin: United States

Preferred Music: Varied mix of pop and electronic dance music

Almost 88 thousand followers on his Instagram page

Sean Lew 

Country of origin: United States

Preferred Music: Mix of Hip Hop, R&B, and Dance

Over 1.5 million followers on his Instagram page and nearly 900 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel

Chloe Lukasiak

Country of origin: United States

Preferred Music: Pop music

7.3 million followers on her Instagram page and 2.23 million subscribers on her YouTube channel

Isabella Boylston

Country of origin: United States

Preferred Music: Classical music and Ballet music

620 thousand followers on her Instagram page and 88 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel

Lia Kim

Country of origin: South Korea

Preferred Music: Pop and K-Pop

1 million Instagram followers on her page and 1.19 million subscribers on her YouTube channel

Kamil Szpejenkowski

Country of origin: Poland

Preferred Music: Mainstream Pop

5.4 million followers on his TikTok Page

Jackson Wang

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Preferred Music: Pop 

29.7 million followers on his Instagram Page

Kyle Hanagami

Country of origin: United States

Preferred Music: Pop 

4.55 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and 1.3 million followers on TikTok

Misty Copeland

Country of origin: United States

Preferred Music: Classical 

1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Ian Eastwood

Country of origin: United States

Preferred Music: Mixed but leans towards pop and R&B 

Nearly 700K followers on Instagram


Learning how to dance doesn’t need to be an in-person experience anymore, with numerous platforms out there to help provide everything from beginner dancers to those that are refining their craft even further. 

General online course sites: 

  • Udemy – The online academy to basically learn anything. Dance is one of those options here as well. 
  • Skillshare – Work with experts in their field who have developed easy-to-absorb classes with plenty of dancing options.

Sites focused on dancing lessons primarily:

  • iDance – One of the original dancing sites out there that helps to offer a wide range of dancing styles as options. 
  • Lines Ballet – Directly learn ballet online with one of the premier ballet studios in the United States. 
  • Steezy Studio – Those looking for more of a Hip Hop or K – pop vibe will benefit much from these step-by-step courses to learn the dance moves in the right order. 


Step 1 – Get training and make sure you have the talent for it 

Understand that if you’re going to go beyond just doing dancing memes or dancing challenges on TikTok, you’re going to have to work on and hone that craft. People are looking for experts in their field or even those willing to showcase their journey to become master dancers.

Step 2 – Focus on one style of dance

When you’re just starting out on social media, you want to start attracting your first demographic of followers. That is usually done by focusing on only one style, whether it’s freestyle, hip hop, or even classical ballet. Others will want to learn from you, so keep it simple. 

Step 3 – Pick only one channel at the start

As mentioned earlier, you want to set up only one channel and produce content almost daily. You are going to have to have a lot of dancing to showcase, and people will refer to those videos when they’re trying to learn themselves. Think about building a dancing library and online dancing studio versus being concerned you’re on enough social media channels. 

Step 4 – Engage with your community

Be available constantly to provide tips and tricks of the industry and show a desire to teach and recommend to anyone who engages with you. Hold teaching classes or videos for others to learn and share the passion you’ve worked on mastering. This helps you be one of the best dancers on social media because the community comes to you as a subject matter expert.  


As always, when it comes to those starting out on social media, be patient and just focus on the content generation, to begin with. With the right tags and the right moves, you’ll quickly start to see your social media popularity rise, as well as your followers and subscribers. If you are curious to know how much these and other types of social media influencers make, take a look at our How Much Did Influencers Make Last Year? 

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