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Full Send Podcast Trump A Look at One of the Most Controversial Podcasts on the Internet


Full Send Podcast Trump: A Look at One of the Most Controversial Podcasts on the Internet

About Full Send Podcast

One of the most viewed podcasts before getting deleted or banned by Youtube, the Trump interview with the Nelk Boys was censored due to misinformation according to the platform. 

Full send has always invited some of the loudest and most controversial names out there, but this one was a big deal for the boys. It is not easy to get an Ex-president on your pod, but it happens it must be made worthwhile. 

This specific episode gained public traction by criticizing free speech in America and stating that he is the best thing that happened in America in a while. 

Targeted toward the younger generation, nobody ever expected this unique collaboration with one of the biggest names in the history of politics. 

The episode with trump took off instantly due to what was mentioned in it and has been perceived as a threat that can encourage war among nations. 

While Trump didn’t say anything wrong, his unique way of communicating ideas, came off as if he shared too much with the audience. 

Full Send Podcast Trump: A Look at One of the Most Controversial Podcasts on the Internet

Some may say it is part of a promotional campaign to run for 2024, but we simply think it’s Donald being himself and trying to communicate issues beyond the average person’s comprehension. 

The creators behind the podcast 

Kyle, Arthur, Stieny, and Jay, are a group of Canadian friends who built a team of like-minded individuals with almost the same sense of humor and outlook on things. 

The podcast initially came to exist when the friend group first started a prank channel on Youtube and drew attention by picking on passing pedestrians and police in LA. 

Full Send Podcast Trump: A Look at One of the Most Controversial Podcasts on the Internet

On Sep 2021 the Nelk boys uploaded their first-ever podcast episode that paved the way for so many more episodes and thought-provoking interviews. 

Although the podcast is run by the team as a collective, the two main managers in the group are Kyle, and Jessie who is no longer on the podcast. 

Themes and Topics Covered

In this specific episode, Trump discusses gas prices, the war in Ukraine, and energy resources, something that escapes your every day Full Send podcast agenda. 

In a concise and well-rounded video trump explains the military stance of America, Afghanistan, China, and Russia leading to highly insightful questions from the boys. 

Trump criticized the military withdrawal from Afghanistan live on the podcast, and told the Nelk Boys “it made us look weak, Putin is watching”.

Stressing his dislike for the Afghan withdrawal, trump clearly stated “That’s the reason Putin is in Ukraine right now, if they didn’t see us weak, they’d never entertain the thought of invading”.

The ex-president also claims that everything going on from an energy and war perspective would have never happened if Trump was in office due to his stern relationship with leaders of other countries. 

Whether or not Donald Trump was speaking the truth, the ideas were well communicated and received. The boys suggested he fix things with other nations since he has such exceptional relationships, but trump strictly insisted that he’ll need to be president again to make that happen. 

Reach of Full Send Trump Podcast 

Generating over 5 million views in under 24 hours on Youtube, this full send episode was amongst one of the most listened to of all time. 

Although the podcast did not last long on Youtube, it sure drew a lot of attention to Full Send targeting more listeners from republican, and conservative backgrounds.

The controversial podcast didn’t only enable the Nelk Boys to expand their audience, but it also gave them the reputation of having some of the biggest politicians in history. 

The Full Send podcast has 1.84 million followers on youtube, and roughly 1 million followers on Instagram if calculating both Instagram accounts. 

While the boys have two different Instagram accounts one for merch and for podcast clips, they rely heavily on the merch aspect of what they provide.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 2 – 3 million views per episode. 

Based on this analysis we estimated that the Full Send Podcast receives over 4 – 5 million listeners every time a new episode goes out. 

The format of the podcast 

All Full Send podcast episodes are based upon some of the most random questions, that Kyle usually initiates pushing guests to open up and speak broadly. 

However, this episode is nothing like the majority of Full Send podcasts. In this controversial masterpiece, Donald Trump controlled the pace of the podcast. 

Trump knew exactly what he wanted to say and promote, as the boys only asked basic questions for elaboration while sitting back and hearing what the ex-president has to say. 

Aside from Donald J. Trump, there are so many other interesting personalities, internet celebrities, and fighters. 

Some of the other best Full Send podcasts include Mike Tyson as a guest, Hasbullah, and even ISLAM MAKHACHEV whom they flew all the way out to Dagestan to meet with. 

Reception and Impact 

Donald J. Trump has long been known for his communication skills, and the ability to break down complex topics into everyday slang everyone will understand. 

Although the podcast itself is not by any means political, the Nelk Boys did an excellent job pretending to know what to ask a politician as big as Trump. 

They simply elaborate on what he says diving more into detail providing listeners a better insight into why Trump thinks the way he does, and whether or not what he said was logical in the grand scheme of politics. 

Reaching millions of young college students and Nelk Boy fans, Trump’s message has never been clearer to the average citizen who lacks knowledge of international affairs. 


Ultimately, The Full Send Podcast Is one of the best podcasts For interviewing some of the biggest celebrities add names out there. Whether it be for inspiration, random fun facts, or just a humorous take on things, the Nelk Boys will not disappoint. 

Watch some of their biggest hits and find this deleted podcast with Donald J. Trump on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. YouTube itself has never been a fan of the Nelk Boy’s content in fact they are demonetized from the platform due to the danger of their pranks. 

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