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Deloitte Survey On The Creator Program


Deloitte Survey On The Creator Program

Deloitte has released its 2022 survey on the creator economy. Check out the key highlights below to see where content creators’ current and future trends are headed. 

Deloitte Survey On The Creator Program

This survey highlights the overall world of content creators. It helps to shift the reality from the hoax and showcase just exactly what content creators are making, where their focus is and growth strategy, and where their major pain points can be. It’s a survey that’s meant to show what the disconnect may be between brands and these creators and what can be done to help reduce that disconnect in the coming years. 


The survey was run through Deloitte, which is a consultancy firm. It selected its own unique methodology and questionnaire based on what was believed to be the most relevant options.  


The selection of the content creators in Deloitte was to be as diverse and mixed as possible. This was to try to get as much of an overall snapshot of the industry, versus having it screwed in one way or another. The questions themselves were a mix of informational data, and it was noticed early on that the current landscape between creator and brand has a bit of friction that can be elaborated upon. 

The survey was conducted with 400 creators within the United States. The audience levels of these creators ranged from what is known as micro-influencers to mega-influencers. The minimum audience was 5,000 followers as a micro-influencer, and some of those surveyed had over a million followers. In addition, the sample included influencers that covered numerous industries and subjects to get as wide a survey as possible. As a result, there wasn’t any key focus on any one industry. 


  1. Creators are still having issues with their platforms

Creators, in general, are not satisfied with the performance of the platforms that they use. Over the seven criteria asked in this portion of the survey, it seems that the three biggest issues were the ability to resolve technical difficulties, how harassment or abuse was handled, and the dissonance in promoting values that are relevant to creators. 

Deloitte Survey On The Creator Program

It also was discovered that most creators use at least two different platforms. Yet, these platforms are starting to look and feel identical. The mega influencers find this frustrating as they don’t seem to be able to have their expectations fulfilled. For those influencers just starting out, they are a bit more loyal to their initial primary platform. That shifts as the follower size goes beyond 100,000. It’ll also be interesting to note that these platforms will start to compete more against themselves and offer better features to maintain these influencers. 

  1. It’s hard for those to get brands that are just starting out

Brands have grown exponentially with the advent of social media, so they also need to keep finding new talent and growing those niche areas to always bring in a new flow of users and buyers. The three key issues that creators are finding to be the biggest challenges are keeping those brand sponsorships longer. There’s also a difficulty in contract negotiations, as this is a new topic for content creators. The final area is receiving timely payments from these brands.

Deloitte Survey On The Creator Program

There’s also an easy way to disconnect the content creator from the users, as brand-sponsored posts or even affiliate marketing can be a bit too sales-oriented. This can throw off users who follow that content. These are key issues that brands should be aware of and can easily resolve. 

  1. WEB3 is interesting

Influencers are at the forefront of what is trending, yet the biggest items in web3, the metaverse, and NFTs keep some influencers hesitant to pursue them. Nearly a third feel that the metaverse will be relevant to them in the coming year. It’s currently restrictive of what the options are, and those that would use the metaverse would primarily use it as a fashion channel or for pure entertainment and media. Many are also waiting to see where the current metaverse trend is going and what becomes available technology-wise down the line.

Deloitte Survey On The Creator Program

With NFTs, half of all creators see the relevance and use case for NFTs. Whether it’s just another revenue stream through the sale of NFTs or a way of protecting (and also selling) their digital content through NFTs, it still shows interest. Again it’s all about where the overall trend will head with NFTs. 


There’s a lot in this survey that can help those trying to understand creators and who they primarily are. For example, this survey noticed a heavier focus primarily on the millennial generation, with the top three content categories being health and wellness, media and entertainment, and sports. 
To get more details of the overall demographics or other key statistics on Deloitte, such as incomes generated, feel free to check out the complete survey here.

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