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Alex Jones Podcast Controversial, Inflammatory, And What You Need To Know


Alex Jones Podcast: Controversial, Inflammatory, And What You Need To Know

The Alex Jones Podcast is a show hosted by Alexander Emerick Jones from Austin, Texas. 

Its purpose is to educate listeners about numerous conspiracy theories regarding the US Government.

This podcast serves as a platform for Jones to express his views about white supremacy and how the United States Government has been falsifying and concealing important information since 2012. 

He was awarded the best Austin talk radio host by readers of the Austin Chronicle twice, first in 2004 and then again in 2007. (source

Alex Jones Podcast: Controversial, Inflammatory, And What You Need To Know

Ranking (approximately) 53rd in most watched podcasts, the show is intriguing for millennials in the United States and right-wing supporters. 

However, its true fame comes from the fact that its host has been put to trial several times for labeling actual massacres as ‘fake’ and ‘schemes”’ by the government. 

The Creator Behind the Podcast

Alex Jones is the sole creator and the host of the podcast, who is briefly joined by Maria Zeee, the founder of (a censored channel in Australia).

He grew famous ever since he began his career as a conspiracy theorist. 

At a young age he read the book None Dare Call it Conspiracy by John Birch Society which had a profound effect on him. 

He was convinced that the attacks like the Waco Siege and Oklahoma bombing were perpetrated by the Government to hide malevolent information. 

To spread the word, he began a call-in radio show on public access television. 

But due to the controversial nature of the talk he was fired from the radio show.

It is then he decided to run his own show the “Alex Jones Podcast” from his home. 

In 2001 it was aired on more than 100 stations. The show’s popularity began to increase after that dramatically. 

Alex Jones Podcast: Controversial, Inflammatory, And What You Need To Know

By 2016 that number increased to five million listeners every week, making Alex Jones and his show a mega success.   

Jones also runs a website called Infowars, a fake news website responsible for promoting numerous conspiracy theories. 

In 2016 the website received more than ten million visitors, making it more popular than mainstream websites like The Economist.

For more recent traffic analysis of his website check here.

The Format of the Podcast

The podcast usually begins with an introduction segment. 

Alex Jones introduces the topics of discussion and lays out the timeline for the episode, mentioning at what time the guest will be joining them and what they will be talking about. 

More often than not, the podcast features small snippets from the news and highlights comments of Government officials. He uses these snippets to further develop his theories and move the show forward.  

Alex Jones Podcast: Controversial, Inflammatory, And What You Need To Know

After 30 minutes or so, Alex introduces his guests. 

He interviews them about their opinions regarding the featured conspiracy theories or theory. 

In one of his episodes he invited RC Maxwell, the spokesperson for Project Veritas, and asked him what he thinks about the COVID vaccines and whether they are doing more harm than cure. 

He also invited various doctors to speak about the Pfizer vaccine and whether it is reliable to battle the virus or just another source of income for the bureaucrats.

Towards the end, Maria Zeee co-hosts the Fourth Hour of the Alex Jones Podcast. 

She shares the interviews with the guests on the show and tries to unravel more information.

Lastly, the show concludes with Alex Jones wrapping up the discussion conveyed in the past 2 to 3 hours. 

He then persuades his listeners to visit his Infowars website and support him by sharing his content and buying his products.

Themes and Topics Covered

As stated above, the Alex Jones Podcast covers almost all conspiracy theories regarding the US Government. 

After 9/11, Alex Jones claimed that these attacks were orchestrated by the Bush Government.

In recent episodes, the podcast has covered subjects like the situation between Russia and Ukraine and the COVID.

Alex claims that the US president has illegally claimed World War 3 on Russia, and talks heavily about Russia and why the US must continue doing business with them. 

On COVID he explains that the death rates portrayed by the news channels are fake, and that they want the people to remain scared for personal motives that serve the Government and other political figures.

Click here to access the podcast.   

Reception and Impact

The Alex Jones Podcast has been received negatively by many people across the United States. And the trial against him has also uncovered that most of what he said on his show were lies.

While the show was received enthusiastically during its inception in 2016, its popularity has decreased ever since. 

To such an extent that Alex Jones has declared bankruptcy and his podcast has been restricted and taken down across major platforms.

Mainstream media channels such as Apple Podcast and YouTube were forced to ban it and Spotify has pulled some of the episodes from their platform. 

Other podcasts and YouTubers have discussed Alex Jones’ trial and current bankruptcy situation. 

The Associated Press discusses Alex Jones’ bankruptcy in Texas whereas Law and Crime Network discusses the rise and fall of Alex Jones in a forty five minute episode.  

Check out Top 3 Wildest Moments of Alex Jones’ Court Appearance here.

Although, seeing as Alex Jones has thousands of followers online and millions of people listen to his podcast, we can assume it still has some influential reach worldwide. 

That being said, popular podcaster Joe Rogan has hosted Alex Jones on his podcast despite the ban put on him by media services. 

Although this has left the Swedish streaming company in an awkward position, it has revived Jones for the audience.    

Last Words

No matter how curious you are to listen to the controversial podcasts, since it has been banned and taken down, you won’t be able to find all its content. 

If you want to listen to a few of its episodes to get a flavor of the show, click here

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