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12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow


12 Top Must-Follow Roblox YouTube Channels

Roblox is a gaming community where users develop games for other users. More than 40 million games are live on the platform. Users or developers make money by monetizing their games through in-game purchases. Roblox was released in 2006 and is still a hit 16 years later.

Last year, Roblox hit over 43 million active users. The platform continues to rise in popularity worldwide. Founded by David Baszucki in 2006, it delivers a matchless experience to gamers and developers alike. Users can develop games on the platform and monetize them to earn money.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

In this article, we’ll discuss Roblox and how it works and explore 12 top Roblox YouTube channels to follow. In addition, we will also share how to start a Roblox YouTube channel and answer some frequently asked questions about it.

What is Roblox, and how does it work?

Like Steam, a video game digital distribution service, Roblox is an online gaming platform for kids and adults. Released on September 1, 2006, it is not a game but a game creation system. In Roblox, users, better known as developers, create multiplayer games for other players.

Recently, Roblox went viral as a means to make money. Through it, developers can earn up to a million dollars per year via in-game purchases.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels to Follow

Roblox has proven to be an incredibly lucrative platform for game enthusiasts to have fun and make serious money. To know more about it, get new ideas, and learn awesome tricks, follow these 12 top Roblox channels on YouTube.

1)   Flamingo

Flamingo is among the top channels of Roblox on YouTube. Joined July 6, 2017, it rose to prominence for fun, action-packed streams with in-game commentary. Run by a guy named Albert, it has 11.2M subscribers on YouTube.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

Most videos on the channel are around 8-minute long, with funny voiceovers and gameplay content. Flamingo’s most popular video has 34M views, and many clips have over 20M views.

2)   GamingWithKev

Popular for short, fun Roblox clips, GamingWithKev has 8.44M subscribers, with the most popular video amassing 28M views. More than 50 videos on the channel have over 10M views. The channel uploads Roblox videos and other game streams like GTA 5,, and Life is Strange.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

A guy named Kevin runs GamingWithKev, a 15-year YouTube veteran, car collector, and real estate, investor. Joined on October 27, 2013, his clips are mostly about gameplay reviews, reactions, fun animations, and pranks.

3)   Denis

Run by a guy named John Denis, the channel is one of the most popular Roblox channels on the video-sharing platform. Denis has 9.26M subscribers, and many videos on the channel crossed 10M views. The most popular clip is the 12-minute hand-drawn whiteboard life journey of Denis. It has 30M views.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

Most videos on the channel are of Roblox Adventures and some about Minecraft. Denis’s content is unique, fun, and above all else, kid-friendly. He posts five new videos weekly to keep the viewers hooked and supply fellow creators with new ideas.

4)   Crainer

Another kid-friendly channel, Crainer, has 7.86M subscribers on YouTube and uploads multiple clips daily to keep its subscribers entertained. Most videos are about fun scenarios within the game targeted toward Roblox and Minecraft enthusiasts.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

Joined the platform on February 22, 2014, the most popular upload on the channel has 12M views. Crainer’s unique video ideas, fun commentary, and kid-friendly nature helped it rise to eminence.

5)   Bax

Thanks to short 8-minute long fun videos and multiple new uploads a day, Bax has successfully amassed 1.56M subscribers in a short time. Bax not only uploads Roblox videos but also frequently shares other game streams like Brawl Stars, Murder: To Kill or Not to Kill, and the Visitor.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

Bax videos are kid-friendly, short, and action-packed. You can get loads of new ideas from following Bax content to create and populate your own Roblox YouTube channel. 

6)   Gravycatman

Gravycatman joined YouTube on December 6, 2013. He has over 3.5M subscribers on the platform. He uploads gameplay videos of different simulation-based games on Roblox, like Ninja Legends, Strongman Simulator, Pet Simulator X, Lifting Simulator, Field Trip Z, and Little World.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

As the name and description suggest, Gravycatman probably initially planned to post cat videos yet turned toward games later. Today, his gameplay videos are viewed worldwide and provide other creators with new content ideas. 

