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The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow


The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow

Lego has established itself as a truly premium brand with retailers around the world selling around seven sets every second. As its success continues to grow, so does the number of talented influencers surrounding the brand and its wealth of alluring releases. To discuss this niche in more detail, Netinfluencer will list the 10 most popular Lego influencers across social media. 

TD Bricks

TD Bricks, also known as Tyler, has been creating Lego content since 2015, showing off his admirable creations for an astounding 1.46 million subscribers. This influencer believes that Lego is suitable for adults and kids alike, presenting a wealth of satisfying content to relax and appease his vast audience. He also uncovers the deep history surrounding this brand, detailing the evolution of Lego’s Minifigures as well as a collection of extensive builds. TD Bricks can also be seen on Instagram, where he often creates Reels of nuanced creations for his 39.8K followers. 

The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow

Lego Cooking

This content creator effortlessly blends the worlds of ASMR and this much-loved toy, creating a highly devoted audience of 1.29 million subscribers. Lego Cooking uses an assortment of pristine stop-motion techniques to recreate mouth-watering meals from a variety of bricks.

Whether it’s an iconic cheeseburger from In-N-Out or a delectable medium rare steak, this influencer is able to make these creations look just as good as the real thing. Lego Cooking also presents a lot of realistic food items, dissecting an uncanny-looking king crab. Alongside their long-form videos, this influencer has also produced a collection of Shorts to offer more satisfying content in a more digestible format. 

The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow

Brick Science

By taking these humble bricks to the next level, Brick Science has managed to complete an abundance of mind-blowing experiments throughout its many years on YouTube. This influencer assembles a collection of enticing builds and then places them in real-life situations like flight testing model planes and using authentic Lego Technic sets to complete actual construction work. He also offers a unique line of merchandise so that his 746K subscribers can continue supporting his work.

Brick Science has a separate Shorts channel where he showcases a variety of clips from his regular videos to boost engagement with a further 546K subscribers. 

The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow


After coming first place in the third season of Lego Masters US, BrickinNick has securely established himself as an admirable builder. This influencer uses his channel to share his creations in a more comprehensive way, presenting mesmerizing time-lapses of his original creations like his PlayStation 5, which took over 110 hours to complete.

He also shares his most honest opinion about a range of new releases, conducting an extensive unboxing process alongside his affluent review. When he’s not creating content for his 6.96K subscribers on YouTube, BrickinNick can be found on Twitch where he carries out giveaways for his additional 19.2K followers. 

The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow


With an effective mix of Lego and lifestyle content, Emmasaurus immerses her 230K subscribers into her joyful creations, helping to build an extremely loyal and vibrant platform. This influencer boasts an incredibly detailed Lego city, merging a variety of modular buildings as well as large sets such as Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings franchise.

When she’s not focusing on this extensive project, she can be found hunting for new sets across an array of popular retailers, allowing her global audience to see the options available in America. Alongside her standard video content, Emmasaurus also offers lengthy building streams so that her subscribers can follow along. 

The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow


Lego’s collaboration with the Star Wars franchise was an instant hit, allowing many fans to relieve their childhood dreams in brick form. LifeBricks uses his channel to discuss everything related to Lego Star Wars with his 35.8K subscribers, including upcoming releases and suspected leaks from the brand’s product line.

Together with contemporary products, this influencer also opens a variety of mystery boxes, commenting on the items inside and whether they were worth the price. LifeBricks is also active on TikTok, highlighting an assortment of Minifigures and promo sets for a further 15.8K followers. 

The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow


This Lego fanatic uses Instagram to share their love of this prolific toy, creating a budding audience of 4920 followers. BrickNerd is best recognized for its immense blog, where they conduct interviews with expressive builders and give useful tips and tricks for capturing the best shot of your next build. On social media, this influencer focuses on the versatility and creativity associated with original builds and how they help to accentuate the avid fan base surrounding this brand. They also produce a selection of Reels to highlight the influence of time lapses on Lego-related content. 


This Lego content creator uses Instagram to collate a vast selection of unique builds from a range of other influencers, building an avid and engaged audience of 44.3K followers. Brickworld_ideas showcases an eclectic mix of large buildings such as a grandiose burger restaurant to a tiny retro computer. As such, they are able to create a very inviting atmosphere for their audience, giving them the chance to share ideas and motifs to create a more bustling niche. Brickworld_ideas also hosts a dedicated YouTube channel where they crash-test various Lego vehicles for their 31K subscribers. 


Medievalbrick offers an extensive collection of customized buildings, helping its 4515 followers to elevate their Lego cities to new heights. Offering a range of ornate buildings such as a decadent castle and well as a more pastoral windmill, this influencer has built a very popular reputation amongst professional builders.

A wealth of high-end designers can be found on the Medievalbrick website, allowing customers to gain a more artisan product from their favorite creator. They also offer a lucrative affiliate program where frequent shoppers can earn a prosperous rate of commission when they continue to promote the brand on social media or other public platforms. 

Lego Quick Review

As a die-hard Lego fan, this influencer uses his platform to offer unique advice about the most popular sets. Lego Quick Review discusses a range of nuanced sets as soon as they enter the market, making him one of the leading content creators to follow if you are looking to purchase the latest set as quickly as possible. He also shares pristine photos from some of the world’s leading Lego conventions, highlighting immense displays such as a rendition of Pandora from the world of Avatar and a colossal Marvel city. Lego Quick Review also has a separate page for his dedicated Lego museum where he highlights the latest addition to his portfolio of builds. 

Lego influencers have managed to dominate and monetize a very alluring niche, offering them a chance to rekindle their childhood hobbies whilst seeing immense levels of income in the process. 

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The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow