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Megyn Kelly Podcast


Megyn Kelly Podcast

About Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly’s Podcast is a daily news show which covers complicated stories mainly from the political, legal and cultural verticals.

Every broadcaster and all of the Megyn Kelly’s social media handles describe the radio podcast as below:

“The Megyn Kelly Show is your home for open, honest and provocative conversations with the most interesting and important political, legal and cultural figures today.” (source)

Megyn Kelly Podcast

In the past two years (2021 – 2022), the podcast aired 68 immensely popular episodes.

The first episode was aired on 28th Spetember 2020 and became a massive hit overnight, tuned in to by thousands of listeners worldwide.

The podcasts are so famous that instantly after their release they are covered by many top rated news channels and websites.

Below is the headline published in New York Post on February 3, 2023, reporting and analyzing one of the Megyn Kelly show podcasts aired on the same date.

“Megyn Kelly blasts Don Lemon over tantrum at CNN co-host: ‘I would have had him fired’  (source)

This is the podcast which the New York Post is referring to. 

The Creator Behind the Podcast 

Megyn Kelly is the owner, director, and the host of this popular podcast.

She is a journalist by profession who has served 15+ years conducting talk shows and media events for some of the renowned news channels like the Fox News and the NBC News.

Megyn is a distinguished personality in the media profession, interviewing the likes of Vladimir Putin. 

She is one of the rare media celebrities to be included in the TIME list of the 100 most influential people in 2014. (source)

In 2020, Kelly launched her own media production company called Devil May Care Media which was the official broadcaster of the Megyn Kelly Podcast before SiriusXM bought the rights for the show in 2021.

The reason for going independent and leaving big media corporations can be reflected in Megyn’s words:

“Every journalist’s dream is to cover the biggest stories and talk to the most interesting people without the shadow of a politicized media institution hanging over them. That’s what I’m about to do. With Devil May Care Media, I answer only to my audience and my conscience. Those who like what I have to say will find the experience deeply rewarding. Those who don’t can look elsewhere

The point is to give the audience authentic content that goes places where traditional media can’t or — more often — won’t. (source)

Because of her deep analytical and explicit nature, the show currently trends on the top charts of Apple and Google Podcast services and are joined by famous media stars and podcasters like Matt Walsh and Adam Carolla.

Reach and Influence

Megyn Kelly is no less than a celebrity with a huge fan base. She has millions of followers on all her social media handles. 

On Apple Podcasts her show is rated 4.7/5 stars with more than 25k follower ratings.

Kelly has 747K subscribers on her Youtube handle

Her Youtube playlist is very rich, featuring more than 2000 different media files.

She categorizes her podcast and video content on YouTube under a lot of different  brackets, dividing them in different topics and video formats, like Lifestyle and Wellness, Pop Culture, True Crime, and Shorts, Popular Video and Full Episodes respectively. 

This covers a lot of audiences preferences and styles increasing the traction on the channel even more.

A recent video of her where she talks about Don Lemon and Alex Murdaugh Trial (linked earlier) garnered more than 76k views just a day after getting published.

Don Lemon Allegedly “Screamed” at Co-Host, Debate on the Alex Murdaugh Trial, w/ Jesse Kelly & More

On Instagram she has 149K followers where she posts short clips and flyers of her podcasts and YouTube videos. 

She is most active on Twitter where she shares almost all her activities.  Her twitter handle has 17.9K Tweets and 2.7M Followers. 

A recent tweet of her drinking coffee, got 735.4K views and 13.4K likes in less than a day!

On TikTok she has 191.9K subscribers, and more than 1.3M likes. 

@megynkellyshow #MegynKelly reacts to #TomBrady's retirement announcement shortly after his split with #GiseleBündchen. #megynkellyshow #news #culture #discover #reels #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – The Megyn Kelly Show

Other pages from the app which share shorts from her podcasts and videos have 9.7M views. (source)  

Megan Kelly’s podcasts are released on all the radio and social media platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify, YouTube, etc, simultaneously.  

