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11 Top Legal Influencers To Follow


 11 Top Legal Influencers To Follow To Know About Your Rights

With more and more younger people getting involved in politics today, it is crucial for every one of us to know our rights. But where do we go to learn? Don’t worry. That’s what these top legal influencers are here to teach you! Follow them and get to know more about what rights you hold as an individual!

The global climate has been getting more and more political in the last few years. Younger people are contesting in elections and fighting for their rights. In such an environment, it becomes important to learn about your rights.


But how do we learn about them? Nobody has the time or patience to go through those lengthy law books! 

This is where legal influencers come in. Follow them, and you can get to know more about your rights in bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest. Some of them even give you advice on how to prepare for your LSATs and tackle law school, too!

11 Top Legal Influencers

Ryan Stygar (@attorneyryan) 

Followers: 54.7k

Ryan is a former firefighter turned attorney and is now the CEO of Centurion Trial Attorneys. He is a labor lawyer, meaning he will teach you everything you need to know about your rights as an employee

Haven’t received your pay? Or maybe you were terminated suddenly and you suspect that it might have been illegal. Whatever your concerns are, Ryan will clear them. 

He also talks about illegal work policies that have become normalized that people don’t even realize they are illegal. You can even hire him if you need a labor lawyer! After all, everyone is entitled to fair workplace policies and wages, right?

Angela (@_theaspiringboss) 

Followers: 13.9k

Angela is a mergers and acquisitions corporate lawyer who creates content about law school as well as what being a lawyer is like. Most of her content revolves around law school. 

She talks about everything, right from preparing for law school, what to expect in the exams, and how to pay for law school to mistakes you should not make while in law school. You even get to learn law school lingo! Her page basically covers everything you need to know to get into law school. Think of it like an information guide. 

She provides all the information in bite-sized chunks with infographics that are easy to read and understand. Following her will definitely give you a competitive advantage!

Breakup Lawyer (@breakuplawyer) 

Followers: 32.7k

This page is run by a divorce attorney in Atlanta. She makes videos about specific doubts that people may have when they are about to get divorced or go into a custody battle

Some of these questions may be hard to google, so her page is a great resource! Have doubts about how to split assets? Maybe you want to know if something can be used as evidence. The breakup lawyer will clear your doubts! You can also hire her for legal advice.

Clay Payne (@thepaynelawyer) 

Followers: 183k

Clay Payne is a Texas personal injury lawyer who takes on cases of work injuries, car accidents, dog bites, and slip and falls, among others. He talks a lot about how insurance companies work and the things you should never do after an accident if you want an insurance payout. 

His videos are great to learn how personal injury cases actually work and what you can do if you are in such a situation. He even covers topics such as whether you can sue if you are in a car accident as an undocumented person. 

Kamesha (@thelaurrylife) 

Followers: 12.1k

Kamesha is a media and entertainment lawyer who “spills the tea” on becoming a lawyer. She is a first generation Black lawyer, so she includes a lot of affirmations for first generation BIPOC female lawyers. 

She covers a wide range of topics such as the types of tests you need to take right from high school to become a lawyer, what the different types of lawyers are, various law school scholarships you can apply to, what you can do if you fail your bar exam, and even what classes you need to take in your first year. She also occasionally explains major cases and posts funny videos. 

Dennis Carrion (@attorneycarrion) 

Followers: 26.7k

Dennis is an accident and injury lawyer who can speak four languages and takes on cases from four states. In his videos, he talks about the basic things you need to know when it comes to accidents and injuries. 

He covers both perspectives – what to do if you get injured and what to do if you accidentally injure someone. He gives really valuable advice. There are even testimonials from his clients on his page in case you ever need to hire him. As a bonus, you also get to see cute pictures of his family if you follow him!

Paige Sparks (@_paigesparks) 

Followers: 120k

Paige is the co-owner of Sparks Law Firm and makes the law easy for you to understand, one video at a time. She focuses a lot on employment law and talks about what you can do if you are being subjected to unfair employment practices. She also covers famous lawsuits to help you understand your employment rights. 

Alli Elmunzer (@attorneyalli) 

Followers: 13.6k

Alli is a trademark and contract attorney who helps businesses protect themselves by getting their brand, logo, signature, and slogan trademarked

Her page is a great resource for small businesses who are just getting started. She talks about what a trademark is, what it does and does not protect, and trademark mistakes that you should never make. She also gives a lot of motivation for the days when you feel like giving up on everything. 

Taly Goody (@talygoodyesq) 

Followers: 13.3k

Taly Goody is a personal injury and employment lawyer whose mission is to empower future lawyers. She gives advice on various topics: what to do in personal injury cases, must-haves when you are starting a law firm, and how to prepare for your bar exam. 

She also talks about her legal journey and what freelancing as a lawyer is like. So whether you need some doubts cleared about law school prep or want to know things about opening your own law firm, her page is a great starting point!

Francesca Witzburg (@thetrademarkattorney) 

Followers: 6k

Francesca is a trademark lawyer who helps entrepreneurs and businesses of all types protect their copyrights. When you run a business, there is always the risk of someone stealing your idea or name and trademarking it as their own. Francesca helps you prevent this from happening as well as guides you on what you can do if it has already happened. 

You also get to learn cool information such as the fact that you can trademark first names with a side of lawyer tips to go!

Lvlup Legal (@lvluplegal) 

Followers: 6.3k

Lvlup Legal is a women-owned business and IP law firm that empowers startups, entrepreneurs, and influencers to level up by giving them information about contracts, investments, trademarks, and web3. Through their posts and by conducting learning forums, they teach businesses everything they need to protect themselves. 

Now that we have reached the end of the list, here’s one thing you should keep in mind: these legal influencers are great to follow to learn about your rights, but their posts cannot replace one-on-one legal advice. So, if you think you need a lawyer, hire one! Don’t forget to share this post before you go!


karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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