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Inside The Journey Of Ryane Roy Influencer On The Rise


Inside The Journey Of Ryane Roy: Influencer On The Rise

In our exclusive interview with Ryane Roy, the rising influencer shares her remarkable journey from content creator to social media sensation. She delves into the challenges she’s faced, the authenticity that drives her content, and her future aspirations. Join us as we uncover the secrets to her success in the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing.

In our exclusive interview with Ryane Roy, the rising influencer shares her remarkable journey from content creator to social media sensation. She delves into the challenges she’s faced, the authenticity that drives her content, and her future aspirations. Join us as we uncover the secrets to her success in the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing.

Inside The Journey Of Ryane Roy: Influencer On The Rise

Ryane Roy, you’ve built a considerable following across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Could you take us back to the start and share what initially drove you to enter the influencer marketing space?

Ryane Roy reminisced about her journey as an influencer. She mentioned her initial interest in creating content and how her first video, filmed on a whim, unexpectedly gained attention. In her own words, she shared, “I always wanted to do influencing, and I always was interested in it. I started posting little dance videos and talks.”

As her content gained traction, Ryane excitedly recalled her first brand deal and the subsequent growth in her followers and video views. She also mentioned her first viral video, describing it as a unique and thrilling experience: “It was me in my backyard doing tumbling. This has never happened to me. It was crazy.”

Her journey, marked by consistent content creation and viral moments, has led to her current success as an influencer.

What has been your most significant challenge in the influencer marketing space so far, and what did you learn from it?

Ryane Roy candidly discussed two significant challenges she faces in the influencer marketing space. One major issue is dealing with negative comments and hate online. She revealed her tendency to focus on the negative feedback rather than the positive, emphasizing the emotional toll it can take, especially on young influencers. She shared her personal experience and told us, “I remember getting all these mean comments…all these terrible things. And I was like, what did I do?”

Additionally, she touched upon the challenge of balancing her influencer career with school and sports. Juggling content creation, brand deals, and deadlines alongside schoolwork and sports can be overwhelming. She admitted that achieving a perfect balance is difficult, and her life often feels chaotic. Ryane shared her strategy of trying to film content on weekends to free up her weekdays for school and sports but acknowledged the challenges presented by tournaments and exhaustion.

Despite these challenges, she expressed a pragmatic perspective, acknowledging that sometimes she has to skip practices for filming but believes it won’t have a significant impact on her overall well-being.

You’re active on multiple platforms. Which one do you feel most resonates with your authentic self and why?

TikTok is the platform that most authentically represents Ryane’s online presence. It’s where she kickstarted her influencer journey and where her content aligns seamlessly with the trending dances and challenges. 

While TikTok is her primary platform, Ryane emphasizes maintaining consistency across all platforms due to the potential instability of TikTok. She strategically cross-promotes her content to diversify her online presence and mitigate risks associated with platform changes.

Ryane Roy loves TikTok for its collaborative and engaging environment, where she interacts with fellow influencers, discusses trends, and finds inspiration. This dynamic platform complements her personality and content style, making it her top choice for creating and sharing content.

How do you decide which platform is the best fit for the different types of content you create? Is there a specific strategy behind it?

Ryane tailors her content to different platforms based on their strengths. Longer videos and vlogs find their home on YouTube, where in-depth content thrives. TikTok, with its shorter format, is ideal for trending dances and quick-hitting content. Instagram primarily hosts photos, photoshoots, and glimpses into her daily life.

Ryane Roy employs a savvy cross-promotion strategy, leveraging one platform to boost another’s engagement. She understands that each platform has its unique audience, and promoting content across all three creates a network effect, helping her grow her presence and maintain a dynamic online presence. 

You’re part of Moburst Agency’s roster of influencers. How has that partnership influenced your career and content strategy?

Being part of Moburst Agency’s roster of influencers has had a notable impact on Ryane’s career and content strategy. She recalled a specific brand deal with Symbolab, a math app, that she executed in October. This partnership likely helped expand her reach and diversify her content by introducing her to new brands and audiences. 

What are the key factors you consider before collaborating with a brand? Can you share an example of a brand partnership that was a perfect match for your brand and audience?

When considering brand collaborations, Ryane prioritizes alignment with her platform’s values and her predominantly younger female audience. She avoids promotions with explicit or inappropriate content and ensures that both the audio and visuals complement her brand.

Ryane Roy also scrutinizes clothing for style compatibility, citing an incident where a swimwear brand sent her revealing suits instead of the requested full coverage, leading her to decline the partnership.

How do you maintain authenticity when integrating sponsored content into your feed? Is there a line you won’t cross?

Maintaining authenticity in sponsored content is crucial for Ryane. She draws a clear line when it comes to content that conflicts with her Christian values or goes against what she believes in, ensuring that she won’t promote such material.

