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Call Her Daddy Podcast A Controversial, but Popular, Podcast on Relationships and Dating


Call Her Daddy Podcast: A Controversial, But Popular, Podcast On Relationships And Dating

Data informs us that 65% of audience members listen to the full duration of each episode, indicating the medium’s immense ability to attract and captivate a tremendous number of people. Many listeners also use podcasts to gain more advice on a plethora of topics such as relationships and dating. In turn, Netinfluencer will explore one of the most popular podcasts on the market, Call Her Daddy, a platform that has managed to build a very devoted and progressive fan base. 

The Creator Behind Call Her Daddy Podcast

The Call Her Daddy podcast was first formed in 2018 by a pair of women named Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Frankyln. These women used the platform to offer key pieces of advice on dating and provide audiences with a range of fourth-wave feminist thinking. They were also passionate about dismantling gendered stereotypes, using each episode to highlight the negative connotations of men’s locker room talk. 

This podcast was produced by Barstool Sports until 2021. After a ferocious legal battle with the company, Cooper officially won the rights to her creation and managed to strike up an impressive $60 million deal with Spotify. This has helped the show reach a plethora of new heights and make it more accessible to a wide number of listeners. It is even recognized as the most popular podcast with female listeners.

Whether she is discussing alluring topics on her own terms or collaborating with a collection of star-studded guests, Alexandra Cooper is able to bring her vivacious personality to each and every episode. Cooper is also recognized for her vlogging content, which she has been producing since 2016. On YouTube, the host offers her 306K subscribers a deeper glimpse into her personal life, sharing highlights from public events as well as updates from her own dating life. 

Call Her Daddy Podcast: A Controversial, But Popular, Podcast On Relationships And Dating

Themes and Topics Covered

Since becoming a Spotify Exclusive production, Call Her Daddy has exceeded the audience’s expectations, discussing a variety of topics that would make other podcast hosts blush. Cooper now produces both video episodes and mini-episodes, building a vast portfolio of engaging content. In December 2022, the Call Her Daddy podcast welcomed singer John Mayer, who used his time on the show to discuss the intricacies of his overnight rise to fame. The host also encourages him to open up about his struggles with dating in the public eye and how he plans to expand his love life.

To become more competitive in the dating niche, Call Her Daddy also pulls upon the expertise of many professionals as a way to help her audience learn more about how they can improve their relationship. Dr. Orna Gurnalink, who is best known for her work on the hit show Couples’ Therapy, explains how listeners can gain the most out of their next therapy session. The pair also explores how social media can impact and alter our perception of a healthy relationship and what we can do to dismiss and heal these everyday insecurities. 

The mini-episodes are considerably shorter than their counterparts and allow the host to discuss an abundance of alluring topics in a more digestible format. These episodes focus on the more controversial and difficult aspects of modern dating such as dealing with an obsessive ex or managing your expectations with an insecure attachment style. Though these episodes are only 8-10 minutes long, they provide more than enough insight and advice for audience members to revel in. 

Call Her Daddy Podcast: A Controversial, But Popular, Podcast On Relationships And Dating

Reach of the Call Her Daddy Podcast

In 2021, the podcast hit an average of 5 million listeners per episode, making it the second-most popular podcast on Spotify after The Joe Rogan Experience.  Despite its unflinching approach to relationships and mental health, this podcast shows its ability to maintain high levels of viewership.

Short clips of the podcast can also be found on TikTok, allowing viewers to capture snippets of the latest episodes. This account has 2.1 million followers and  50.8 million likes. The official Call Her Daddy Instagram page has 1.8 million followers and adheres to a similar approach to its other social media platforms, in which it provides viewers with the latest updates on the show and its guests. 

@callherdaddy Watch full episode on Spotify #beingalone #loner #selfworth ♬ original sound – Call Her Daddy

Alexandra Cooper also achieves the same levels of success on her personal Instagram account, where she has managed to attract 2.3 million followers. Here, she is often seen promoting the podcast’s appearance in elusive publications like The Hollywood Reporter.

Call Her Daddy Podcast: A Controversial, But Popular, Podcast On Relationships And Dating

The Format of the Podcast 

Each episode of Call Her Daddy lasts for around an hour but is still able to discuss each topic in-depth and detail. Throughout these episodes, the host refers to herself as Father Cooper, establishing her as an authority figure and a more relatable creator. When the host is performing solo, she still manages to upkeep the raunchy Call Her Daddy brand. She also encourages her listeners to defy convention and make decisions that best suit them, even if they don’t fit into society’s norms.

One of the series’ most popular guests, Miley Cyrus, appeared in episode 91. This episode throws away the rule book and follows an incredibly relaxed pace and structure, allowing Cryus to form more articulate and intimate descriptions of her sexuality. The singer also takes the time to unpack the highs and lows of her previous relationships and how these connections shaped her in the future. 

Fellow podcaster Emma Chamberlain has also appeared on the show, producing a two-part episode back in January 2022. Chamberlain is a popular influencer with the Gen Z demographic and uses this episode to discuss what it is like to share your entire life online. She also explores the difficulties she faced being an only child as well as the impact of her parent’s divorce. The second part focuses more on her role as a content creator and how it affects her perception of sex and relationships.

Call Her Daddy Podcast: A Controversial, But Popular, Podcast On Relationships And Dating

Reception and Impact  

The success of the Call Her Daddy podcast highlights how this medium can help breed a new culture of freedom and expression, giving women, in particular, the chance to discuss previously taboo topics. 

Cooper’s altercation with Barstool Sports also emphasizes the importance of paying creators accordingly, ensuring that they can earn more money as they grow in popularity. This has also aided Cooper in becoming an aspirational female figure, helping her to weave her way into the very male-dominated entrepreneur market. 

The host herself also understands the struggles of having a public dating life. She was previously in a relationship with baseball player Noah Syndergaard, which puts her on the same level as many other celebrities and makes her one of the most prominent women in podcasting. 


By discussing topics that are usually kept hidden away in secret or are reserved entirely for men, Call Her Daddy presents itself as unapologetically shameless. As such, Alexandra Cooper has managed to build a prosperous podcasting empire as well as a unique and bustling feminist movement. 

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