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Becoming a VTuber and Accessibility Advocate Online with Tiffany Witcher


Growing on Twitch as a VTuber with Tiffany Witcher, The Charity Witch

Tiffany Witcher is an accessibility advocate and Twitch gaming and charity streamer. In today’s interview, she shares her thoughts on the creator marketplace and how to get started and grow on Twitch. Keep reading to learn more about her journey, thoughts on brand partnerships, and voice acting career.

Tiffany Witcher is a Twitch streamer, FURIA Vtuber, accessibility advocate, award-winning Charity Witch on Twitch, and professional voice actor. She has helped raise over $60,000 on Twitch. She does a charity stream nearly every week and aims to make streaming and gaming more accessible for all. 

Tiffany shares, “I decided to become a Vtuber because I suffer from a disease called Lupus. It’s something I strongly advocate and talk about on my stream and do a lot of charities for… My [Vtuber] design is based on Lupus awareness. The color of Lupus is the color purple. The animal for Lupus is the butterfly.”

Witcher is her maiden name. She was also inspired to become an accessibility advocate after her mother passed away from Lupus. 

Growing on Twitch as a VTuber with Tiffany Witcher, The Charity Witch

Getting Started on Twitch as a VTuber

VTube is a type of content creation where the creator uses a virtual avatar instead of posting content featuring themself. Tiffany shares that the avatar can be a 2D or 3D design.

Tiffany shares, “I started on Twitch because I was bored. My husband was working full time. My son was in school, so I would clean up the place and stuff like that, and I had nothing to do.”

Her best friend suggested she try Twitch because of her charisma and passion for gaming. 

“I tried it [Twitch] one day. It was, I believe, the day before my birthday, and then I was like, oh, this is kind of fun. I just kept doing it over and over again as a hobby. Now, I actually do it full-time as a content creator.”

Tiffany continued streaming as a hobby and now does streaming full-time as a content creator. 

Her primary content focuses on accessibility reviews of games. Before she begins playing a game live, she will give a review of its accessibility. She also participates in various charity streams, where she helps raise money for different charities and causes close to her heart. 

“I’m also an advocate for accessibility, and I do talks about why accessibility is important [related to] gaming and streaming and VTubing.”

Tiffany shares that she realized she wanted to be a VTuber professionally because she absolutely loves being an advocate, helping others, and streaming. 

“I was just like, why not make this a career and make this something I want to do? I’m disabled, but I can at least do something. I can sit in my chair and help others and still make some sort of income for my family, and that’s great.”

Growing on Twitch as a VTuber with Tiffany Witcher, The Charity Witch

Growing on Twitch

Tiffany shares that the key to increasing your followers or subscribers is collabing with others and being very active on social media. 

“I collab with other streamers, and I just support other streamers, and they see me dropping in. I used to be very active through TikTok. I need to get back to that… I actually got a lot of followers, but it was just basically word of mouth for that.”

She adds that spreading awareness for important causes also helped her growth because people like supporting these causes. 

Voice Acting

Tiffany is also a professional voice actor and has voice acted for a wide variety of indie video games. Her most-known voice acting role is for the game House Party, which also featured rapper Doja Cat. 

“I actually had the honor of voice acting with Doja Cat, so that is a big deal for me right now. Other than that, I mostly do indie game animations. I’ve worked with American Kitchen, The BBC, I’ve worked with casinos – being sounds for slot machines and things like that.”

Growing on Twitch as a VTuber with Tiffany Witcher, The Charity Witch

Brand Partnerships

Tiffany has done a variety of brand collaborations, including working with AMD, Intel, Saints Row, and many video game companies. 

“I think some of the best campaigns I’ve worked for was AMD, basically showing off the power of the GPU, which a lot of people wanna know the comparison with GPU is with AMD and other companies. It was a great way to bring views in to show [how] this game runs really well on my computer, even though I may not have the best build. I have a really good CPU and GPU, so that’s why you should invest in AMD.”

She adds, “Networking is the best way to get these kinds of deals and knowing the right people. Honestly, just putting yourself out there.”

Tiffany explains that putting yourself out there as a content creator is crucial. She recommends creators develop an idea of why brands should hire you, why you are unique, and what you do as a creator that is different than others. 

The Most Challenging Part of Being a Streamer

Tiffany shares that the most challenging part of being a streamer for her is her health. She has Lupus and multiple chronic illnesses, which can make work very difficult some days. 

“Sometimes I just don’t want to get up and work, and I have to take days off. My health is first and foremost of everything else when it comes to my life, so I think that’s the hardest thing as a streamer because I make a schedule. I try to stick to that schedule, but when I’m sick, the schedule goes down, and I can lose potential sponsorships.”

She adds that losing time for charity streams or discussing issues important to helping other people is also difficult. However, she knows deep down that focusing on her health first is very important. 

The Creator Marketplace

Tiffany shares that she would love to see more underrepresented people in the community. 

“I would like to see more highlights of underrepresented people in a community, whether it’s POC or [the] disabled community, and more. I think that’s one of the number one things that I would like to say.”

Future Plans & Closing Thoughts

Tiffany is debuting a new model on October 16th. 

She shares that one of the avatar models is 2D, and another is 3D. There will also be brand-new overlays and other features for her streams.

“I just want to add that VTubing is for everybody. It doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby… Even for the disabled community, it’s something that [they] can truly benefit from VTubing and content creating and becoming an avatar that you want to dream of, and you don’t have to worry about things blocking your way. This is one reason why I advocate for the disabled community about how VTubing can really benefit you.”

She adds, “I want people to know to not be afraid of it. Just have fun with it and take your time, make your avatar, and save your money. Don’t rush into spending three thousand dollars on a model that you may not like… Remember, things take time to build. Magic doesn’t happen overnight.”

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