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All About the Tobi Influencer Program


All About the Tobi Influencer Program

Tobi, the powerhouse popular online fashion brand has seen incredible growth over the years. They have fast become a reliable source that many turn to for comfy yet trendy fashion attire that’s designed by women for women. The brand has many loyal content creators sharing their most recent Tobi finds with their followers.

If you’re a fashion-lover then becoming a Tobi influencer might be the perfect fit for you!

All About the Tobi Influencer Program

What is the Tobi?

Tobi is an online fashion store serving primarily millennials and gen z buyers. According to their website, their focus is on selling clothes that are simple, effortless, and sexy. 

Since their launch in 2007, Tobi has delivered a laid-back West Coast style to over 2 million customers. The brand’s mission is to offer women comfy outfits that they feel confident and beautiful in. Tobi states that they design each piece with women in mind: taking into consideration their bodies, and lifestyles.

All About the Tobi Influencer Program

They are based in LA, where they design and manufacture all of their own products and currently have over 150 full-time employees.

Who are the Tobi influencers, and What Do They Do?

Having the opportunity to collaborate with Tobi is popular amongst fashion and lifestyle content creators because it allows them to get paid in the form of sponsorship or commissions for sharing their latest on-trend fashion finds with their followers. Keep reading if this sounds like you!

It probably goes without saying that if you’re a fashion or lifestyle content creator, teaming up with Tobi might be the perfect fit. The type of influencers that the brand normally collabs with are focused on creating content within these two niches. These micro-influencers also have another thing in common, and that is that their audiences are mainly females between the ages of 18-30.

One of the recent micro-influencers featured on Tobi’s IG account is New York-based Chase Marie Wise.

What are the Tobi Influencer Requirements?

We’re going to jump right in and take a look at the exact steps you’ll need to follow when pitching Tobi for a collab opportunity. This is best suited to micro-influencers or content creators who already have an established online presence and followers. It’s also not a problem if you’re just starting out in the blogging world because from what we can see from the brand’s social media accounts they’re always partnering with smaller creators.

Tobi used to offer an affiliate program through Flexoffers, but it seems to now be inactive. We also researched some of the other popular affiliate network providers such as Awin and didn’t get any results for active campaigns either. 

When this happens your best bet is to email the brand directly and ask them if they have an active campaign, and if so, ask them to provide the link to register. 

You’re normally able to find contact information on the brand’s website. And, in Tobi’s case if you head over to the contact us page there’s actually a specific email provided for influencer collaborations and partnerships.

“Partnerships: If you are a blogger or influencer interested in collaborating with us, please contact”

Once you’ve got their email it’s time to write the perfect pitch!

What to include in your email to Tobi for a collaboration:

  • Who you are, give a brief overview of what your niche is + what you post about.
  • What do you love about TOBI and why you’re reaching out to them for a collaboration opportunity?
  • Include your media kit, along with any social media and blog links. 

Your media kit should include all your social stats such as followers, engagement percentage, past collabs, and links.

If you don’t have a media kit you could buy a premade plug-and-play one from Etsy, or design your own on Canva.

How to Promote Tobi Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Becoming a Tobi influencer can give you the opportunity to make an income by promoting their products through various channels. Their fashionable products paired with their accessible price tag are major selling points that you can leverage to help create a buzz online and earn some commission from sales. 

Here are some awesome strategies to help you get started effectively promoting Tobi products:

1. Leverage Social Media:

Social media is where your target audience is hanging out, so you’re going to have to use that to your advantage. There are different ways to reach your audience online, but the main was all involve content. You’re going to want to make sure you’re creating high-quality visuals that showcase the brand’s products. 

You don’t have to focus on image-based content only and can use Instagram stories and reels to leverage video-based promotions. Then take your IG content and repurpose it to TikTok, the more platforms you’re active on the higher your chance of virality and earning capacity. But, don’t forget to use hashtags and trending sounds to help boost your reach. 