In her own words, “That’s definitely a line I will not cross. I won’t do anything that isn’t something I wouldn’t necessarily do day-to-day.”

Additionally, Ryane recognizes the importance of balance in her content. She avoids overwhelming her followers with constant brand promotions, as she has observed that it can lead to a drop in viewership. Instead, she aims to maintain authenticity and spaces out her brand deals, typically doing three to four a month to ensure her content remains engaging and genuine.

How do you cultivate a genuine community around your brand? What role do your followers play in shaping the content you produce?

To foster an authentic community, Ryane tailors her content to her predominantly younger audience’s preferences. She seeks input from her followers, adjusts her content accordingly, and avoids anything that doesn’t align with her values.

Ryane Roy engages with her community by responding to messages, reposting follower content, and actively interacting with comments within the first 30 minutes of posting a video. She believes that this engagement strengthens her connection with her audience and fosters loyalty.

I want to talk about monetization. From sponsored posts to merchandise, there are different monetization models in the creator economy. What has worked best for you and why?

When asked about her preferred monetization strategies in the creator economy, Ryane shared her experiences and future plans. Initially, she relied on YouTube for monetization, but due to age restrictions, she had to switch the account to her mother’s. She eagerly anticipates the return of YouTube monetization in September, as it was essential for her savings, notably for a car.

Regarding TikTok, Ryane chose not to join the creator fund, fearing that paid promotions might negatively impact her video views and promotion on the for you page. 

Currently, her income sources include brand deals, app promotions, and sponsorships. She acknowledged the need to improve engagement on platforms like Amazon and noted a decline in income due to difficulties with displaying links in her TikTok bio. To mitigate this, she redirects followers to her Instagram, emphasizing its stability in preserving links.

Which metrics do you prioritize to evaluate the success of your content? How do these metrics influence your future content planning?

Ryane prioritizes certain metrics to assess the success of her content and how they inform her content strategy. She explained that while she used to focus on immediate views, she now values long-term performance. She emphasized that even videos that initially underperform can eventually gain traction. She and her mom advise against deleting videos that don’t immediately do well, believing that consistency is vital for sustained engagement and TikTok promotion.

Ryane’s approach involves consistent posting, aiming for three to four times a week or even daily during the summer. She believes that maintaining this posting schedule, regardless of initial performance, is essential for success, as “consistency is key.”

Social media platforms are notorious for changing algorithms. How do you stay ahead of these changes and adapt your strategy accordingly?

Ryane deals with the unpredictability of social media algorithms by emphasizing consistent posting. She notes that algorithms often work in waves, causing fluctuations in video views. She finds Instagram to be consistently reliable, with her reels and posts performing well. 

To hedge against potential issues, she maintains a backup TikTok account. On YouTube, her main videos consistently perform, though shorts may vary.

Based on your experience, where do you see the future of influencer marketing headed? Are there any emerging trends you’re excited about?

When asked about emerging trends that pique her interest, she expressed, “So I’m obviously in the previous style, I guess. But like, I think like later on, my style will change as like my followers change and stuff.”

Ryane further elaborated on her perspective, emphasizing that as trends evolve, her content will undergo subtle shifts, perhaps becoming “a little different and more mature” as she grows older. For the immediate future, she anticipates her content maintaining a semblance of its current form for a few more years.

In addition to her influencer journey, Ryane disclosed her aspirations beyond social media. She expressed her desire to explore modeling and potentially establish her clothing store or clothing brand in the years to come, making her future prospects appear exceptionally exciting.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out and aims to make a significant impact in the influencer marketing space?

When asked about advice for newcomers aiming to make a significant impact in the influencer marketing space, Ryane emphasized the importance of authenticity and self-confidence. 

In addition to creating high-quality content, Ryane encouraged aspiring influencers to stand out by doing something unique rather than following the crowd. She also advised against letting hate comments define one’s identity, emphasizing that those negative voices are insignificant compared to the supportive audience. 

Ryane acknowledged that success in the fast-paced world of social media can fluctuate, but she advised newcomers not to be discouraged by temporary setbacks. Lastly, she stressed the importance of staying true to oneself and not succumbing to external pressures to change for the sake of popularity or aesthetics.

What’s next on the horizon for Ryane Roy? Are there any upcoming projects or partnerships that your audience should look forward to?

Regarding her future plans and upcoming projects, Ryane shared some exciting prospects. She mentioned the possibility of appearing in a TV show series, expressing her enthusiasm for this opportunity. Ryane also revealed that she has a lineup of upcoming brand deals in the works, which is an exciting development for her. 

Additionally, she touched upon her plans for a clothing line, indicating that she and her mom are in the process of figuring things out, including securing her domain, 

Ryane expressed her eagerness to see what the future holds and conveyed her genuine excitement, particularly regarding the TV show opportunity, which she clearly anticipates with great enthusiasm. 

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