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Top Cosplay Influencers On TikTok


Cosplay Influencers To Follow on TikTok

Cosplay has become an integral part of popular culture, helping die-hard fans bring a new sense of vitality to their favorite characters. The cosplay community is incredibly diverse as 64% of cosplay influencers are female and a majority of them fall in the 23-39 age range demographic. TikTok has become a popular platform for cosplay influencers, allowing them to use catchy sounds and trends to help bring their beloved characters to life. Netinfluencer has searched through TikTok to discover the top cosplay influencers on the platform.

Top Cosplay Influencers on TikTok To Watch Out For!


pippinpanic, otherwise known as Castiel Matthew, is using TikTok to show off his wide range of immersive cosplays to his 955.4K followers. This cosplay influencer has imitated popular shows such as Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Hannibal. Matthew also uses his incredible design skills to cosplay unusual characters such as Steve from Blues Clues and partakes in popular trends as that character.

This influencer also has an expansive Instagram account with an impressive 94.9K followers. This is where he shows off his creations in more detail, highlighting each character’s signature poses. In addition, Castiel Matthew also has a YouTube channel where he posts compilations of his most popular cosplay TikToks for his 11.9K subscribers to watch. 

@pippinpanic YOU made the choice to bargain your life. #squidgame #netflix ♬ Chop Chop Slide – Insane Clown Posse


With 8.9 million followers, f.ukuro creates an assortment of awe-inspiring costumes based on her favorite characters. She has cosplayed as Mitsuri from the popular horror manga Demon Slayer as well as Eijiro Kirishima from My Hero Academia. f.ukuro has also collaborated with fellow cosplayer .ayoitslani, helping to create more two-dimensional relationships between these characters.

This cosplay influencer is also very active on Twitch, streaming games such as Sea of Thieves and The Walking Dead for over 51,000 followers. f.ukuro also attends conventions such as Megacon, interacting with a plethora of her devoted fans. 


⚠️FAKE BODY⚠️ I miss Junko 😂🤚🏼 I’ll redo her soon with my newer setup, cause I do not miss the quality of these videos,, YIKES

♬ maneater – nikki


This influencer uses cosplay to embody a range of characters, using a range of popular sounds to showcase their nuances. nertalert cosplays as characters such as Luke Skywalker, Eric Foreman, and Ted Lasso. Moreover, this influencer mimics many other influencers, such as TomSka from Eddsworld. nertalert has impressed many with his imaginative and expressive cosplays, building a fanbase of 276.7K followers.

In addition, he is also a very talented artist, creating illustrations of his favorite characters such as Deadpool and Father Paul from Midnight Mass. These illustrations can be found on a range of their very own personalized merchandise. nertalert also has an Instagram account where he shows off some of his fantastic design and makeup skills to his 10.2K followers. 

@nertalert More animation memes 🕺🏻 #lukeskywalker#lukeskywalkercosplay#starwars#starwarscosplay ♬ original sound – Slo


Ava Leeigh has managed to impress their 1.3 million followers with their spell-binding cosplay creations. Whether it be the latest incarnation of Batman or Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, each and every cosplay brings its own sense of unique style to the character.

Leigh has also worked alongside other creators such as peachynanii to hilariously impersonate Randy and Sharon Marsh from South Park. ava-leeigh also uses YouTube to share their Cosplay Music Videos (CMV) placing characters such as Peter Parker and MJ into the center of a heart-racing music video. This influencer also streams on Twitch, further connecting with their 3.1K followers. 

@ava_leeigh Happy belated 90th birthday to John Williams!! The man who brought us so many incredible classics! #johnwilliams #starwars #jedi #sith #fypシ ♬ Imperial March – From “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” – Wiener Philharmoniker & John Williams


itsanarkee uses her magnificent makeup skills to completely transform herself into a wealth of new characters. They have cosplayed as Marinette Dupain-Cheng from the animated show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, bringing joy to their 786K followers. Many fans are obsessed with her swift transitions, showing just how effortlessly she can impersonate some of popular culture’s finest characters.

Alongside her budding TikTok account, itsanarkee also enjoys attending various comic cons and film premieres. Her engaging YouTube channel gives her 9.9K subscribers a glimpse into her makeup routine, elucidating how much time and effort goes into her cosplays. 

@itsanarkee Reply to @sushifoody ♬ U (English Version) – millennium parade & Belle


This 24-year-old cosplay influencer, takes a collection of Nintendo’s finest protagonists and reinvents them using TikTok’s wide range of sounds and effects. lovebunnycosplay takes the much-loved persona of Princess Peach and shows how she interacts with other characters from that world. lovebunnycosplay enjoys telling a story through her cosplay, inputting lines of dialogue using TikTok’s caption feature.