This is another leading factor for the thousands of views and likes her podcasts receive.

Additionally, her podcasts are popular in a lot of countries including the United States, Britain, Australia and even India. 

They are ranked very high under the news sections of the particular countries. 

The podcast ranks #2nd on “Apple Podcasts : United States of America : News Commentary” section. 

It ranks #7th for “Great Britain News and Commentary” on Apple Podcasts and #43rd for “Australia News” on Spotify. (source)

Based on this analysis we estimate that the Megyn Kelly Podcast receives at least a million views each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube and Spotify podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast

The podcast begins with “Hey everyone I am Megyn Kelly, welcome to the Megyn Kelly Show” in a very strong voice.

Right after the brief welcome Megyn reads out top news content(s) laughing at some of the more hilarious events, and giving a brief of all the major headlines she is going to cover in the podcast.

For every title she is joined by some of the most famous figures of the news industry, including anchors, hosts, producers and directors. 

She also calls upon big names and subject experts for interviews. 

For example, in a recent show where she talks about the potential confession of Alex Murdaugh, she was joined by Phil Houston, Bill Stanton, and Mike Swain, who are all law and crime experts. 

The interviews have compelling voices and deliver in-depth, uncensored, thought-provoking conversations.

Megyn shares her sharp opinions in between sometimes raging in an angry fiery tone. 

For instance, in another recently broadcasted podcast which covered Don Lemon screaming at his co-host, Megyn was heard saying that she would have fired Don if he would have done something like this on her shows. 

Check out the podcast here

Generally a Megyn Kelly podcast covers 4 – 5 news titles, with every topic getting 20 minutes of average broadcast time.

The show lasts for an hour and a half with a debate segment positioned at the very end of the show. 

This is followed by Megyn thanking all the presenters and interviewers. 

Sometimes the podcast is concluded with Megyn taking calls from the audiences who share their views and concerns. 

The show finally ends on a tagline from Megyn which reads “Thanks for listening to the Megyn Kelly show, No BS, No Agenda and No Fear”.

Reception and Impact

Listeners love Megan’s frank attitude. She is popular for not beating around the bush. 

The tagline on her Instagram handle reads “Real news. Straight talk. Sorry, not sorry.”

Her podcasts depict fearlessness and promote raw journalism which appeals greatly to the masses, especially when the media is heavily criticized for being biased towards politicians and bureaucrats.  

Read some of the reviews below:

“A fantastic podcast. I really do look forward to Megyn’s show, especially when she brings on people who might politically or philosophically disagree with her. She is a master interviewer. And she is fun.” –  Kevinblack99 (source)

“I’m a left-leaning independent who came to your show via seeing you on Bill Maher. Really have no use for Fox News, and was surprised to see that despite your résumé there, this pod is very much its own thing. Good rational discourse, and good to see sometimes disagreement and arguments between host and guests as well… that’s how you know you’re not just getting spin.” – TheDudeAbided (source)

Some listeners criticize her shows for sometimes sharing inaccurate information and always choosing sensational and controversial topics. 

She is also blamed for superimposing her voice over others. 

Although we believe that her arguing nature is the USP of the podcast, and actually her voice reflects her true personality.

Overall she is a great hit in the United States and in other parts of the world with millions tuning in everyday to listen to her voice. 

We believe that her popularity has just started to rise. With the increase in demand for independent media, the likes of Megyn Kelly can become the next BBC.

Final Words

If you want to listen to true news and genuine analysis by some of the best subject experts, try the Megyn Kelly Podcast.

It is a torch bearer of free media, at liberty from unjust influence or any political pressure.

You can stream the shows live on Apple Podcast, Youtube, Google Podcast, Spotify and many other services.

For other political podcasts like the Ezra Klein podcast and other radio shows check us out here.

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