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All About Front Porch Swingers Podcast A Candid And Open Discussion About The Swinging Lifestyle


All About Front Porch Swingers Podcast

The Front Porch Swingers podcast markets itself as a brutally honest talk show that explores swinging.

The program shares real-life partner swaps and other adventures. 

Hosted by Brian and Brenna, it is currently the #1 podcast in the lifestyle category. 

This podcast has been steadily gaining attention due to its honest review of sexuality, hotwifing, and BDSM. 

Brenna and Brian’s podcast gives a unique voice to topics that are generally considered taboo with a touch of humor, making the podcast very interesting and educational.

The Creators Behind the Podcast

Brenna and Brian are the hosts of the Front Porch Swingers lifestyle podcast. 

The duo is also part of a project called Sex on Your Terms

The goal is to help others create the sex life and relationships of their dreams.

Brian Brenna’s personal history is just as interesting as their podcast. 

In 2017 Brenna was frustrated with dating because all the guys were the same, with horrible facial hair and the same outfit, even in bars. 

She decided to take one of her girlfriend’s advice and post an ad in the paper asking for a mature man who was well-experienced in BDSM, along with a 20-year-old woman looking to have fun and no serious relationship. 

While she received 200 responses to this ad, mainly jokes, she received an eloquent reply from Brian who had followed all her instructions. 

This really impressed her and she made up her mind about meeting him. 

Brian was new to town and was settling into a competitive job. He wasn’t looking for anything serious. 

Both Brenna and Brian decided beforehand that their relationship would be very casual, nothing else. 

Needless to say, Brenna and Brian are both advocates of the non-monogamy lifestyle

While they truly love each other, they find swapping partners now and again fuels their relationship and strengthens it even more. 

Soon enough, both of them decided to push their thoughts about relationships and sex out into the world by trying to maintain a blog. 

However, Brian was the one to immediately mention the idea of beginning a podcast, even though they had zero experience in that field. 

After taking a crash course in podcasting, marketing, and social media, the Front Porch Swingers podcast was created. 

Their idea was to portray an honest picture of their non-monogamy lifestyle and their personal experiences with other partners. 

Needless to say, the podcast was a huge success. 

They received a lot of fan mail saying they allowed them to explore their sexual needs and free them from other expectations.

Themes and Topics Covered

The Front Porch Swingers podcast doesn’t feature any guests on the show. 

This is because the whole point of the podcast is to share Brian and Brenna’s experience of the non-monogamy lifestyle and BDSM. 

In almost all episodes, Brian and Brenna have an interesting conversation about the latest fling in their lives and what they learned from them. 

One of their recent episodes discusses this extensively where Brenna is having her hotwife fun and Brian wakes up to the noise.

In another episode centered mainly around Brenna, she discusses her hotwife fling and lust for one of her friends, Max. 

She details their experience together and expresses how she has new feelings developing for him. 

She then begins to discuss what this might mean for their friendship and how they can navigate through this successfully. 

Additionally, the podcast also features “couples tip of the week” where Brian and Brenna discuss how couples should always make their social media profiles visible for others to view, so they receive better attention and so others can seek them out for pleasure if they want. 

Similarly, there is a series of episodes titled “single guy tip of the week” where the hosts discuss numerous comments shared with them by their fans and users online on social media. 

They discuss how men reach out to Brenna and share their most intimate feelings out of pure honesty, which might be frowned upon by many women in society. 

The podcast talks about sexual desire as a feeling and not something to be ashamed of.

This raw honesty is one of the main reasons why millions of people worldwide tune in to the podcast every week.

Not just that, but the hosts are a delight to listen to also. 

Brain and Brenna work hard on making their conversations as genuine as possible. 

Without any shame or embarrassment, they talk about their recent BDSM experiences with their audiences and begin extrapolating important details, such as what kind of partner to choose, how to be open with them, and to what extent you should allow them to do things to you. 

More than anything, these elements contribute to the popularity of the podcast and make Brian and Brenna an interesting couple to listen to and talk with.

The reach of the Podcast

The Front Porch Swingers podcast has 76,700 followers on YouTube. Since view statistics are readily available on YouTube, it appears that the average podcast receives between 10,000 views and 14,000 views per episode. 

The podcast has a strong presence on Instagram as well, with more than 7,642 followers. 

On this platform, the podcast receives an average of 300 likes for every post.  

However, it is most active on Twitter where the podcast commands a whopping fellowship of 42,100 followers. 

Their most recent tweet received more than 20,000 impressions, 220 likes, and more than 400 retweets, making it clear that they have many fans who are willing to engage with their content every time they post something.

Besides social media, the podcast has an impressive presence on Onlyfans

It is among the top 3 percent of creators’ pages with more than 16,000 likes on the main page.   

As of January 2023, the Front Porch Swingers podcast was ranked #38 on Apple Podcasts in the sexuality category and #18 in Australia in the same category. 

Based on this analysis we estimate that the podcast receives 50,000 listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast

The format of the Front Porch Swingers podcast is pretty straightforward. 

The audience is greeted with introductory music at the start of any episode. 

Soon after that, they hear the hosts Brian and Brenna open the current discussion to their listeners. 

Most often than not, these discussions stem from comments posted on social media in regard to their posts. 

Other times, they discuss fan mail and questions asked by the people listening to the podcast.

During the length of the show, Brian and Brenna take turns expressing their views and perspectives related to the topic. 

This often results in a deep dive into topics such as masculinity, couples, addiction, and sexual desires. 

Usually, the episodes are hosted by both hosts. However, some episodes such as Episode 233 feature Brenna addressing her audience alone. 

She talks about her addiction to men and how she got involved with the same man four separate times.

Toward the end of each episode, Brian and Brenna wrap up the discussion by enumerating everything they have discussed in the length of 55 minutes to one hour. 

With that, they bid their listeners a good day and put their mics down.     

Reception and Impact

Several audiences have received the podcast very well in places like the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

In fact, it is one of the highest-ranked podcasts in Australia in the sexuality category.

Here’s what some of the audiences have to say about the show: 

“As a long-time lifestyler, I wanted to commend you on your show, as it is nice to see someone like you projecting the positive side of the lifestyle. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing your next episode”

Another listener who has been following all the episodes writes: 

“Great podcast and it is not only for those in the lifestyle. It is engaging, funny, and thoughtful, and it will force you to think. Listen with an open mind, and heart, and enjoy!” 


The Front Porch Swingers is an excellent and informative podcast that touches on numerous trends of our age. 

It gives voice to subjects that are not publicly discussed but are just as important.

If you want to know more, listening to a few of the episodes is a great way to get started. If you are an Apple user, Apple Podcasts should always be your first option. 

Although the podcast is not available on Google Podcasts, you can access the show on numerous other platforms, like Podbean, Listen Notes, Podchaser, Spotify, etc. For more fun and lifestyle talk shows check our podcast library here.

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