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Joe Budden Podcast A Look at the Reach and Success of the Popular Podcast


Joe Budden Podcast: A Look at the Reach and Success of the Popular Podcast

About Joe Anthony Budden

Joe Anthony Budden is a former Hip-Hop artist and founder of the Joe Budden Podcast formerly known as “I’ll name this podcast later”. The Joe Budden podcast is everything Hip-Hop with some casual sports and politics. 

Joe Budden Podcast: A Look at the Reach and Success of the Popular Podcast

Joe launched the podcast back in 2015 the podcast has long been hosted by Joe himself Parks Vallely, Lamar “Ice” Burney, Antwan “Ish” Marby, and  Melyssa Ford.

Joe Budden Podcast: A Look at the Reach and Success of the Popular Podcast

While the podcast is still around to this day the Joe Budden podcast isn’t as popping as it was back in 2019 and late 2018. Whether the reason is competition or viewers simply being too tired of the high niche content, as of Jan 2023 Joe is starting to slowly fall off. 

First launched on Youtube under the old name, Joe Budden formed the podcast because it is what he knows best. Although podcasts were not much of thing back then he quickly expanded to other platforms. 

However, in the start of 2023, Budden relieved the intensive competition in Podcasting and made a podcast episode called “There’s too many podcasts”. In the specific episode, he describes everything a successful podcaster must do to generate as much revenue as possible while maintaining relevance. 

Themes and Topics Covered 

On a very broad scale of topics HIp-Hop and R&B are very niche topics to base a whole podcast around. Now that Joe Budden has competitions like Drink Champs, and Off the record hosted by DJ Akademics. 

With an out-of-the-box freestyle style of presentation, Jow is known for reviewing and rating different hit albums and tracks. In some of Joe Budden’s, most listened-to podcasts, he discusses topics as random as dating advice with late guest Kevin Samuels. 

In this episode, Joe and his guest Kevin Samuels discuss everything from Phycology to the new world order. Something out of the norms of what the podcast often offers, but by far one of Joe Budden’s most viewed podcast episodes. 

It’s always the most random episodes that blow up and go viral for Joe, mainly reliant on the level of controversy he puts out. 

Other kinds of popular podcasts and guests on the Budden podcast include Rob O’Niel shooter of defeated terrorist Osama Bin Laden in a special mission in that took place in the Afghan mountains. Rob describes the entire mission to Joe as he sits there in shock.

All these wack topics aside, even when Joe does what he does best, which is music, he still gets a lot of hate from modern artists and finds ways to stay relevant in the industry. 

In the 2017 BET awards, Budden picked up some heat from getting into an altercation with the famous rapper crew Migos also one of Budden’s big moments in modern Hip-Hop. 

In this video, Joe Budden explains and makes fun of the situation and what happened with the rap group he dislikes and describes as kids. The whole thing is hilarious and Joe does not hold back even in his friend DJ Akademiks in this one. 

Even some artists from distant memories including Akon and to name a few household names, have been in the hot seat 

Eminem, 50-cent, Lil Yachty, and Migos all disagree with a lot of what Budden has to say, but if you’re big on music and HIp-Hop specifically, the Budden podcast is worth checking out. 

Having said this, controversy sparks solid conversations in the world of podcasting, and Budden would not be as successful as he is if it wasn’t for his daring take on all things music and sport. 

Reach Of The Joe Budden Podcast 

Budden announced the podcast came to end on May 12th, 2021 after the podcast team split up due to disagreements. 

Another reason why the podcast is less popular in 2023 as listeners resorted to other music podcasts forgetting about the Hip-Hop OG. 

Now the team is back together, well at least Joe and Mel are, 2023 will be a good year for them to continue growing and reaching untapped audiences. 

As of January 2023, Joe has 1.13 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, and 684,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The podcast has a dedicated Instagram page aside from the host’s personal account and has a following of over 180,000 where the podcast crew promotes their work and best moments. 

On youtube where statistics are readily available The Joe Budden podcast receives roughly 75k to 300k views on some of his least popular work. However, some of their other controversial work of theirs gets millions of views but is not persistent. 

Based on this analysis we estimated that The Joe Budden Podcast receives an average of 150k – 200k per episode across all hosting platforms such as Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify. 

The Format of the Podcast 

The Joe Budden podcast takes everything hot and trendy in the music and sports world and uses them as clickbait embedded into each episode. 

Joe places the most intriguing of topics right in the middle of every episode, using them as an incentive for people to view or listen to the podcast. 

If Budden isn’t discussing the latest Hip-Hop scandals, he’s either listening to a guest explain what’s beyond him, or diving into conspiracies with the team. 

Top guests include Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Adam 22, N.O.R.E and more music creatives that paved their way and made a name for themselves. 

While Joe’s competitor Drink Champs manages to secure more controversial and emotionally triggering guests like Kanye West, and Soulja Boy.


Ultimately, the Joe Budden podcast is certainly not for everyone, but the old-school Hip-Hop enthusiasts cannot seem to get enough of his detailed analysis, and acquired a sense of humor. 

Now that the team is back together, there has never been a better time to tune in to the Joe Budden podcast and add it to your weekly rotation. Listeners are in for guaranteed laughs, thought-provoking conversations alongside underground music insights. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and of course YouTube, where it all started. 

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