And, when it comes to video content we all know that Youtube is where it’s at for long-form fashion hauls!

2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of LIVES.

We know that going LIVE online can be daunting, but the same can be said for recording that first-ever Youtube video or that feeling when you shared your first reel. It’s one of those situations where you have to throw yourself in at the deep end, and it will become easier over time. But, because it can be nerve-wracking many content creators overlook this method of promotion when in reality, it’s extremely effective!

You can live stream directly to your audience while showcasing Tobi products, and at the same time, you’ll be able to answer any questions, or concerns that your followers have. Being able to interact can make such a difference for anyone who’s maybe sitting on the fence.

Another way to leverage live streaming is to offer giveaways and contests to help increase your engagement.

Livestreaming features are available on pretty much all social media networks nowadays, such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. But, one platform that’s often overlooked is Twitch.

How Influencers Promote Tobi on Youtube

As we mentioned previously in the article, there’s no better place for fashion hauls than Youtube. Nothing quite compares!

Creating fashion content for Youtube is something that you can easily do once you sign a collab deal with Tobi, in fact, you can also live stream your fashion haul and interact with your audience on a more personal level at the same time.

Some of the most recent influencers to have posted Tobi fashion hauls on Youtube are:

  1. DayWithPhae 

Phae’s Youtube channel is about beauty, health, and everything else. In her Tobi haul, she’s seen showcasing a variety of clothes and accessories. In the video, Phae lets her audience know that it’s her first time purchasing from the brand and she states that she is happy with the quality of the products.

2. Kraze Reviews

Kraze reviews is a Youtube channel that focuses on creating content about unboxing, testing, and reviewing specific products. In the video, Angelique tries on 3 Tobi bodycon dresses while sharing her honest reviews and ratings for each piece with her audience.

How Influencers Promote Tobi on Instagram

Part of the Tobi Instagram strategy is to make use of micro-influencers to create authentic content for their brand. 

Some of the most recent re-shares to their social account have been:


Caroline is a Florida-based content creator with an impressive following of  51K on the gram. Her content is primarily lifestyle-related, and in her Tobi post, she’s seen sporting a gorgeous white dress.


According to Yu’s Instagram account, she’s a graphic designer who loves sharing her fashion finds and daily life adventures. Her account has a small but loyal following. In her Tobi post, she’s chosen to showcase the brand’s products in a still image where she uses the staircase as a prop for her pose while at the same time making for a great background. Cityscape and exterior photos are a great way to add an appealing backdrop to a sponsored post.


Denise is a fashion and lifestyle micro-influencer based in Vancouver and Los Angeles. In her Tobi-sponsored post, she can be seen striking a model pose that paired with the dress helps to emphasize her figure.

Learning which are your best poses can take some time, but being able to feel comfortable in front of the camera and emphasize your best features will safe you time when it comes to creating content.

How Influencers Promote Tobi on TikTok

Here are some of the ways that micro-influencers and content creators are promoting Tobi on TikTok:

Thenikkirossi shared her fave Spring fashion finds from Tobi in the form of a haul accompanied by trending music. 

This micro-influencer does the same. She’s seen posting her fave fall finds in the form of a Tobi haul with trending audio “Potential Breakup Song by Ali & AJ”.


GUYS make sure you’re checking out Tobi’s insane Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals starting 11/26! #tobi #fashion #fall #blackfriday #cybermonday

♬ Potential Breakup Song – Aly & AJ


Becoming a Tobi influencer or being accepted into their affiliate program is something most fashion, lifestyle, and beauty-focused content creators aspire to and all you need to do is follow the tips we’ve outlined in this article and email the brand.

If you don’t hear back from Tobi via email don’t lose hope, simply reach out to the brand on Instagram or via their contact form. Check out what other micro-influencers are doing as a source of inspo for your content, and remember to follow their Tobi brand messaging when creating content.

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