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__Top Phone For Influencers In 2022 A Comprehensive Guide


​​Top Phone For Influencers In 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

With a wide array of different phone options for content creators and constant new updates and releases, here is a list of the single best phones for content creation from each popular brand. 

How to find the best phone for content creation?

Finding the perfect phone as an influencer mostly boils down to your personal preference in operating systems. In other words, are you an Android or IOS person?

The best way to know what works for you as an influencer is to try out each device before purchasing, and watching Youtube videos that compare different phones and their overall filming results.

When looking for the best phone to create high-quality epic content, here are some key factors to look for:


Camera quality

The single most crucial element of your content, a good camera, means premium quality content, leading to more engagement and better overall profile performance.

Our favorite resolution in today’s market is 48 Mp with dual 12MP wide-angle additional lenses, the exact resolution you get with the iPhone 14 pro. 

Many phones offer a 48MP main camera, but not all 48Mp cameras are paired well with the right additional lenses; compare whichever phone you’re looking to purchase with an iPhone 14 pro, and you’ll see a significant difference. 

Additionally, some phone cameras offer different filming modes, such as the cinematic and action modes available on all iPhone 14s. These features are a bonus but will save you money and time later, ridding you of any stabilizing and camera-enhancing add-ons. 


Battery Life 

Battery life is another crucial aspect that is very much self-explanatory. You do not want your phone to die down on you mid-shooting. It is a common inconvenience with older devices and can ruin the creative state of mind that you’re in, leaving you with scattered ideas and inconveniencing others around you.

Storage capacity 

Quality content requires high-capacity storage unless the device is cleared from all previous shots before filming the next few skits or shots. Every content creator faces this issue and usually has a few external hard drives to support their massive production scale. 

Anything from 128GB to 512GB of storage will help you get by without having to clear up your memory for a few months. However, if you have the option to purchase a 1TB device, it will save you time and money on external storage and cloud updates later. 

Compatibility with devices 

The process is much more efficient when your primary content creation tool is compatible with all your other editing and production devices. An excellent example of this is an iPhone and MacBook, both used for content creation. 

You can access the content you shot through your linked iCloud account or Airdrop the video to your MacBook without needing external cables or storages. 

The best iPhone for content creation 

Iphone 14 Pro 

The latest iPhone lineup is similar in almost everything but cameras, and the camera on the iPhone 14 pro and 14 Pro Max is astonishing. 

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max have a full screen with a bezel for the front camera instead of the notch we’re used to with previous releases. A 48MP camera for the main, with 2 additional lenses that enable it to shoot in many different modes. 

Our favorite mode on the 14 Pro is the cinematic mode, similar to portrait mode in photos, it adds  a blurred background effect and centered focus on the creator. 

On the other hand, the action mode offers a stable filming experience even during the ruggedest conditions, such as running or jumping. The phone comes with sorage options uo to 1 TB and a battery that lasts up to 25 hours on normal usage. 

The best Samsung Phone for content creation 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

If you believe that bigger is always better, the Galaxy S22 offers a 7-inch screen display with an S2 stylus pen and a built-in camera stabilization system similar to the iPhone 14 Pro.

The highest filming resolution on the S22 Ultra is a wide angle 8k with a standard filming mode of 4k, and a key pause feature that allows influencers to pause a video mid-filming and resume filming the same clip minutes later. 

Its battery life is the best so far in the Samsung galaxy lineup, giving users 13h and 17mins of everyday use, usually half the period if recording non-stop at the highest resolution. 

The phone has three back cameras, the main one with 50MP accompanied by an 8 MP dedicated aperture lens and a wide-angle lens of 12MP. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra Cell Phone,
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09/30/2023 09:03 pm GMT

The Best Huawei phone for content creation 

Huawei Mate 50 Pro

Known for its extraordinary photography attributes, the Huawei Mate 50 has a built-in light and exposure modifying system that auto-adjusts the appropriate levels for you. 

A 50MP primary camera is paired with supporting ultrawide lenses of 13 MP, the best camera on this list of best phones for influencers, with a standard 512 GB of storage space.

HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro Dual-SIM 256GB ROM
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09/30/2023 04:08 pm GMT

Additionally, the Mate 50 Pro has a built-in emergency battery pack activated when your device hits 1% giving users over 12 minutes extra phone time before switching off. 

While all these features are incredibly impressive, there are a few complaints about how authentic and realistic the camera results are. Previous Huawei models had the same issue from their built-in Xmage graphic enhancer, an essential aspect for you to consider. 

The best Google phone for content creation 

Google Pixel 7 Pro 

The best overall value you can get, The Google Pixel 7 Pro is known for its phenomenal phone camera and night mode, with a reputation gained from the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3. 

A 6.7-inch display with storage options ranging from 128 to 512 and Super Res Zoom capabilities of x20 times the original resolution.

Three cameras, the main of 50Mp and a 48MP telephoto camera assisted by a 12Mp ultrawide lens. Impressive dark mode capabilities and a battery lasting as long as 25 hours upon regular use. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro - 5G Android Phone -
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09/30/2023 09:18 pm GMT

Conclusion and recommendations 

We prefer the iPhone 14 Pro over any of these devices, but that’s solely due to its cinematic camera and our heavy reliance on Apple products. 

This list includes all the best phone creators, offering everything from performance to value-based devices. While some phones include features you may never use. It is down to you to try out each phone and determine whether they are worth your investment.

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