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How to Become a Supplement Ambassador and Promote Health and Wellness Products


Supplement Ambassador: How to Become a Supplement Ambassador and Promote Health and Wellness Products

Becoming a supplement ambassador isn’t only reserved for the Macro-Influencers. Nowadays, anyone can gain access, so long as they apply the right approach.

Keep reading to find out everything you’ll ever need to know about brand ambassadorships in the health and wellness niche.  

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who’s been asked to represent a company, services, products, or even an event. This individual acts like a representative who advertises the brand to their own network and in their own unique style. A lot of the time, brands notice and approach customers or influencers who’ve been promoting their products and offer to sign them as brand ambassadors.

Their job is to help promote the brand’s presence with their audiences, consolidating a relationship between the two. They can be found using a wide range of marketing tactics on numerous channels, such as personal blogs as well as social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Brand ambassadors are known to make full use of these outlets to publicize brands of their choosing.


The ideal brand ambassador offers two key traits: sharing and caring. 

Brand ambassadors create content and share their own opinion and experiences with brands and products across a variety of social media channels, they are also in regular communication with their followers generating awareness. An example of this would be sharing educational content about the product or service through videos.

Most brands are looking for people who are willing to make the effort in order to help shape and bring to life their brand strategy, promote through the use of effective channels, and communicate the brand’s message. Moreover, a successful brand ambassador who’s great at networking and communicating oftentimes can be asked to collaborate or be in contact with internal marketing staff in order to help achieve the brand’s larger goals.

Benefits of Becoming a Supplement Ambassador

Now that we’ve covered what being a supplement brand ambassador is all about, let’s take a quick look at the benefits you can receive.

Brand ambassadors are often paid in a variety of different ways, there are also plenty of perks that come with the job. Nevertheless, on average, a supplement brand ambassador in the U.S. makes about $700 a week.

The payment that brand ambassadors receive is dependent on a lot of moving factors, such as the product’s retail value, the standard of content, the ambassador’s experience, and their history of collaboration with the brand.

Yet, some standard payment approaches include:

Cost Per Engagement 

A standard formula that brands and influencers use when calculating rates for IG for brand ambassadorships is:

IG CPE = Average engagement x $0.30 (this number can vary depending on the company, $0,30 is the overall average based on our research).

The formula is the same for other platforms, the only thing that differs is the fluctuating CPE that brands are willing to pay. 

  • YouTube: $0.03
  • Pinterest: $0.08
  • Facebook: $0.50

To calculate your pay rate as a supplement ambassador you’ll need to use an average cost per engagement as a jump-off point. For instance, if on average you get approximately 1,000 likes per Instagram post, then you could be charging $320 per piece of content. 

So, if you’re contract states that you need to post twice per month to Instagram over an eight-month period your total billable amount would be $5,120. But the brand may propose a combination of terms whereby they pay you $4,000 and the remaining difference is paid in freebies.

This formula is applicable to all social media platforms.


Commission Earnings

Supplement brand ambassadors can also register as affiliates and earn commission on any sales that they generate. These types of programs are a win-win for both the brand and the influencer. Brand ambassador audiences are regularly offered discount codes and are given sneak peeks into new product launches. This also allows followers to support influencers whose content they enjoy, simply by purchasing a product that they would have otherwise gotten at Target.

Sometimes a referral agreement is also put in place between brands and influencers, which results in further income. But this is largely dependent on the brand ambassador’s reach.

Rewards for Supplement Brand Ambassadors

Other than product freebies and cash payments, companies may also decide to reward their loyal supplement brand ambassadors in other ways. Some of the more common ways include:

  • Inviting supplement brand ambassadors to exclusive company events, such as new product launches. 
  • Collaborate with top-level ambassadors to co-create a product line.
  • Repost or shout out brand ambassadors’ content on the marketing channels to enhance their reach, visibility, and reputation.

How to Become a Supplement Ambassador

Build Your Brand

Creating a personal brand is definitely something that you should address before trying to pitch brands for ambassadorships. You need to clarify your identity and integrate it into all of your social channels in a consistent way. To really set yourself apart from the rest of the noise online you need to first assess what makes you different and then use that as your selling point. 

Having a strong personal brand can help companies figure out if you’d be the right fit for their culture and products, allowing for stronger and more long-lasting matches.

