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All About The Ugg Influencer Program


All About The Ugg Influencer Program

UGG has become an iconic brand, popularized over the years thanks to their extremely comfortable boots. The shoe giant has fast become a reliable source that many turn to for their comfy winter boots. 

In this article, we’re going to be taking a deep dive into the Ugg affiliate program and how you too can start earning commissions by posting about your snug booties online.

What is Ugg and how did the brand come to be?

UGG was originally founded by Doug Jensen and Brian Smith in California in late 1978. Smith studied at UCLA which is where both men first applied to be U.S. distributors for an Australian sheepskin boot company called Country Leather. Smith decided to trademark UGG after the two became unhappy with the brand’s services. 

Their friends and family invested 20k dollars into the venture, and that is how the story began. 

In their first year of business, UGG imports sold a mere 28 pairs of boots and in 1979 Jensen sold his share of the company to move on to different business commitments. 

All About The Ugg Influencer Program

Slowly after, sales began to grow and Smith decided to set up Ugg Holdings Inc. and a U.S. trademark “Original UGG Boot UGG Australia”. At the time, most of the sales being generated were out of Orange County, yet the brand became extremely popular once the U.S. Olympic team where snapped wearing the boots during the 1994 winter Olympics.

UGG was acquired in 1995 by Decker Brands for a whopping $14.6 million. During the late 90s, Decker continue to expand UGG and they began experiencing double-digit sales thanks to their newfound international presence. 

In 2003, Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things featured UGG boots in the roundup leading to a crazy amount of sales. Later in 2006, UGG opened its first retail store in SoHo, New York, and within the same year also opened a store in Japan. 

In the last decade, UGG has partnered with other brands to launch capsule collections. Some of the brands include Jimmy Choo and Swarovski.

Nowadays, the brand offers everything from blankets to clothing and accessories – but their UGG boots are still their best seller. 

All About The Ugg Influencer Program

Who are the Ugg influencers, and what do they do?

It’s no secret that the best way to gain publicity and become an internationally recognized fashion brand is via celeb endorsements. This is exactly what occurred with UGG, a series of events help to propel this brand into what some might consider overnight success. 

The first event happened in 2003 when Oprah Winfrey included some UGG boots in her second segment of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. In the middle of the episode, it’s revealed that Oprah purchased over 350 pairs of UGG boots for the people in attendance, which caused a big spike in sales. 

All About The Ugg Influencer Program

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After the show, UGG boots became a must-have for many and there’s a long list of celebs that were snapped wearing them. Some of these include Jennifer Lopez, Kate Upton, and Cameron Diaz. 

All About The Ugg Influencer Program

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Lastly, in 2011 when UGG decided to venture into the male market they opted to create a men’s advertising campaign with none other than Tom Brady. Since this campaign launched many other male A-listers such as Leo DiCaprio and Ronnie Wood have been snapped wearing the popular boots.

All About The Ugg Influencer Program

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What are the Ugg influencer requirements?

Since UGG is a renowned brand your audience will feel confident in making a purchase. This makes your job as an affiliate marketer a bit easier, as although you’re having to create content and promote the brand’s products you don’t have to emphasize efforts on persuasion. 

Via the UGG affiliate program you can offer your audience discounted access to some of the most high-quality and sought-after sheepskin products available on the market today.

The UGG affiliate program offers a commission structure of 3-10% depending on the products being sold. They state on their website that some of their top-tiered affiliates earn over 10.000$ per month. 

Some of the benefits of the UGG affiliate program include:

  • Partnership with Commission Junction
  • Dedicated staff committed to joint success
  • Fresh, and high-performing marketing materials
  • Analytic tools to learn from and adapt your strategy

How to promote Ugg products as an influencer and make money

Becoming a UGG affiliate or influencer can help you earn a little extra income allowing you to continue doing what you love – creating content. 

The brand’s popularity and unique products, paired with its affordable price point and celeb endorsement make them an ideal company to promote via social media. These are great pointers that you can use to help market the products to your audience.

Let’s take a look at some UGG content examples from influencers.

