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Must-Follow Food Influencers in Edmonton

In the city of Edmonton, the lack of a traditional local cuisine does nothing to impede the food scene. These food influencers take us on a journey of culinary discovery through the city.

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What comes to mind when you hear Edmonton? Probably not food. If you’re big on shopping, you most likely know that it is home to the largest shopping mall in North America. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, a Canadian province, and has been dubbed the “festival city,” “oil city,” and “the Gateway to the North” in the past. Yet, being the capital of Canada’s largest beef-producing province, the food scene in Edmonton is quite fascinating. 

Top Food Influencers in Edmonton - Net Influencer

The local cuisine is not strictly limited to meat and meat-related meals. Barbecue-smoked sandwiches and potato-based soul food abound in the local culinary scene. One thing to keep in mind about the Edmonton culinary scene is that there is no such thing as a traditional “Edmontonian” eating experience. Because the restaurants’ cooks come from all over the world, you can expect to encounter unique cuisines at every turn. This means there’s an abundance of international and intercontinental cuisines, whether Japanese, Mexican, French, or Italian. 

There is something for everyone in Edmonton.

Top Food Influencers in Edmonton to Watch

To make your food journey through the city of Edmonton a much easier experience, we’ve come up with a list of some of the top food influencers in the city. These influencers dedicate their pages to the discovery of all Edmonton has to offer in the food scene and they do a great job of it.

Few things in the world are better than a date night with someone you love. This influencer in Edmonton is dedicated to helping Edmontonians have the best date nights possible. We know they’ve been doing a fantastic job because they have over 70 thousand followers. aims to assist, organize and create local experiences for the 18+ demographic by providing photographs and videos of the top restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, and pizza shops. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s a fantastic time to visit their page and start planning your perfect date!


Lindork is a top food influencer in Edmonton. The page is run by Linda Hoang, a proud Asian who shares her experiences with Edmonton’s cuisine. Linda is a foodie, and she shares photographs and videos of her culinary adventures with her over 33 thousand Instagram followers. Linda also posts gorgeous images of her trips in not only Edmonton, but also the province of Alberta, giving Lindork a personal touch. Linda appears to be a fun-loving, adventurous foodie on her profile, and one significant advantage she possesses is the excellent quality of her photographs.

YEG Cravings

Disclaimer: If you’re hungry, avoid this page as much as possible. Just kidding, you should definitely visit Yegcravings. As a top food influencer in Edmonton, this page is chock-full of images and videos to whet your appetite. This influencer profile, which has approximately 28 thousand followers, is one to keep an eye on. This pageis a foodie’s paradise, with how-to videos, recipe lists, restaurant visits, and the occasional giveaways. The pricing of the dishes ordered are included with the restaurant visits, as well as honest remarks to assist anyone planning to visit the restaurant.

Jessisca is an Edmontonian who loves food, so it’s not surprising that she is behind is all about showing the world the Edmonton cuisine. With a little over 18 thousand followers, the page showcases local food, events and products. Jessica goes around Edmonton sampling food from its diverse restaurants and food places. With a personal touch to her page, you can see from her pictures that food makes her very happy. Constantly teasing us with pictures and videos, is a top influencer page to watch.


It is a proven fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and considering the hustle and bustle of the week, we often forget to have a healthy and wholesome breakfast. WeekendBreakfast is dedicated to showing us different simple, healthy, and affordable breakfast recipes. With a distinct minimalistic style and recognizable picture format, weekendbreakfast is one of the fast growing food influencers in Edmonton. Run by a “crazy plant lady” with over 63 plants, the page boasts of over 13 thousand followers and counting.


What is better than a food page run by a foodie? A food page run by two best friends who are both foodies! A tale of two besties that love food as much as you, CuteYeGeats takes us on an adventure around Edmonton and its food places. From restaurant tours to market tours, reviews, discounts and several giveaways, these cute besties sure know how to capture our hearts. They have over 12 thousand followers and are slowly becoming a top food influencer brand in Edmonton.


Sure this name sounds like a name straight out of a horror movie or the name of a pirate from the famed anime One Piece, but no. CoreytheButcher’s page is actually about a butcher. Corey Meyer is a butcher and the owner of Acme Meat Market in Edmonton. If you love meat, then you’d love this page. Here Corey takes us through his life, the life of a butcher. With different meat varieties including cooked and raw ones, sausages, ground beef, ribs, and so much more. Did I forget to mention that Corey comes from a line of butchers? With over 11 thousand followers on his page, Corey makes being a butcher look so cool. 


With over 10 thousand followers, Yegbesteats is a fast-growing food influencer in Edmonton. From fries to pizza, sandwiches, wings, nuts, burgers, seafood and Asian-themed dishes, there’s so much going on on this food junkie’s page, and honestly, we can’t get enough. With aesthetically pleasing pictures, recipes, and giveaway contests, there’s hardly ever a dull moment on this page.


Food is beautiful, and I don’t mean when it’s in your mouth, but when it’s right there, in front of you. Krispybites effectively captures the beauty in food through their pictures. Colors, flavors, and everything in between, Krispybites is an excellent page that showcases how good food can be beautiful. Krispybites also takes us on tour to the different not-so-popular food spots in Edmonton. With a little over 8 thousand followers, this is a page I’d keep my eyes on. 


Run by Filip Nowak, this food influencer is one to watch. You have probably already noticed how much we like pages that have a personal touch, and Filip’s page is no different. Yes, we want to see the food, but we also want to know the man behind the restaurant visits, ratings, and recipes. Filip is not just a foodie but also enjoys travel and photography. He takes impressive landscape and cityscape photos, and you can see traces of this in his pictures of his food as well. He has around 8,000 followers.


Looking to go on a food-filled adventure with a charming lady? Then hop on the feedmemelanie train. This Edmonton food influencer knows her onions, pun intended. With a little over 7 thousand followers, Melanie takes her audience around Edmonton’s restaurants with a smile on her face and her spoon (sometimes chopsticks) in hand. Melanie serves a variety of wonderful and appetizing-looking foods to her audience. This page will not only make your mouth water, but it will also make you want to fly to Edmonton as soon as possible if you aren’t there already.


I don’t think it is possible to say no when a cute, ever-smiling lady invites you to eat with her. Sharon has invited us all on her food journey, and with over 6 thousand people already on the train, the earlier you hop on, the better. Edmonton is home to a wide range of cuisines, and this influencer makes it her mission to sample them all. So, if your tastebuds are itching for some excitement, her suggestions are a great place to start.


Don’t let the name deceive you, Yegbaking is more than just a baking page. It used to be a baking page, but now, it’s all about food! Food to keep your mouth watering and your tastebuds happy. Yegbaking has it all, from Cantonese to Hainanese and other Asian and intercontinental dinners. The page handler’s goal is to eat all the good food, a tall ask, but definitely, one we are here for. With almost 5 thousand followers, this page is one we are keeping an eye on.


Grace’s aim is simple, to eat her way through Edmonton and the world! Grace is OhthatCrave’s handler, and she might have just a little over 3 thousand followers but don’t let that distract you from the fact that she has great content. From her honest food and restaurant reviews to the beautiful pictures she uploads. Grace’s adventures have just begun, and we are here for it!

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