Top Cosplay Influencers on TikTok

By: Net Influencer


TikTok has become a popular platform for cosplay influencers, allowing them to use catchy sounds and trends to help bring their beloved characters to life. Netinfluencer has searched through TikTok to discover the top cosplay influencers on the platform.


Princewelcomematt, otherwise known as Castiel Matthew, is using TikTok to show off his wide range of immersive cosplays to his 955.4K followers.


This cosplay influencer has imitated popular shows such as Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Hannibal.  Matthew also uses his incredible design skills to cosplay unusual characters such as Steve from Blues Clues and partakes in popular trends as that character.


With 8.9 million followers, f.ukuro creates an assortment of awe-inspiring costumes based on her favorite characters.


She has cosplayed as Mitsuri from the popular horror manga Demon Slayer as well as Eijiro Kirishima from My Hero Academia.


This influencer uses cosplay to embody a range of characters, using a range of popular sounds to showcase their nuances.


Nertalert cosplays as characters such as Luke Skywalker, Eric Foreman, and Ted Lasso. Nertalert has impressed many with his imaginative and expressive cosplays, building a fanbase of 276.7K followers.


Ava Leeigh has managed to impress their 1.3 million followers with their spell-binding cosplay creations.


Whether it be the latest incarnation of Batman or Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, each and every cosplay brings its own sense of unique style to the character.

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