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12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow


12 Top Must-Follow F1 Youtube Channels

In this article, we will share how F1 became a massive success in the last five years and 12 top F1 YouTube channels every real F1 fan must follow.

F1 sport has reached new heights ever since Liberty Media Group took charge with the vision to make it relevant. Thanks to the Netflix docuseries Formula One: Drive to Survive, the sport is now a household name in the United States and worldwide. This rise in popularity helped many old fans rekindle their passion while attracting a newer, younger stream of influencers.

F1 turned from high-octane motorsport for a few to a full-on, action-packed Sunday event for all. The motorsport’s viewership has risen at a rate of knots in the last few years. It went from 547,000 people in 2018 to almost a million in 2021. The rise is majorly due to the holistic approach of Liberty Media Group and YouTubers & influencers who ensures the fans never lose their love for the sport.

How F1 Became a Massive Success in the Last 5 Years?

Formula One’s rise in popularity boils down to exceptional media work by Liberty Media. Through docuseries like Formula One: Drive to Survive and promotions, the sport turned its fortune around and went from a low-view show to one of the most high-profile sports events. Shows and promotions helped F1 attract the old fan base while building a new one. 

Today, F1 is watched worldwide and continues to break viewership records. No longer is it a one-team-dominated sport. Fans can now watch what happens behind the wheel and on the grid. Motorsport has turned into an exceptional soap opera-like show.  

12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

For fans new to the sport or the loyal ones who remained true since day one, these are the 12 top F1 YouTube channels everyone interested in F1 must follow:

  1. Tommo – 281K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

Run by Tom McCluskey, Tommo is a fan-favorite YouTube channel for all the latest updates, news, season reports, predictions, and fun facts. Tom is a digital designer by day and rebranded his YouTube channel in 2019 to switch focus from football to F1. Good animations coupled with original content continue to push Tommo up on YouTube. 

Tommo’s most popular video, Is Lando Norris Just Another Rich ‘Pay Driver’? has crossed 600K views. His videos continually hit 500K+ views. He posts 2-3 videos a week on weekends and also live streams post-race chat and comments.

  1. Chain Bear – 534K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

Chain Bear is another popular F1 YouTube channel on a mission to make motorsport fun to watch and easy to understand. Run by Stuart Taylor, he breaks down the complexities of the sport into simple words to keep an average person informed, aware, and in the know with all things F1.

Most of his uploads explain new rules, car mechanisms, technology, and science behind F1. His videos have high-quality English subtitles and help new fans learn the nitty-gritty that makes motorsport phenomenal. Chain Bear’s most viewed video, Racing Lines Explained, has over 4.7M views, and more than ten videos have crossed the 1M mark in the last four years.

  1. The F1 Word – 127K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

Another unofficial but trustworthy and reliable source for all the latest updates, news, and stories from the world of F1 is The F1 Word. They upload 1-2 times a week race reactions, previews, predictions, news, history, and even gameplay videos. The most viewed video on the channel Why Is Lewis Hamilton So Hated? has crossed over 1.6M views.

The F1 Word has uploaded over 800 videos on its channel and attained more than 30.2M views. The F1 YouTube channel shares a genuine fan experience and original content delivered from one fan to others worldwide.

  1. Behind The Drive – 54.3K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

With 54.3K subscribers, Behind The Drive is another F1 channel on its way up. A source for fun and entertaining race weekend content, they share news, updates, opinions, reactions, and creative videos.

The most viewed video on the channel, My 2022 F1 Driver Predictions, has over 450K views. Fans love Behind The Drive for its fascinating content and informative videos. It also provides fans a sneak peek into driver’s life, stories, and F1 careers. 

  1. Formula 1 – 8.25M Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

It is the official Formula 1 channel with 8.25M subscribers. They upload race highlights, short clips, top 10 moments compilations, and fun historical videos. Every F1 fan who wants to stay in the know with all things F1 must follow this channel. The high-quality content makes it stand head and shoulder above many other unofficial ones. 

