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Adam Carolla Podcast A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts Of All Time


Adam Carolla Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts Of All Time

The Adam Carolla Podcast is a comedy podcast hosted by the comedian Adam Carolla

It was created in 2009, and soon the show climbed the stairs of popularity and established its own personality.

Adam Carolla Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts Of All Time

The premier episode itself was downloaded more than 250,000 times. When the third episode was released, the podcast was already at first position on iTunes in the US and Canada. 

Currently, it is the number one podcast in the world, for which it has received a Guinness World Record as well. 

Before the podcast, Adam Carolla had his own morning radio program called “Terrestrial” on KLSX, where he used to interview guests. 

When it was syndicated in 2009, Carolla started his own podcast and broke all previous records. 

The podcast is very similar to Adam’s original radio show. 

He switched to podcasts as he got a lot of creative freedom that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would not allow him in the radio show. 

One example of it is that he was able to add a lot of humor elements into the podcasts which are the primary reason the webisodes gained a lot of traction.

Reach of the Podcast

The Adam Carolla Podcast has more than 242 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 209,000 followers on Instagram and 561.8K likes on TikTok.


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On YouTube, where view statistics are readily available, it appears that the average podcast receives between 20,000 views and 50,000 views per episode.

As of January 2023, The Adam Carolla Podcast was ranked as #23 on Apple Podcasts. 

Based on this analysis we estimate that the Adam Carolla Podcast receives 670,000 number of traffic each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube and Spotify podcast networks.

Adam Carolla Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts Of All Time

The Creators Behind the Podcast 

Other than Adam, hosts from his previous radio show Byran Bishop, David Damsheck and Gina Grad co-host the podcast.

Bryan is responsible for comedic commentary which include segments like “what can’t Adam complain about?”. 

This segment includes Adam complaining about random day to day things. One episode has him complain about Jimmy Kimmel’s parents.

David usually hosts the sports news segment. 

This is meant to be comically driven, and it intentionally ends with Adam and David complaining about one another.   

Gina is not just the co-host of the podcast but also Adam’s trusted sidekick. 

She replaced Alison Rosen (who was asked to leave by Adam because she was good as a lead, but not as a sidekick.) Gina has been filling her spot ever since.

The Format of the Podcast

The podcast begins by Adam sharing anecdotes about his personal life fueled by the comments he has received on Twitter. 

This includes ranting about the stupidity of people he has to deal with, passion fruit flavoring, the California Highway patrol, etc.

Towards the middle of the show another segment is introduced. 

This includes ingenious games like “Blah Blah Blog” and “Totally Topical Two Trivia”. 

The guests invited to the show are encouraged to participate in these comic games. 

This is followed by a sports news segment led by David Dameshek which, more often than not, ends in a rant between him and Adam. 

There is also a Baldywood segment where sometimes Bryan will do a comic review of Hollywood films.  

In an episode featuring Bryan Callen, an American comedian, the team talks about Callen’s new comedy show. 

After that, Callen enthusiastically joins Adam’s discussion about bird brains and the time he got into a street fight. 

Overall, the podcast remains light and comic from start till end. 

Adam’s purpose is to provoke his guests’ comic side and weave that into his narrative aiming to portray a less-serious side of the celebrities to his listeners. 

Themes and Topics Covered

The podcast covers a range of topics that appeal to a very large fan base. 

Most of these topics feature world renowned guests, usually famous personalities who have succeeded in their respective fields. 

Adam digs into some of their major accomplishments and tries to draw meaningful lessons from their experiences.   

Last year the podcast featured Linda Hamilton in one of its episodes where she talks about playing Sarah Connor in Terminator

Linda talks about her experience on the set and with other co-stars. Also, the psyche of the character she played and how she had to transform herself for the role. 

Episodes like these offer insight into the minds of people the listeners have only seen on big screens. 

The audience’s curiosity to learn about the intimate life of celebrities and the problems they have overcome pushes them to tune-in and listen to the show every week. 

The podcast also covers episodes about trending topics in the world, giving the listeners weekly updates about what’s happening around them but in a comic narrative. 

Lately, the podcast also discusses controversial topics (in great detail). 

This segment pulls in more attendants to the show. 

It did an episode on revelation’s from Prince Harry’s new book which attracted more than 19,000 listeners in just 3 weeks. 

Reception and Impact

As mentioned above, The Adam Carolla podcast is the number one show in the world. 

It has listeners all around the world especially in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. 

It reaches millions of people worldwide who download the episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

YouTube alone garners more than 50,000 views on new episodes

Below are some of the 5 star comments –

“I love Adam and I love the show. He’s fantastic! Whatever direction he wants to take the show I’m coming along. Keep up the great work guys. – Doom on Replay via Apple Podcasts – (source)

“I always cringe when people are brave enough to make changes, yet the long term results always seem to be for the best. Personally, I’m elated to be rid of Gina. Bryan was a necessary evil that I can happily live without but will miss his excellent zingers and drops. Still can’t get enough of this show every day and can’t wait to hear what’s coming (except for the already tiresome ranchero bit). Maybe bring back more old timers for some shows…like Larry Miller!! Keep up the great work Chris and Gio. Mahalo!” DavenJoni in Doodah via Apple Podcasts – (source)

However not everything can always be green.

There are viewers complaining about the crowded long format of the podcast while some accusing the podcast of being “Not intellectually honest.”

Check out other comments and critic reviews here

Final Words

Adam has a great sense of comedy, and you can be certain it will be a funny ride through and through. 

The show shares a lot of insightful information and unique perspectives about daily lives that we never stop to think about. 

Learn more about the podcast, its structure and the guests it features by tuning to it yourself.

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube and Spotify

Apple users will find the show on Apple Podcast and android users can go to Google Podcasts.

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