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Fresh And Fit Podcast A Look At One Of The Most Popular Relationship And Fitness Podcasts On The Internet


Fresh And Fit Podcast: A Look At One Of The Most Popular Relationship And Fitness Podcasts On The Internet

About Fresh And Fit

Fresh and fit is one of the most toxically masculine podcasts to exist but in a rather beneficial manner. More of a relationship/lifestyle podcast than anything else hosts Walter Weekes and Myron Gaines claim to guide young men to a better fitness and dating life. 

Fresh And Fit Podcast: A Look At One Of The Most Popular Relationship And Fitness Podcasts On The Internet

While the podcast was launched 3 years ago, it only started gaining massive traction back in 2021, when Fresh & Fit introduced their after-hours special. 

The unexpected after-hours special is after they went on a double date together and decided to do a real-time podcast with the women they were with. 

The two founders decided to launch the podcast back in October 2020 when they were chatting over a video call and noticed similar mindsets and outlooks on modern society. 

Walter Weeks started his Youtube career by doing prank videos before hosting another podcast named after his Youtube Channel FreshPrinceCeo. 

Myron on the other hand was a homeland security investigator and fitness coach, thus the name Fresh & Fit. The duo complete each other’s mindset inspiring conversation on some of the rarely talked about topics. 

Themes and Topics Covered 

When watching Fresha & Fit, you can expect anything contradicting to the modern message, and what society promotes. Tailoring more to the characteristics of the traditionally masculine and confident individual. 

Some of the most popular topics discussed on the podcast include modern relationship advice, why men and women are different, how to lose belly weight fast, and what young men should focus on. 

Even though the podcast was initially created as a fitness and health advice show, it quickly turned into a men’s dating advice special after the success of After-hours episodes brought in. 

In some of the most recent podcasts, fresh and fit covered a broad range of controversial topics featuring some of the most controversial online personalities. 

Do Modern Women Deserve less? 

In this episode, Myron takes the lead to introduce to us why the new-age female isn’t worth a high-value man’s time and effort. 

Myron argues that treating modern women in the manner of traditional gentlemen will not get you where you think it will. Instead, Fresh and Fit think that energies should always reflect each other when looking for the right person. 

With the conclusion that everything relationship related is embedded and taught to us from an early age, dating in the modern world is like working on a slow-paced project. 

The Avengers assemble

In an epic episode with some of the most controversial names on the internet gathering to discuss ways of “High-value men”.

A mix of different personalities Myron and Freah invited Andrew Tate, Justin Waller, Sterling Cooper, and Rollo Tomassi to have the ultimate red pill gathering. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow for many, in this episode the guests go hard on all modern men who are led by the woman they love, explaining what it takes to have things your way as a man. 

The heated debate is the ultimate form of “Toxic Masculinity” helping weak and shy young men defeat any doubt or insecurities by living up to their full potential.

Additionally, Andrew and Myron elaborate on how to prepare for the future as a man, and why there is no reason to be poor in a 1st world country. 

5 mandatory steps for financial independence 

Onto the educational side of things in this episode, Myron and Fresh explain “how to stop being poor?”. Everything from credit building to eliminating distractions, the boys bring financial freedom to the simplest form. 

In a Money Monday podcast Myron takes the lead in explaining how to be a better well-rounded modern man. The key takeaways from the podcast are working-out, buying real estate, and investing in your well-being. 

While what they preach in this episode isn’t anything special, the harsh way of communicating it is what makes this episode worthwhile. 

Additionally, Myron takes shots at the Tate brother situation and elaborates on how modern media fights the concept of the perfect modern man. 

Reach of Fresh and Fit 

The Fresh and Fit Podcast] has over 1.14 million followers on Youtube, and over 150,000 followers on Instagram, with no presence but fan pages on TikTok.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 100,000 views and 500,000 views per episode.

While the boys do not make the top 200 list on Apple Podcasts, their content isn’t targeted to everyone like other popular podcasts.

Based on this analysis we estimated that The Fresh and Fit receives roughly 500,000 listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

While this number varies from one episode to the other, Some of the best-performing fresh and fit podcast episodes include controversial guests or a diverse selection of appealing women. 

The format of the podcast 

Fresh and Fit is usually broken down into 2 – 5 minute topics or debates, often initiated by Myron, with a quick reevaluation from fresh. 

You can expect an episode to be one to two hours long, But never boring or monotone, if a topic lasts more than one 2 minutes then it’s certainly worth elaborating upon. 

Ultimately, if you are in the self-improvement “Red-pill” space then you probably already know the guys, but if you’re not, they might be worth checking out. 

As we’ve explained in the intro of this article, the boys don’t just talk about dating. So if that’s not your thing you still have 2 good episodes a week. 

Money Mondays, womanizer Wednesdays, and Fitness Fridays all in one podcast for you to tune into on a weekly basis. 

Uncensored with no agenda but to better the average young man, fresh and Fit is one of the rawest forms of podcasts you can come across. 

Sometimes the truth or what’s better for you is hard to hear and acknowledge, but with Myron yelling at you every 2 minutes you’ll definitely leave any episode emotionally touched and ready to get better at what you do. 

Mainly streaming and hosting the podcasts on Youtube, you can also find the Fresh and Fit podcast on Rumble and Apple podcasts. 

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