How Influencers Promote Ugg on Tik Tok

Who doesn’t love a quick TIKTOK promo or unboxing video? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular UGG examples:

First, we have a fashion and lifestyle influencer with over 100,000 followers on TikTok.

In her video, she laughs and says that even though UGGs are making a comeback and are trendy once again, she never stopped wearing them, to begin with. She goes on to highlight some of her boots and also lets her audience know where they can purchase from the brand.

Next, we’ve got Noelle who shares aesthetically pleasing unboxing videos. And we mean, aesthetically pleasing! In fact, her following count is a testament to that statement, with 250, 000 followers on TikTok and counting!


so obsessed with them!! they r linked in my b!o if u wanna get them! ❤️‍🔥 thank u sm @dhgate_official for sending them! #fyp #foryou #preppy #aesthetic #vlog #grwm #haul #uggs #unboxing

♬ origineel geluid – Krista Ros

Lastly, we’ve got Darcy McQueeny a fashion influencer with 1.2 million followers on TikTok. Darcy shares a lot of unboxing videos on her account, and in her recent UGG one, she does just that.

In her TikTok, she can be seen unboxing two different pairs of UGGs she recently purchased for the cooler months. She’s brutally honest with her audience, letting them know the aspects she dislikes instead of only focusing on the positives.

Authenticity is always the way to go. By being direct with your audience you’ll foster more trust and thus they will be more open to taking your recommendations when it comes to products.

How Influencers Promote Ugg on Instagram

First up we’ve got chrissybstyles, a plus-size fashion content creator from Los Angeles who boasts 83.000 followers on Instagram. 

Chrissy is a UGG partner and in her recent sponsored post she can be seen sporting a pair of boots which she seamlessly styled with a matching outfit and LV handbag. In her caption, she’s tagged the brand and also used their campaign partner hashtag #uggpartner, which is a good tag to follow to get some inspo and insight into what other creators are doing. 

Here we have jennylinnnn a fashion influencer from New York City who has 517,000 followers on Instagram alone. 

Jenny is also an Ugg partner, and in her recent post she can be seen promoting the launch of the new collection of booties ‘Bold Heritage’. The stunning olive green boots are a little different from the traditional ones, but Jenny’s done a great job at styling the outfits by pairing the boots with a matching olive green jacket. 

She decided to post a carousel set of images, showcasing the products from different angles and even offering her viewers a close-up of the boots. 

Lastly, for our Instagram roundup, we’ve got allymaki who’s an actress and model with a large following on Instagram. She’s known for her role in the TBS comedy series Wrecked where she played Jess Kato. 

In her recent paid sponsorship with UGG, the two have partnered to share Ally’s story on the UGG Stories With Purpose series, while also donating $10,000 to one of her favorite grassroots nonprofits, Teach AAPI. 

How Influencers Promote Ugg on Youtube

Youtube is a great place to share fashion-related content, simply because the longer format videos allow for try-ons and in-depth discussion about each piece. 

Here we have Amanda Monet, her content is based around hair, vlogging, and just daily life activities. She also shares a lot of fashion hauls. 

In her UGG video, she’s sharing her huge 10-plus UGG collection with her audience. In her video, she states that she would recommend her audience invest in a pair of booties as they’re just too comfortable. 

GIFT OF GAB also posted a similar video, where she shows off her massive UGG collection as well. But it differs slightly, as she has double the amount of boots that Amanda Monet showcased in her video. A whopping 20 pairs. 

Lastly, we wanted to highlight Kate Marie who’s new to the Youtube game and only has a handful of videos posted, most of which are clothing hauls. 

Her subscribers and views are slowly growing, and this is a testament to just getting started! Sometimes it can be hard starting on a new platform, but all the effort and hard work will pay off, you just need to stay consistent. 


If you’re a fashion and lifestyle influencer with a keen interest in comfort then becoming a UGG influencer or signing up for their affiliate program might just be the perfect fit. All you need to do is follow the steps we outlined in the requirement section and get signed up with commission junction today to start promoting UGG products.

What better way to hit the ground running than to start creating content about their all-star product – UGG boots — especially now, during the colder winter months when so many are looking to stay snug and warm.

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