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How to Be a Target Influencer - All About the Target Affiliate Program


How to Be a Target Influencer – All About the Target Affiliate Program

Netinfluencer will discuss all of the details related to the Target Affiliate Program and how to Be a Target Influencer.

Although e-commerce is a tremendous aspect of our everyday lives, brick-and-mortar stores still play a key role in the average shopping experience. In fact, 56% of shoppers prefer to visit an actual store before they complete a purchase online. This suggests that traditional retail outlets still have a lot of life left in them. Many key brands are also utilizing the power of influencers to help them tap into a wealth of new and dynamic markets.

How to Be a Target Influencer - All About the Target Affiliate Program


What Is Target?

Target was first formed in 1962 as a subsidiary of Dayton’s Department Store, helping contemporary consumers to purchase all of their goods in one location. In the same year, the supermarket began to break out as its own original entity, opening four stores in Minnesota. 

The Target franchise began to expand at an exponential pace, launching more stores and distribution centers as a way to keep up with the heavy demands of its customers. In the mid-1990s, Target opened up a series of superstores. This step allowed the brand to become a fierce competitor as it helped them to blend household products with trendy fashion choices. 

In 2021, Target reached the immense milestone of reaching more than $106 billion in annual revenue. The supermarket chain also focuses on the power of other SMBs, creating an intuitive startup program to help launch the success of many candidates. 

How to Be a Target Influencer - All About the Target Affiliate Program


How Popular Is the Brand?

Alongside its impressive amounts of revenue, Target has grown into a household name across the United States. The brand currently hosts 1,984 stores, in addition to 51 supply facilities. 

The franchise has also partnered with a wealth of high-end fashion designers such as Victoria Beckham and Lily Pulitzer to create a series of limited-edition lines. These partnerships saw incredible amounts of success and sold out in just a few hours. 

Target also focuses on the well-being of its staff, providing them with a minimum wage of $15 per hour. This is 20% higher than the industry standard and continues to make the brand a competitive force amongst customers and workers. 

How to Be a Target Influencer - All About the Target Affiliate Program


What Is the Target Partners Program?

Target’s affiliate program, also known as the Target Partners Program, encourages affiliates and influencers to earn a high level of commission on products purchased through their active platforms.

This program provides users with a plethora of specially tracked links to ensure that potential customers can access Target’s portfolio of products with ease. This program also works on a very elusive commission structure, meaning that each product category provides a different rate of commission. This allows users to have better control of their earnings and promote popular products that adhere to their niche. 

Moreover, the Target Partners Program also provides users with an Earnings per 100 Clicks set up. As such, affiliates can earn around $12 for every 100 clicks they receive on their branded content.

What Perks Are on Offer?

One of the main perks of the Target Partners Program is its high rate of commission. Affiliates can earn up to 8% commission on selected products, making it one of the most highly sought-after programs on the market. The program operates under a plethora of categories, with the most successful being Apparel & Accessories, Home & Outdoor Living, Baby Gear & Furniture, and Health & Beauty.

This program also works to keep affiliates updated with all of the new operations occurring within the business. Affiliates will receive frequent newsletters and promotions to help them keep their customers informed of all of Target’s latest deals. Users will gain access to their own collection of deals, allowing them to purchase their favorite products at a reduced price. 

Target also provides its affiliates with a collection of banners and other promotional material, ensuring that all users can adhere to the conventional brand image at all times. This also helps affiliates to seem more legitimate and encourages potential customers to use the links more often.

Finally, the Target Partners Program offers a 7-day cookie policy. This means that as long as a customer purchases a product within the 7-day window, the affiliate will still earn a commission. 

How to Be a Target Influencer - All About the Target Affiliate Program


How Do I Join?

In order to become a Target Influencer, users must first sign up for the official Target affiliate program. This form is generated by, which hosts a collection of other popular affiliate programs. 

Once you have submitted your details, you must wait for your application to be approved. If this is the case, you will then be able to create content surrounding your desired niche and product category. 

Benefits of Joining the Target Partners Program

The Target Partners Program has the potential to support a plethora of influencers, helping them to gain a very profitable revenue stream. Since users can post Target’s branded materials on their website, blog, and social media platforms, they have the chance to attract customers from a wide range of sources. In addition, social media influencers also have the opportunity to craft unique content on their platforms to help bring awareness to Target’s range of products. This means that influencers can express their creativity as well as promote affiliate links in a more traditional way.

Although Target operates in a wide selection of countries, the Target Partners Program only supports those who create content directed at US audiences. This can be beneficial to a number of influencers, especially those who have a largely American audience. Thus, creators can work alongside one of the largest brands in the US, without living there directly. Moreover, this can be helpful for influencers who are looking to break into new global markets, as they can gain access to a demographic with an exceptionally high buying power. 

Target also provides affiliates with a dedicated program manager, helping them to solve any problems or issues that may arise. Influencers can also use this support to redefine their marketing strategy. In addition, this can help content creators to become more competitive and earn more commission as a result. 

How to Be a Target Influencer - All About the Target Affiliate Program


By becoming a Target Influencer, you have the potential to collaborate with one of the most prominent brands in the world. Influencers can also promote a series of popular products in an abundance of ways, helping them to gain access to a wealth of prosperous revenue streams. 

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