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All About Gerry Callahan Podcast Unfiltered Opinions And Discussions on Current Events And Politics


What Is Gerry Callahan Podcast All About

The Gerry Callahan Show is an entertaining and podcast covering a wide range of topics with a focus on politics, sports, and cultural issues.

The program is hosted by the extreme right-wing radio host Gerry Callahan.

With his outspoken and opinionated commentary on current events, Gerry fearlessly tackles controversial topics with his unique perspective on important sports stories and cultural issues.

The Creator Behind the Podcast

Gerry Callahan is a well-known radio host, columnist, and Newsmax contributor. 

He is praised for his sharp mind, humor, and analytical approach in all his talks.

Callahan began as a sportswriter for the Lowell Sun in Massachusetts before transitioning to the radio. 

He is a self-proclaimed “sports guy” who has covered sports stories for over 30 years, including stints as an anchor at WEEI Sports Radio and NESN. 

After co-hosting “Dennis and Callahan” (on WEEI) in Boston with John Dennis and Mike Shanahan for nearly two decades, he moved to “The Gerry Callahan Show“.

Gerry’s show has gained him more popularity with his target audience because it offers listeners a unique perspective, is topical and relevant, entertains them, engages them regularly via social media and through personal interaction, and covers a variety of topics.

He is also known for boldly addressing controversial topics on his podcast, such as race relations in America and allegations of sexual misconduct against powerful men like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer.

Themes and Topics Covered

The podcast reports on current news and events, especially in the fields of sports and politics.

Additionally, the show also covers cultural issues and trends such as movies, music, and television. 

The March 24, 2023 episode covers a diverse range of topics, with features on the TikTok CEO’s congressional testimony, Joe Biden’s motorcade in Canada, and Kamala Harris’ personal life.

The show’s ability to cover politics, technology, and personal relationships in a single episode attracts viewers from diverse backgrounds around the world.

Also, Callahan’s opinionated commentary on popular culture and politics gives them a distinct perspective on broader societal trends.

The audience also appreciates the humor and wit of the host which adds to the overall appeal of the show.

In between Gerry takes calls and answers questions from the audience, which creates a sense of community around the podcast. 

Listeners feel like they are part of the show.

The March 3, 2023 episode features court cases, politics, and controversial lawsuits of interest to the program’s listeners.

The segment on the Alex Murdaugh trial reaching a guilty verdict is particularly timely. 

Similarly, Fetterman’s legal affairs provide insight into the political machinations of a well-known figure.

The segment on Pete Buttigieg’s “mentee” being arrested for child pornography is a prime example of the show’s ability to cover scandals and controversies. 

Finally, the episode’s coverage of Jimmy Kimmel’s feelings being hurt provides insight into the personal lives of public figures and may appeal to those interested in celebrity gossip and popular culture.

The January 30, 2023 episode covers a range of topics related to sports and politics.

The segment on the NFL referees from the Bengals/Chiefs game and the Super Bowl predictions may appeal to sports enthusiasts. 

The episode further discusses the news of Paul Pelosi being attacked at his front door and runs a segment on a trans figure skater “sweeping the nation” and sheds light on societal issues and human interest stories. 

The program’s reach is further enhanced by interviews with prominent guests from a variety of fields.

In addition, the segment where Gerry answers listener questions is a great way for the audience to engage with the show and provide feedback. 

This level of interactivity sets The Gerry Callahan Show apart from other podcasts and keeps listeners coming back for more.

However, it’s worth noting that the podcast’s focus on controversial and potentially sensitive issues may not be for everyone.

The Reach of the Podcast

Gerry Callahan Podcast has a wide reach due to the popularity of the host.

Gerry is a public figure who is very active on (some) social media channels. His Twitter handle has 89.8K followers.  

Also, as the program covers many topics, including politics, sports, and cultural issues, it gathers listeners from a variety of backgrounds.

The show is broadcasted initially on Newsmax Radio and the YouTube channel which has 2.07 million subscribers.

Almost all his shows on YouTube average 5000 to 10000 views. 

Check out the Newsmax 2023 “The Gerry Callahan podcast” launch video here:

NEWSMAX launching The Gerry Callahan podcast

Services like offer the show in a premium version, where you can get exclusive content and connect with Gerry, his team, and other fans of the show. (source)

The official Gerry Callahan Facebook page has 6.2K likes and 9.4K followers.

Other podcast streaming services like Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcasts bring in thousands of listeners. 

Based on this analysis, we estimate that the Gerry Callahan podcast receives between 100,000 and 150,000 listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

Reception and Impact 

The talk show has a rating of 4.3 stars on Apple Podcasts, with positive reviews from listeners who have been following the show for years.

Check the comment below:

“Radio gold now on a podcast!

Gerry Callahan is a Boston radio legend, fearless, funny, and always relevant. 

From sports to politics, he always entertains and I’m always excited to hear what he has to say. Great podcast – great guests, 5-5 stars!” – jamesmccurdy1 (source)

His audience also praises his witty humor and how explicitly he covers topics that are considered taboo. 

Check the comment below:

“I Love the humor on the show!

Like, when demonstrating how President Joe Biden has been a notorious liar through the years, Gerry belts out (trying to control his own cynical laughter) “Joe said his Dad – a devout, Irish Catholic of. a much earlier generation – was one of the early defenders of the Gay rights movement.” Yeah, right. I was havin’ a belly laugh right along with Gerry.” – Tombo in Greenville, SC (source)

But if you criticize others, there will always be voices against you.

In contrast to the show’s supporters, there is a broad community that criticizes the show for not focusing on what Gerry does best and for overloading the show with biased and undesirable political stories.

Read below what one of the listeners has to say:

“Alex Jones/Qanon

It’s like a combination of Alex Jones on Info wars and Qanon. He actually was good on sports radio but he’s not a Republican anymore. He’s a conspiracy theorist. It’s fear Based surface-level politics.” – Gillydakid91 (source)

The commenter is referring to the Alex Jones Podcast – which is heavily criticized for falsifying political stories. 

However, even bad publicity is good publicity for the show as it increases the listener count.


If you’re looking for a podcast that delves into the intersection of politics, sports, and culture, then The Gerry Callahan Show is a great fit. 

With its unique blend of insightful commentary, engaging analysis, and lively discussions, this podcast has something for everyone. 

You can tune in to the Podcast on the streaming services linked below

Google Podcasts


Apple Music

YouTubeFor more political and news talk shows like the Megyn Kelly Podcast, visit our online resources page here.

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