Amassing 1.4 million followers, many fans praise this creator for telling the much-loved tales from various Super Mario Bros games from a variety of perspectives.  It is evident from their immersive cosplays, that this influencer is an avid gamer. As such, they use Twitch to interact with their 1.8K followers and further express their love for gaming. 

@lovebunnycosplay PSA for new followers. #mariolore is an open tag. Please stop harassing my friends #nintendo #princesspeach #kingboo ♬ omg hes not her boyfriend – that 70s show edits


By showcasing an array of fascinating cosplay transitions and exciting characters, lena_foxxx has managed to build up a community of 2.1 million followers. Presenting as Jessie from Pokemon and Raven from Teen Titans, this cosplay influencer shows off her creations with a sense of pride. Each costume is designed meticulously, creating outfits that match her personality. lena_foxxx enjoys creating a collective sense of community on her TikTok by replying to various comments. She uses Instagram to share some of her most popular TikToks as well as post pictures of her in her various costumes. This platform has also gained her a lot of traction, building 523K followers.

@lena_foxxx Testing out @kaleidosmakeup ♬ All For Us – from the HBO Original Series Euphoria – Labrinth & Zendaya


Even though this influencer has only got a few videos active on their account, momdoescosplay has captured the hearts of nearly 455,000 followers. Alongside their daughter, the pair imitate characters such as Junko Enoshima and Chiaki Nanami from the Danganronpa series. This cosplay influencer embodies the true passion of cosplay, encouraging her followers to dress up and have fun, without worrying about the opinions of others. They also show off their impressive dance moves, copying acclaimed dances from the app’s most popular sounds. Although a majority of her content has now been archived, many of her followers are happy to see her inventive cosplays and charming characteristics. 

@momdoescosplay She had this audio and dance ready! Extended version as a bonus 😅😅😅 #skiskiskidance #danganronpa #mikantsumiki #ibukimioda #cosplay ♬ とき宣 – ♡大天才食いしん坊♡


herrixio’s cosplays often use a variety of horror and gore motifs, turning even the most innocent of characters into a more gruesome look. His rendition of Glamrock Freddy from the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise uses all of the jarring movements you would expect from a run-down animatronic. As such, herrixio is able to give every character a new lease of life for their 373.7K followers to enjoy. This cosplay influencer also contributes to a group cosplay channel called Noctiibis Cosplay, which has over 19,000 subscribers. Here, a collection of expert cosplayers present their character’s makeup routines, sharing their tips and tricks with a wide range of new cosplayers. 

@herrixio So many people said the ears looked like Foxy’s so I had too #fnafcosplay #foxycosplay #fivenightsatfreddyscosplay #foxythepirate #foxyfnaf ♬ original sound – mangosugar


Nikki Woods uses a range of unique talents to bring some of Marvel’s best-loved characters to TikTok. Her impersonation of characters such as Wanda Miximoff and Spiderman helps accentuate their best traits and offers a sense of joy for her 1.5 million subscribers. Woods also uses TikTok to create hilarious skits and partake in various trends. This cosplay influencer also has a selection of private membership tiers, allowing her most devoted fans to access exclusive content, giveaways, and even enter a private discord alongside other members. Nikki Woods also uses Instagram to give a more in-depth look into some of her latest cosplay creations, building a fan base of 509K followers. 

@nikkiwoodss Wanda: hero or villain? What do y’all think? #wandamaximoff #wandavision #marvel #scarletwitch ♬ original sound – Dillian


This cosplay influencer is a budding art student, using some of his teachings to create an array of spectacular cosplays. ronnieaintavampire creates costumes relating to Michael Afton from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Jinx from Arcane. This influencer, also known as Ronnie Marshall, has gained 500.5K followers, highlighting his immense design skills and abilities. Marshall is also a keen artist, producing various paintings and professional photographs of him in cosplay. These pieces can be purchased directly and can also be printed onto various pieces of merchandise. They also have an Instagram where they share information about their next appearance at various conventions across the UK. 

@ronnieaintavampire daddy says im good for nothing #michaelafton #fnaf #michaelaftoncosplay ♬ original sound – K&lt3

Cosplay influencers are a key part of any growing social media platform, helping various fan bases connect over their favorite pieces of content. TikTok has helped these influencers find their respective communities and share their incredible crafts for all to see. To discover more about the different types of influencers on TikTok, visit our website

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