Research Companies In Your Niche

Research brands that align with your passions or are relevant to the niche you’ve positioned yourself in. You also might find it easier to become a supplement brand ambassador for companies that you already support publicly. Brands use social listening tools and are quick to find out if you’re cold pitching with no real engagement or interaction history. This is important because brands want to work with people whose personalities, values, and personal branding matches in some way or another their own. 

For example, Mary Ruths Organic’s is always teaming up with brand ambassadors who have children. This is because they offer a popular kid’s line of supplements. So their ideal ambassador is someone who has young children, and who’s interested in holistic and natural health.

You can look at a brand’s social media posts and research who their current ambassadors are to get a better understanding of what exactly they’re looking for.


How to Pitch Supplement Companies

Once you’ve curated your personal brand and researched supplement brands that you’d like to work with, it’s time to pitch! But, before you start reaching out to companies you want to first do a self-audit and get some clarity as to what exactly you have to offer. Having a media kit is a great way to highlight your unique selling points. You can create your own media kit using free design tools such as Canva.

There are two paths you can take once you’re done creating your media kit; you can either pitch brands yourself or sign up with an agency to do it on your behalf.

If you decide to pitch brands directly be prepared to not get a response from some of them. But don’t get despondent. Focus on developing relationships with brands who are keen to collaborate and are showing interest. And although sometimes it may feel like a waste of time, the follow-ups and emails are worth it in the long run and will eventually generate results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you work with brands via agencies your final payment will be lower than if you were working with the brand directly. This is because agencies take a percentage. Also, there’s oftentimes not much room for negotiating the terms of the brand contract. But, it’s a good way to get started!

How to Promote Health and Wellness Products

The supplement industry, and pretty much anything related to health, has fast become one of the most competitive niches in terms of brand ambassadorships. Holistic health is a trendy market that’s growing at a rapid pace with customers spending over $70 billion per year on niche products.

In order to be successful you need to choose brands and products that you authentically love, but more importantly, you know your audience will love. You’ll also want to do your due diligence and work with companies that have a solid reputation.

Lastly, make sure you publicize the brands who you’re working with through effective social media channels. There are so many good options and ways to promote the products of your supplement brand ambassadorship on social media, and the best part being is that you can maximize your earnings and reach by being active on multiple platforms instead of just one.

For instance, TikTok has a massive health and wellness community and is a great place to post about supplements. 

You can also achieve amazing results by posting and promoting supplements on Instagram. Even pre-pandemic, holistic health content was booming on the platform. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Supplement Ambassador: How to Become a Supplement Ambassador and Promote Health and Wellness Products

Ali Le Vere, from “empoweredautoimmune”, has an impressive Instagram following of 184k. A lot of her content is focused on educating her audience about specific topics, you can see this reflected in the image below where she’s seen highlighting why it’s important to switch to clean beauty and how to accurately ask for thyroid tests.

In her pinned posts we can see some of the companies that she is currently working with as a brand ambassador: Aqua Tru a reverse osmosis water filter company, and a red light brand. The main strategies that she’s employing are educational content in the form of reels, using trending audio, and good transitions. Ali also has brand contracts with a long list of supplement companies such as Further Foods.

Supplement Ambassador: How to Become a Supplement Ambassador and Promote Health and Wellness Products

Shauna from “alittlelesstoxic” is a supplement brand ambassador for Genexa, and has been promoting the brand in the form of educational reels.

Supplement Ambassador: How to Become a Supplement Ambassador and Promote Health and Wellness Products

Most supplement brand ambassadors are also using link aggregate sites such as Linktree. Where their audience can quickly find the link they’re looking for.

Supplement Ambassador: How to Become a Supplement Ambassador and Promote Health and Wellness Products

Make sure to follow these simple tips and strategies to become a successful supplement brand ambassador.

Supplement Advertising Regulations

Even though you’re not directly selling supplements, you still need to follow the Federal Trade Commission laws. This is particularly important when promoting supplements.

You might also need to take into consideration the different rules that social media platforms have before even creating a post. What a shame it would be to have all of your hard deleted because you unknowingly used the term “weight loss” or similar.

This is a really important step to take because otherwise, you risk having your accounts suspended.


Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into supplement brand ambassadorships, how to get them, what they entail, and the steps you should take both to close contracts and promote the products.

Make sure to do your research and pick brands that align with your brand vision. Promoting supplements is an amazing way to earn a living while at the same time educating and helping people to live happier and healthier lives. So go for it, get started with your supplement brand ambassador career today!

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Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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