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Graham Stephan Net Worth How the Financial Advisor Built His Fortune


Graham Stephan Net Worth: How the Financial Advisor Built His Fortune

In the mid of 2019, Forbes published an article titled “How This Real Estate Agent Made $100,000 In One Month From His YouTube Channel” 

The article was referring to one of the now very famous YouTubers, Graham Stephan.

After becoming a full-time YouTuber post-covid leaving a very high-paying job in the real estate sector, Graham Stephan has evolved into a sensational influencer.

He has become famous for creating wealth very quickly, and for sharing how to create wealth very simply.

Graham Stephan Net Worth: How the Financial Advisor Built His Fortune

In 2019 alone, he made $253,318.02!

Two years later in the September of 2021 CNBC reported that Graham makes more than 6 million dollars in a year from YouTube.

Looking at how his wealth has multiplied in the past years, and estimating average revenues from his YouTube channels, we believe Graham Stephan’s net worth by the end of 2022, should be around 50 million dollars

His fans believe that this is just the start of his career success. And that, shortly he will be joining the “billionaire youtubers” list with the likes of Jay Jeon and Ryan Kaji.

His journey towards his financial success is very interesting.

How the Financial Advisor Built His Fortune

Strong enthusiasm, 24×7 accessibility, and everlasting connections are the three highlights you will find as keynotes of his success story.

Graham Stephan released a video titled – “How I became a Millionaire in Real Estate by 26” in which he relates his story. 

The Story

Graham Stephan grew up in Santa Monica, California. 

Born in 1990, he had a fair childhood. 

His father used to work in an animation firm, and the animation industry was raw then. He was able to bring adequate money home. This allowed Graham’s father to raise all his children in comfort. 

In short, he was not born very poor but not very rich either.

Graham loved(s) fishes, reefs and aquariums. He started his financial earnings journey doing a job in a marine import export firm.

Even at this very early age, he was able to make $20 to $30 an hour, taking pictures, editing them and then posting them on the website for this firm.

Based on the above calculation, he would have made more than $100 a day. For a 14 year old kid, this was like hitting the jackpot.

And it is from here, he started disbelieving in the concept of schools and colleges and their lucrative job promises.

He would ditch classes and go straight to work, and make even more money.

At this point in his life, he dreamed of becoming a drummer, but looking at the competition in the music industry, he did not pursue it.

After some months, the marine firm closed, and this was a blackout phase for Stephan.

He did not have any good grades to apply for colleges, and no future plan.

He thought that maybe getting a real estate license would boost his chances of getting accepted in colleges. 

(Now here is where the story becomes really interesting.)

In his free time he used to go to real estate agents, who used to discourage him a lot. 

They used to fuel him with the demerits of the real estate business and the negatives of applying for the license.  

He ignored them and continued pursuing his dream, which was earning money and earning a lot of it.

Finally, he met one true motivator and closed one deal in Beverly Hills, and from then on he never looked back. 

He started closing deals on million-dollar mansions and would get thousands of dollars as brokerage fees.

He bought several premium properties at one-third of their price when the real estate was actually down, and then put them on rent.

By his 26th birthday, he was a millionaire!

Then came covid, and the real estate market was down. But you can never shut down an enthusiastic spirit!

It is then he decided to share all his knowledge about real estate, brokerage, renting properties, shares, and dividends on his YouTube channel, which he had previously published in December 2016. 

And it is then he realized that there is much more money in sharing how to make money in comparison to real estate!

Below is his channel’s description by Forbes.

“On the channel Graham talks about investing money, and shares strategies that are working for him. He covers financial independence, early retirement, house hacking, credit and saving money.”

As of this writing, his channel has 4.17 Million subscribers!

The Best of Graham Stephan

His videos are simple, to the point and factual. And have no fluff at all.

More importantly, his methods actually work!

People in real estate and finance apply his ideas and make money.

Three of the most popular videos by Graham Stephan are: How I bought a Tesla for $78 Per Month,

Meet the $250,000,000 man and

How much I made from 10 Million Views in 30 Days.

The Tesla video has generated 8.4 million views, the $250,000,000 man video has generated 5.3 million views and the last one has recorded more than 1.4 million views.

His YouTube channel has 13 playlists – which have a total of 1396 videos posted to this day.  

(Check out the math below -) 

He started YouTubing in December 2016  – so exactly in this month (December 2022) he has completed six years as a YouTuber. 

If you divide his total published videos (1396) by six (years) – you will realize that he is recording 233 videos in an average of 365 days of a year!

This is like publishing a video almost every day, keeping aside Sundays and public holidays. 

And this is just his YouTube activity! 

Along with this, Graham regularly posts content on other social media handles as well!

All these calculations highlight that works, more work, a lot of enthusiasm, passion, and connecting with the real world people are indeed financial success mantras for all influencers.

How much does Graham Stephan make a month?

Honestly, it is very difficult to calculate how much Graham makes every month, because there are a lot of different reports on his wealth.

  • In 2021 Cnbc reported that after his first million in 2019, Graham Stephan made $5.1 million in 2020 and estimated that he will make $6 million in 2022.
  • In 2022, Finty reported that he had made around $7 million.
  • Joshua, a fan of Graham, puts hard figures on his site, claiming his “net worth is $7,300,000 USD as of 2022”. And that “He’s making around $120,000 per month through affiliate links, YouTube ads, and selling his real estate courses.”

Based on these reports, and analyzing traffic on his youtube channel, we expect that all his revenue streams must be bringing in roughly $200k to 400k a month with a net worth of approximately 10 MM. 

Does Graham Stephen still do real estate? 

Graham Stephan is no longer involved in real estate as an agent, contrary to what many websites claim.. 

He was a realtor associate for the Oppenheim Group, and with them, he closed many multi-million dollar deals. Then, he was mostly into selling luxury properties in Beverly Hills and other prime areas.

But post-COVID, he quit his job and started concentrating on his channels. 

Graham Stephan Net Worth: How the Financial Advisor Built His Fortune

These are his words in his profile in the CNBC “Make It’s Millennial Money” series – “At this point, it feels like I’m doing YouTube full-time just because of how much time I spend on it”.


YouTube is highly competitive. But as an influencer there are many things to learn from Graham Stephan’s net worth and how the financial advisor built his fortune.

Check out our section on YouTube articles, where you can learn the do’s and don’ts of a YouTube video and read tips from famous YouTubers.  

If you take the right steps at the right time and keep continuing to do what you love, you too can be in the next YouTube millionaires list.

karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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