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Kajabi Affiliate Program Earn A Passive Income With This Top Online Course Platform


Kajabi Affiliate Program: Earn A Passive Income With This Top Online Course Platform

The Kajabi Affiliate Programme is a verified method to earn a passive income. Influencers and online marketers will benefit the most from this affiliate marketing opportunity, which offers a lifetime commission for promoting Kajabi’s top online courses to their followers.

Net Influencer takes you through the Kajabi Affiliate Program. We break down the product offering, who should join, how to join, pros and cons, and links to additional information. With this information, you can easily decide if the Kajabi Affiliate Program is a good fit for you.

What is the Kajabi Affiliate Program ?

The Kajabi Affiliate Program is a marketing opportunity for influencers and internet entrepreneurs. The program allows you to use the platform to create, and promote digital content and earn a commission from it. The program’s appeal centers around its ability to generate a passive income.

With Kajabi you can create the following Products:

  • Course- Online courses, resource centers, and teaching tools to deliver your value digitally
  • Community – space for the community to connect through discussion circles, challenges, meetups, direct messaging, and live events
  • Coaching program – One-on-one interactive coaching sessions to boost sales, content enhancement, engaging with customers through content
  • Podcast -conversations about everyday life

The marketing resources offered by the Kajabi Affiliate Program

The Kajabi Affiliate program promotes an independent marketing approach, created and executed by the affiliate. With no actual marketing promotional tools, it does offer a tracking dashboard to monitor your links and sales. This is sufficient for seasoned or well-researched marketers and influencers.

However, if you’re relatively new to this type of marketing, you should conduct ample research and use the downloaded guides at Kajabi’s University designed to assist in reaching your business goals. Kajabi’s blog is another resource that keeps you updated with current trends, tools, and techniques to get ahead in the game. 

The Kajabi Affiliate Program offers support via their service representative. However, this is not marketing assistance. 

Other features offered by The Kajabi Affiliate Program

Website Platform

This platform serves as a website with full hosting ability, which is fully customizable. It functions like any rudimentary website builder with layouts consisting of multiple page options, fonts, images, backgrounds, colors, and drag-and-drop functionality that is easy to use. It is more convenient to use this as your primary website or landing page/s.

Email database

Using Kajabi, you can build an email database for marketing. You can leverage this database to boost your reach with a more direct and specific message. Broadcast emails are quick and easy. You can also use the automated email sequence feature to set up the emails, triggers, frequency, contents, dates, and times based on your programming. 

Who should join the Kajabi Affiliate Program?

The Kajabi Affiliate Program is open to a myriad of influencers and marketers. There are different membership types and diverse users with notable success rates.

We have listed who would be an incredible fit for this affiliate program. 


This affiliate program makes perfect sense for influencers, who can leverage their followers and viewers to purchase the products and services they promote. They also have access to a younger audience, which expands exposure and interest. Influencers prove to be a winning fit with the Kajabi Affiliate Program.


Blogs are versatile, and they align with this affiliate program. The steady flow of organic content provides exposure and authenticity to the products and services. Blogs are also interactive and open to comments and feedback. This provides information and guidance to followers. Therefore, bloggers are successful when using the Kajabi affiliate program.

Small Businesses

The flexibility a small business can achieve as a Kajabi affiliate is overlooked. A small business can easily incorporate the Kajabi links in promotional material, websites, and as a complementary product or service. It attracts customers from different sectors and amplifies the business earning ability, making the Kajabi Affiliate program the perfect partner for small businesses.

How lucrative is the Kajabi Affiliate Program?

We have listed the known pros and cons of The Kajabi Affiliate program to help you make this decision, with greater ease and confidence.


  • Significant earning potential
  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Passive income with high-level commission
  • Quick approval- almost instant
  • Streamlined payment process via PayPal
  • Support page to assist with any issues experienced


  • Lack of Marketing materials
  • Last click- when a prospective customer clicks on another affiliate’s link after yours, the other affiliate will receive the commission from any sale
  • There is no dedicated manager
  • While reliable, the payment option is limited to PayPal only
  • This affiliate program is open to members only

How To become a member of the Kajabi Affiliate Program

We take you through the requirements, application, and setup processes as a brief pre-orientation for the program.


  1. You are required to be a paying member of Kajabi to become an affiliate. Simply purchase a service plan, if you aren’t already subscribed.
  2. It is necessary to have a PayPal account. You can quickly sign up for one before receiving your affiliate links. Your earnings will be paid into the PayPal account, from which you will withdraw them.
  3. And finally, you are expected to accept the terms and conditions of The Kajabi Affiliate Program to become a member.

Application process 

Follow these easy steps to apply for the Kajabi affiliate program:

  1. Visit the page: Go to the Kajabi affiliate program website and check the program details.
  2. Complete the Online Form: Select the application and enter your details as requested
  3. Submit your application: Once you have confirmed your information is valid, submit your application.

The successful applicant usually receives feedback anywhere, between a few hours or a few days to a week. This depends on your compliance with the requirements.

How do I set up the Kajabi affiliate program?

Welcome to Kajabi University

  1. After receiving your approval notification, you must log in and view your custom dashboard. 
  2. Select the ‘sales tax’ option and locate the tab labeled ‘Affiliates’. 
  3. Click on the link to access the zone for creating and customizing affiliate links for your website, blog, small business, or social media platform.

Tips to boost your earning With the Kajabi Affiliate Program

To ensure your success and maximize your sales, we have listed some tried and tested guidelines.

Frequently post and share affiliate links

This will create awareness and relevance around your product and service. However, there is a fine line between frequently posting and flooding your platforms with content. You want to keep it regular, informative, clear, engaging, and entertaining.

Include the Disclosure

To avoid legal complications, it is advisable to include an affiliate disclosure within your content and platform. This gives your audience assurance and safeguards you and your business.

Demonstrate the usefulness of products and services 

It is imperative that your promotional content clearly explains the purpose and usefulness of the product or service you are selling. Testimonials and first-hand experiences with the product or service are beneficial. Ensure your approach is authentic and creative.


Using the information in this article, you should be able to establish if the Kajabi Affiliate Program is worthwhile. This program is ideal for influencers, and online marketers, who can creatively and frequently share online course affiliate links and explain the process to prospective users.

The 30 % lifelong commission on successful sales is a drawcard. However, it is the passive income opportunity that makes the Kajabi Affiliate Program such a hit. With just a few steps, you could turn your content and social media platforms into an affiliate marketing zone that works for you even while you’re offline.

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