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All About Canadian Prepper Podcast Preparing For Emergencies And Surviving In The Wild (1)


All About Canadian Prepper Podcast: Preparing For Emergencies And Surviving In The Wild

Most podcast shows are for entertainment purposes and offer nothing but a quick laugh or giggle, but that’s not the case with the Canadian Prepper Podcast. 

This podcast is for those who think ahead and prepare for what’s to come. It is something on the levels of your typical news but with better narration and less BS and fluff. 

All About Canadian Prepper Podcast: Preparing For Emergencies And Surviving In The Wild

The Canadian Prepper podcast provides insight into everything happening worldwide and what you need to know to be prepared for any worst-case scenario. 

A group of Canadian preppers, each concerned about different world issues, predominantly apocalyptic, come together to discuss what you must prepare for at all times.

At its core, the podcast is centered around survival and emergency preparations, but extensively it breaks down all trending complex world issues into an easy-to-understand conversational manner.

According to the podcasters, there are levels to being a prepper, so read along as we delve into what it means to be a prepper and how to stay updated on any possible danger.

The Creators Behind the Podcast 

The creators behind the podcast all come from different backgrounds and cities in Canada but share one core characteristic, the fear of being unprepared.

The network of preppers is well established as they run their website and host their podcast on various platforms such as Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Discord, and now even Youtube. 

Eric, Ian, and Alan are safety nerds with a computer and Information Technology (IT) background that launched the podcast together in late 2019.

The podcast was created to build awareness of such niche communities pre-covid and has been growing ever since. 

Themes and topics covered

The central theme of the podcast is to help individuals survive in extreme conditions, which aren’t limited to zombie apocalypses or severe weather.

Instead, the Canadian Prepper podcast covers anything that may be considered a downfall of society or civilization as we know it. 

The Canadian Prepper covers all the topics that affect the average individual in any harmful way, everything from global politics to currency and oil reserves to the standard flood and storm you expect. 

Every week offers a range of new topics as the hosts come together to update each other on how things are going with their prepping journey and what they have planned for next week’s prepping.

Out of all topics about everything survival related, the following episodes are the best ranking and most viewed.

Off Grid Cabin 

The crew invites Frugal Gunnie, an IT professional who discovered he was a prepper when he witnessed a blackout and needed electronics and the internet.  

This prepper is concerned about the silicon valley bank collapse and says we are on the verge of a financial crisis. 

In this episode, they discuss everything from how much cash should be on hand to the rules and regulations that the government of Ontario, Canada, enforces against owning your land and stocking up on life supplies. 

Zombie drugs, economic world states, and where each host is at with their preps, it is fun to follow along with how the preppers balance their social and work lives with the tedious tasks of being a prepper.

24hr Prep Test

In this episode, preppers discuss how to test your prep and ensure it is still in good shape while you can in a best-case scenario. 24hr prep tests are a quick drill review of all your products in case you need them instantly.

The podcast episode analyzes every host’s 24hr plan, from short-term blackouts, from bonfires and cookouts to packed away food and power supplies. 

The worst thing that can happen to a prepper is the inability to use their prepped resources when they most need them, as that makes a fool out of them, and this episode explains how to avoid such situations. 

Additionally, the episode touches base on replacing power sources with secondary resources such as battery backups, generators, and more.  

Government Survival Manual

Hosts argue that everyone has a prepper inside of them, but only some are aware of how close the danger may be. 

Government Survival manuals aren’t standard nowadays, but some American states, such as California, have a small 20-page booklet available for free. 

The episode, at its core, is about how accurate government survival manuals are and whether they’re sufficient to help people make it through tough times. 

A covid comparison analogy determines whether people survive with only government information and limited access to shopping centers and superstores. 

Preppers, in general, consider themselves excellent government critics and have interesting opinions on what should be a mandatory standard within every province and county.

The Canadian prepper podcast has 868 subscribers on youtube, with no podcast account on Instagram or TikTok.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available, the average podcast receives between 60 and 100 views per episode but over 2000 streams on their official website. 

Based on this analysis, we estimated that the Canadian Prepper podcast receives around 3,000 listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

Format of the Canadian Prepper Podcast 

The Canadian prepper podcast is a weekly get-together of like-minded individuals sharing their journeys with the world. 

Some preppers are extreme in what they do, and this podcast is an excellent insight into how other Preppers think and what they do, what they do. 

The guests interviewed are often either mature preppers who didn’t realize such communities exist or experienced hero-status preppers that saved their community or family and are on the pod to tell their story. 

Reception and impact 

The podcast is for individuals who believe doomsday is coming, an increasingly prevalent belief amongst many individuals after the difficulties and inconveniences of Covid-19. 

As we mentioned before, there are different levels of preparedness; some do it once and forget about what they prepped until it’s needed, while others live for the day they will shine by outsmarting everyone else. 

You can learn more about preppers worldwide and how it’s done in Canada by tuning into the Canadian Prepper podcast on Youtube, Apple podcasts, and Podbean. At the same time, you can stay posted by adding yourself to the prepper’s discord server. 

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