The Top 10 Lego Youtubers, Influencers, And Content Creators To Follow

Lego has established itself as a truly premium brand with retailers around the world selling around seven sets every second.   Netinfluencer will list the 10 most popular Lego influencers across social media.


TD Bricks, also known as Tyler, has been creating Lego content since 2015, showing off his admirable creations for an astounding 1.46 million subscribers.


This content producer seamlessly combines ASMR and this beloved toy, garnering 1.29 million subscribers. Lego Cooking recreates delicious dishes from bricks using stop-motion techniques.

This influencer assembles a collection of enticing builds and then places them in real-life situations like flight testing model planes and using authentic Lego Technic sets to complete actual construction work.


This influencer uses his channel to share his creations in a more comprehensive way, presenting mesmerizing time-lapses of his original creations like his PlayStation 5, which took over 110 hours to complete.



With an effective mix of Lego and lifestyle content, Emmasaurus immerses her 230K subscribers into her joyful creations, helping to build an extremely loyal and vibrant platform.


BrickNerd is best recognized for its immense blog, where they conduct interviews with expressive builders and give useful tips and tricks for capturing the best shot of your next build.

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