A Look At One Of The Most Popular Relationship And Fitness Podcasts On The Internet

Fresh And Fit Podcast: 

Fresh and Fit is one of the most toxically masculine podcasts to exist, but in a rather beneficial manner.  More of a relationship/lifestyle podcast than anything else. The hosts claim to guide young men to better fitness and dating lives.

Themes & Topics Covered

On Fresha & Fit, you may expect anything that goes against modern culture. Tailoring more to the characteristics of the traditionally masculine and confident individual.

Some of the most popular topics discussed on the podcast include modern relationship advice, why men and women are different, how to lose belly weight fast, and what young men should focus on.

Myron explains why modern women aren't worth a high-value man's time in this episode. Myron claims that treating modern women like gentlemen won't work. 

Do Modern Women Deserve less?

An epic episode features controversial internet figures discussing “high-value men” and their methods. Myron and Freah invited Andrew Tate, Justin Waller, Sterling Cooper, and Rollo Tomassi to have the ultimate red pill gathering.

The Avengers assemble

Onto the educational side of things in this episode: Myron and Fresh explain “How to Stop Being Poor?" From credit building to eliminating distractions, the boys bring financial freedom in its simplest form.

5 mandatory steps for financial independence

Only TikTok fan sites represent the Fresh and Fit Podcast, which has 1.14 million Youtube and 150,000 Instagram followers. According to YouTube view data, the average podcast episode gets 100,000–500,000 views.

Reach of Fresh & Fit

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