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Growing a Men’s Lifestyle Social Media Platform with Junaid Minshad of Meninfluencer


Growing a Men’s Lifestyle Social Media Platform with Junaid Minshad of Meninfluencer 

Junaid Minshad is a men’s style, self-development, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert helping people struggling with life fight for what they want. His YouTube channel, Meninfluencer, has over 27,000 subscribers and is growing rapidly, especially as Junaid’s recent YouTube shorts have taken off. Today, he shares his journey developing his YouTube channel, about the men’s lifestyle space, and his book Glow Up Secrets.

About Junaid Minshad

Junaid Minshad was born to Pakistani parents in the Netherlands and grew up with a mix of European and Pakistani values. 

Junaid shares, “When I was young, I was seen as a very cute little kid, so I got a lot of compliments, but as I progressed into my teenage years, I wasn’t really paying attention to my looks or even remotely when it comes to my social skills. So, I realized that I need to change as well.”

At 14 and a half, Junaid realized that he needed to make some changes, and he started his self-improvement journey. He began taking care of his looks, hair, and style while improving his social skills and overcoming his shyness. 

In 2017, his family moved to the United Kingdom. Shortly after, Junaid Minshad decided to create a YouTube channel, which was his lifelong dream. 

He explains, “Usually when it comes to progress, if you are able to teach other people, you want to. If you can teach other people the skills of whatever you want to achieve it. It helps you as a person as well.”

Five years later, Junaid’s YouTube channel has over 27,000 followers and helps many men with fashion, style, social skills, and other parts of life. 

Growing a Men’s Lifestyle Social Media Platform with Junaid Minshad of Meninfluencer 

Meninfluencer Content

Junaid’s content covers a huge range of men’s lifestyle topics. Currently, he is heavily focused on glow-up content. 

He notes, “I’ve got tons of videos on pretty much every single topic when it comes to men’s lifestyle, whether it’s dating or even review videos. I’ve made a lot of review videos about skincare products [and] grooming products.”

His most popular video is a YouTube short on ‘Messy Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial with Sea Salt Spray + Powder.’ 

Another popular video during the pandemic was a skincare review video of the brand Lumen, which many people turned to for help with their skin. Junaid also has a handful of popular videos centered on beard grooming and products like trimmers. 

Growing a Men’s Lifestyle Social Media Platform with Junaid Minshad of Meninfluencer 

Creating Content for Multiple Platforms  

In addition to creating content for YouTube, Junaid has a personal Instagram account. He also creates content for YouTube shorts and TikTok.   

He shares, “When it comes to making shorts videos, I actually try to make short videos separately, and then with my long-form content, I make that separate as well.”

Generally, Junaid doesn’t repost or repurpose content from YouTube to share on TikTok. Instead, he prefers making separate content targeted at the specific platform. 

Junaid’s Book Glow Up Secrets

Junaid Minshad shares that his free book Glow Up Secrets is about glowing up and improving your looks. The book’s target audience is men looking to improve their physical appearance, social skills, and mindset. 

Junaid shares, “The Glow Up Secrets book is not only about your physical appearance, but it’s also about how you as an individual can become better by changing your social skills or even when it comes to your personality.”

To market his book, Junaid includes the book’s link in his videos, his TikTok bio, and his YouTube description. 

He explains, “I make regular videos about how to get better health, hairstyles, how to achieve an aesthetic body that women would love, and then at the beginning of the video, I’m like, hey, look in my Glow Up Secrets book. I’ve got chapters about how you can get this physique. It’s a step-by-step guide.”

Growing a Men’s Lifestyle Social Media Platform with Junaid Minshad of Meninfluencer 

Men’s Lifestyle Brand Partnerships

Junaid Minshad has worked with several large companies in skin care, including Lumen, Tiege Hanley, and Geologie. He also works with men’s fashion brands. 

His favorite campaign was with Lumen because of the large number of clips and work he put into the campaign content. 

When asked about his dream brand collaboration, he says, “That would be a lot of brands, but then again, these are really mainstream brands, so it’s not like I would work with them on my channel, but more like a collaboration where sometimes some friends have a collaboration with some influencer and then they release a clothing item or something else. In terms of that, I’d be down to work with a lot of brands, especially if it fits my audience.”

His biggest career highlight has been helping people out through his content. 

“Doing something you love is great, but … get[ting] the comments of people saying you actually changed my life or people saying I was in such a dark space, and your videos have really shown me that there’s more out there. Those are the things that really make me want to continue.”

The Men’s Lifestyle Space

Junaid Minshad shares that the men’s lifestyle space can sometimes be difficult to make content for because he feels it’s very small and niche. Compared to the men’s lifestyle space, female lifestyle creators have many more avenues and a much larger audience. 

However, Junaid would love to collaborate with other individuals in the men’s lifestyle space to continue introducing his audience to more people and vice versa, as well as learn from others in the space. 

Growing a Men’s Lifestyle Social Media Platform with Junaid Minshad of Meninfluencer 

Monetizing His Content

Junaid Minshad is a full-time content creator who uses several avenues to make money. 

He shares, “One [avenue] is affiliate marketing, so it’s brands that are recommended I get commissioned for it. YouTube ads is also one income stream. It’s not the biggest, but I see it more as a bonus. In recent times, it has cranked up a little bit more, so it is getting better, and at the same time, I also have sponsorships, and on my email list, I sell a course.”

In addition to these main income streams, Junaid also does private consulting. 

His Future Goals

In terms of future goals, Junaid Minshad hopes to reach 100,000 subscribers on YouTube in 2023. 

He explains, “I’m very certain that it will happen because of how the YouTube game has changed. YouTube shorts has really changed the whole YouTube space because now it’s a lot easier to get more views and more eyeballs on your videos. Obviously, not everyone will like your content, but those that do want to see it want to stick around.”

Additionally, Junaid Minshad has been invited to YouTube headquarters, and they continue pushing for YouTube shorts, which Junaid feels will be the next big avenue. As a result, he plans to continue to create high-quality shorts to grow his channel. 

He has also launched his own sea salt hair brand, although his name isn’t on the product. Junaid shares that sea salt products can help men achieve the popular wavy hairstyles seen on TikTok influencers today, which is one of the reasons he started his brand.

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