7)   LuTuTu

Joined on June 30, 2015, LuTuTu has over 1.5M subscribers and is a channel that posts cool gameplay videos featuring the star avatar LuTuTu. He uploads 2 to 3 under 10-minute gameplay videos a week featuring different funny scenarios in Roblox games. LuTuTu’s most popular video has 18M views, and he also uploads Roblox-inspired funny memes on the channel.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

8)   Calixo

Calixo has 2.36M subscribers on YouTube and is another popular Roblox YouTube channel on the rise. Fun, kid-friendly content with humorous in-game commentary helped Calixo amass a global audience. Like most other creators, his clips cater to kids and feature short theme-inspired avatars and fun scenarios.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

The most popular video on the channel has 11M views, and many clips by Calixo have crossed the million mark. His unique storytelling and creative video ideas make his content fun to watch and follow for kids. 

9)   Sketch

With 4.24M subscribers and over a billion views, Sketch is a must-follow YouTube channel for Roblox fans. He uploads 3 to 4 fun 8-minute length videos a week and provides a constant supply of laughs for kids. The most viewed video on the channel has 12M views, and three other clips have also crossed 10M views. Besides fun gameplay videos, Sketch often posts other content to keep viewers hooked, like IT (Pennywise) in Real Life and Gummy Food VS Real Food Challenge.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

10)               RadioJHGames

A channel for girls, RadioJHGames is run by a 15-year-old named Audrey, who uploads fun Roblox game videos multiple times a month. Joined on May 18, 2014, the channel has 1.13M subscribers, and the number continues to rise. Her most popular video has over 13M views, and her videos frequently cross a million views. Kid-friendly content with funny commentary makes RadioJHGames a fun channel to follow.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

11)  LankyBox

Run by Justin, Adam, Boxy, and Foxy, LankyBox tops the list for the total number of YouTube subscribers. With 20M subscribers on the platform, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. At times, the channel uploads 6 to 7 videos daily, and its high frequency is undoubtedly a top reason for its success.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

Recently, LankyBox has turned to creating fun shorts. The most popular video on the channel is a short video with 264M views. Most LankyBox videos are YouTube shorts with trendy topics targeted toward a younger audience. 

12) NicsterV

NicsterV is a channel to get all the latest updates about Roblox, news about new games, and other features. It has 2.66M subscribers and posts updates, tricks, secrets, and fun content 5 to 6 times a week. The most popular video on the channel has over 20M views. NicsterV is a must-follow channel for all Roblox fans who want to learn the secrets that make the platform so awesome.

12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow

How to start a Roblox YouTube channel?

Starting a Roblox YouTube channel requires creating a list of fun, catchy, and trendy clip ideas. Most top creators on the platform upload 4 to 5 videos a week. So, it is essential to have a solid stream of ideas before you sign up on YouTube to create a Roblox channel. Some top content ideas are:

  • Best and worst games
  • Ways to earn free Robux
  •  Secrets and top hacks
  • Game glitches
  • Views on player types

Thanks to the online gaming platform with over 40 million games, there is no shortage of content inspiration for YouTubers. Pick a game type, identify the audience, and create.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)   How many Roblox YouTube channels are there?

There is no way to know for sure. With over 40 million games, Roblox is one of the biggest gaming platforms of its kind. The number could be in thousands, millions, or more.

2)   Who is the most popular Roblox YouTuber?

DanTDM is probably the most popular Roblox YouTuber, with 26.2M subscribers.

3)   How do you join YouTubers on Roblox?

To join a YouTuber on Roblox, you need to search for their username or find their profile. If the user is present in an experience and allows visitors, you can join to watch him play.

4)   How much money can you make from Roblox?

Top game developers on Roblox make over a million dollars yearly by developing fun games and monetizing them through in-game purchases. In addition, users also earn big money by uploading in-game videos on YouTube and going viral on the platform.

Wrap Up

In recent years, Roblox has become a source for game enthusiasts to make money and grow rich.

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12 Top Roblox YouTube Channels To Follow