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Everything You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Affiliate Program


Everything You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Affiliate Program

There are a plethora of different ways that online content creators and influencers are able to monetize their content, and one of the most popular is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you’re able to generate another stream of income and make money by promoting your favorite products. Specifically, we’re focusing on one of the top fashion-related ambassador programs – The Nordstrom Affiliate Program.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies for new brands and businesses to expand their audience and grow their sales, and it’s equally beneficial for influencers and content creators to grow their streams of income. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Affiliate Program

The Nordstrom Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for fashion influencers, content creators, and bloggers to make extra money while promoting their favorite products. As an affiliate, you’ll be able to promote the luxurious products Nordstrom sells to your audience, and if someone makes a purchase using your link, you’ll receive a small commission from that sale.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Nordstrom affiliate program – Plus, how you can sign up!

About Nordstrom

Over the years, Nordstrom has grown into one of the top fashion retailers in the world. They offer clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children, and they pride themselves on their excellent customer service. For example, here are some of the benefits every customer receives when shopping with Nordstrom:

  • Free shipping and free returns
  • Free personal stylists
  • Nordstrom rewards
  • Includes option of Buy Online & Pick Up in Store, Curbside Pickup, Same-Day Shipping, Expedited Shipping, and International Shipping
  • Professional alterations and tailoring through Nordstrom

About the Nordstrom Affiliate Program

The Nordstrom Affiliate Program aims to create mutually beneficial partnerships with its affiliates, and they provide a variety of different tools to help affiliates promote Nordstrom products. In return, affiliates earn a small commission from every sale driven by their affiliate link.

Since Nordstrom already has a reputation for producing high-quality, stylish clothing, it will be easier to market its products to your audience because they will already trust the brand.

Plus, Nordstrom sells products from hundreds of different brands ranging in style, price, and fit, so it’s more likely for customers to find something they’ll love and make a purchase.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

While there aren’t many specific requirements for applying to be a Nordstrom affiliate, it is important to note that Nordstrom only has limited spots available. Therefore, they do reserve the right to deny any application that they feel is not in line with their content and quality standards.

In order to be chosen as a Nordstrom Affiliate, you’ll need to have a significant or meaningful online presence on at least one social media platform. Also, you’ll have to have a genuine interest and passion for fashion, as these are the products you are going to be promoting.

Also, before you get into affiliate marketing, you should have a basic understanding of social media marketing and how to sell products to your audience. The better you’re able to market and promote products, the more money you will make.

Benefits of Being a Nordstrom Affiliate

Nordstrom prides their affiliate program on being mutually beneficial for both the brand and the ambassadors. They provide affiliates with all of the tools it takes to be successful in affiliate marketing on social media, and there are tons of included benefits including:

  • Marketing Materials: Nordstrom provides marketing materials such as banners, graphics, and links for affiliates to utilize when promoting products.
  • Wide Variety of Products: Nordstrom is one of the leading fashion retailers and houses hundreds of well-known brands that your audience already knows and loves.
  • Exclusive Offers: Affiliates have the chance to earn discounts on Nordstrom products, take part in special events, and earn other exclusive perks. 
  • Marketing Expertise: Affiliates are provided with weekly newsletters from the Nordstrom marketing team featuring brands, sales, and events.
  • Easy to Get Started: Nordstrom partners with Rakuten to power its affiliate program, and all affiliates have a customized dashboard that makes generating affiliate links and keeping track of earnings simple and easy.
Everything You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Affiliate Program

How to Join the Nordstrom Affiliate Program

If Nordstrom’s affiliate program seems like a great fit for you, you can apply for free today. Nordstrom partners with Rakuten to power their affiliate program, so all applicants will be directed to Rakuten’s application page. Follow these steps to apply to join the Nordstrom Affiliate Program.

  1. Before getting started, read the Nordstrom Affiliate Agreement and the Rakuten Affiliate Agreement (located at the bottom of the application page)
  2. Fill out the application to be a “Publisher Partner” on Rakuten’s website
  3. Once you submit your application, you’ll hear back via email whether you’ve been accepted or not

Since Nordstrom is a high-end, well-known fashion brand, they can be picky in the selection process for affiliates. Here are some things they may take into consideration when assessing your application:

  • Your website or social media page’s validity
  • Your social media presence and niche
  • Demographics for your specific audience
  • The amount of traffic you drive to your website or social media page 
  • Your content aligns with the company’s quality and standards
Everything You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Affiliate Program

How Much Do Nordstrom Affiliates Get Paid?

The number of products and which products you sell will determine how much you get paid as an affiliate. Payments work on a commission-based structure, and the commission rates for Nordstrom’s products can range between 2% to 11% – However, most products are closer to 2%.

Nordstrom powers their affiliate program through Rakuten, and they pay their affiliates on a monthly basis. In order to get paid, you must have accrued at least $25 in your affiliate earnings account. If you do not meet the $25 threshold, your earnings will roll over into the following month. You can receive payment by PayPal, American Express, or a physical check. 

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