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Lifestyle Influencer Talitha Jane Shares Her Tips for How to Become a Full-Time Content Creator


Lifestyle Influencer Talitha Jane Shares Her Tips for How to Become a Full-Time Content Creator

Talitha Jane has over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube, 213,000 followers on Instagram, and 834,000 followers on TikTok. Talitha specializes in fashion and lifestyle content, especially for tall, curvy women. She also enjoys creating content about influencing to help other creators learn how to monetize their content and make content creation a full-time career.

About Talitha Jane

Talitha Jane has been creating content since 2015. After high school, she decided to pursue social media seriously because she loved content creation and was interested in making it a career. Today, she has a highly successful Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel and is a full-time content creator.  

Lifestyle Influencer Talitha Jane Shares Her Tips for How to Become a Full-Time Content Creator

Her content primarily focuses on fashion, fitness, and lifestyle topics. 

In particular, Talitha loves creating fashion content as a tall, curvy woman. Her body type gives her a unique perspective on fashion and allows her to create niche content for those with a similar build. 

Content Creation Challenges

Talitha shares, “One challenge I faced at first was not being paid for it [content creation] because it does take a lot of time, and when I first started, I was in school, and I did have a job on top of creating content. So, it was trying to juggle all these things and still stay motivated knowing that I’m not receiving any type of pay from this yet.”

Another challenge Talitha faces is the pay gap amongst different creator demographics. A recent study even found that the pay gap between white and POC influencers was 29 percent. 

Brand Partnerships

Some of Talitha’s favorite brand partnerships have been with Converse and Nike. For Converse, she participated in their back-to-school campaign, a yearly campaign they run with influencers. 

Talitha explains, “With Converse, they have a go back to school campaign every year, and they send you two or three pairs of sneakers, and they try to get different outfit ideas surrounding those different sneakers. The challenge for me is making the outfits – I guess you would say school appropriate with dress code and things of that nature.”

For brand campaigns, Talitha spends a significant amount of time poring over the data of each post so that she can continue to improve with each post. 

She adds, “I try to perform better at each post. I’m a very data-oriented person. I like to look at the numbers of the audience that I was able to reach and then compare that to the next campaign and see if I’m growing, see if I’m stagnant, and then kind of measure what I did do differently this time that affected the numbers negatively or positively and not even just for campaigns, but for my personal content as well.”

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Creating Multiple Revenue Streams

Talitha is a full-time content creator earning income from multiple revenue streams. After sponsorships, Talitha’s most significant revenue stream is YouTube ad revenue.

Talitha notes, “Collabs is a big part of it [revenue], but ads do play a role, especially on YouTube. I guess the people who pay to put ads [on YouTube] pay more than you would get just by posting on TikTok.”

Diversifying your income is critical as a creator, so you never rely on just one source. Multiple income streams can also lead to more consistent income overall.  

“My biggest source of motivation is trying not to compare myself to people who have been doing it for years. I’m still fairly new to it, and looking at someone else’s year five next to my year two – we’re not going to be in the same place. Also, knowing that not everything I post is going to perform astronomically well. There are going to be good days. There are going to be bad days. I can’t be hard on myself when things don’t go as planned.”

She adds that it’s essential for creators to remember that not everything will go viral, and that’s okay. 

Sharing Her Secrets With Others

In addition to creating fashion, fitness, and lifestyle content, Talitha also shares tips and tricks for growing online and making content creation a full-time career. 

Talitha shares, “I really liked getting to speak at an influencer conference, so speaking about how I turned Instagram into my job and my social media journey. My favorite part is helping other people do it. I feel like a lot of influencers kind of keep the success to themselves, but I like to share my story and my tips and my advice to help other people do it as well.”

Sharing her tips and tricks has also helped her grow her YouTube channel, with her most popular video featuring tips on Instagram growth approaching one million views.

“A lot of my content that performs the best is usually if I’m getting ready to go on a date or get ready with me videos. People really like to watch those, so they tend to perform the best.”

For her, video and photo content perform equally well, and her viral posts fluctuate between different content types. 

Talitha’s Tips for Creators

Talitha’s number one tip for other creators?

“I would tell them not to give up because you do have to keep at it for at least six months before you start to see growth from it. A lot of people start, and then they quit too soon before they’re actually able to know if it’s working. I’ll just say, stay persistent and stay consistent with it.”

Lifestyle Influencer Talitha Jane Shares Her Tips for How to Become a Full-Time Content Creator

Future Plans

Talitha excitedly shares that she is working on starting a clothing brand and looking at a four- to five-year launch timeline. 

“I could also see myself with my own management company because I’ve been on the bad end on a lot of brand deals, and I know what it’s like to navigate that, especially with the demographic that I appeal to, so having management would be wonderful.”

In closing, she adds, “Just have fun with it. It’s social media at the end of the day. There’s no need to be really hard on yourself. Social media presents the best of people, and you shouldn’t compare the best of what we see to the worst of ourselves.”

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