The most viewed video on the channel Top 10 Moments of Pit Lane Drama has 29M+ views, and numerous videos frequently hit the 10M mark. The channel has amassed over 4.9B views from 5,300+ videos overall and posts 100+ videos monthly. 

  1. Driver61 – 970K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

Run by a British racing driver, Scott Mansell, the Driver61 YouTube channel shares content to educate and entertain F1 fans and motorsport fans worldwide. The channel share content to inform fans and drivers about the science behind motorsport. Through his channel, Scott breaks into car parts and equipment, the pros and cons, and shares fun facts. Their most popular video, How Dragster Tyres Accelerate to 335 MPH in 3.6 Seconds, has over 11M views.

In addition, Driver61 frequently posts reactions, motorsport news, updates, and creative videos. More than F1, they also cover sim racing and other motorsport events. Driver61 also runs a platform by the same name where Scott coaches new drivers, shares fun updates with the fans, and offers numerous racing guides and courses. 

  1. F1 Frenzy – 4.91K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

F1 Frenzy is a new addition to the YouTube motorsport world and frequently shares content centered around F1 news, updates, regulations, brands, companies, sponsorships, backstories, and all things Formula 1.

The channel posts opinions and reactions on the latest motorsports events and shares with the fans updates to help them stay in the know with F1. The most viewed video on the channel, The Real Reason Nico Rosberg Holds A Grudge Against Lewis Hamilton, has 721K+ views.

  1. Formula Action – 7.8K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

Another YouTube channel dedicated to Formula One, Formula Action, uploads new videos weekly to keep the fans hooked. They share updates on top teams, drivers, sponsors, and F1 events.

Formula Action posts F1-related big news, regulation changes, injury updates, and car upgrades videos. Their most viewed video Terrible News for Mercedes has over 300K views.

  1. GP Culture – 31.5K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

A fresh addition to the F1 World, GP Culture joined YouTube on Mar 12, 2022, and has amassed 31.6K subscribers since then. They upload original, fun, and creative news and updates about all things F1.

Legal, illegal, best, and worst, GP Culture shines a light on events and updates that transpire before, during, and after the race weekends. The most popular video on the channel, New Problems for Red Bull, has over 684K views.

  1. Aldas – 137K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

With over 137K subscribers, Aldas has over 291 F1-related videos on YouTube and adds multiple new videos weekly. The channel has amassed over 32.6M views and is rising in popularity with time.

Their most popular video, How Vettel Went From the Most Hated to the Most Loved Driver in F1, has crossed the 1.5M mark.

  1. The Race – 920K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

The Race is a super-popular F1 YouTube channel with over 920K subscribers. They provide the best insights, news, and updates about F1, MotoGP, Indy Lights, Formula E, and European Le Mans.

Thanks to their massive coverage, The Race is often the #1 choice of F1 fans worldwide. Their most viewed video Incredible 360 Degree Video: GT-R Drives First Ever 360 VR Lap of #LeMans #GTR #NISMO has over 5.8M views.

  1. F1 News – TacticalRab – 8.96K Subscribers
12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow

F1 News – TacticalRab is another newcomer on the scene. They joined the platform on Jan 2, 2022, and the channel is on its way up.

The channel uploads the latest updates, analyses, and rumors. F1 News – TacticalRab 4-5 new videos every week. Their most viewed video Mercedes Engine UPGRADE Leaked: 10+ Horsepower?! Horner Concerned F1 News has over 43K views.

Wrap Up

Now you know the 12 top F1 YouTube channels you must follow to stay in the know with all things Formula 1. The action-packed high-octane motorsport has become a household name thanks to super YouTube creators sharing high-engagement content. 

Now you can rest assured you will never miss a beat and always stay aware of the latest news and updates from the world of Formula One.

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12 Top F1 YouTube Channels To Follow