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12 Top Counter Strike YouTube Channels To Follow


12 Top Must-Follow Counter-Strike Youtube Channels

Counter-Strike is considered the most popular and influential multiplayer first-person shooter game. Initially launched in 1999 as a mod, it launched independently in 2000. The game series has four big hits, including the original Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike Source, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Pro players and top influencers play Counter-Strike on live streams to earn big money.

12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

The Counter-Strike games continue to top the chart of competitive multiplayer first-person shooter games. Players worldwide play the game for fun or competitively. For some, the game is like a full-time job and is their primary source of earnings. People earn by streaming their gameplay videos on social media, playing in competitive tournaments, and via sponsor deals.

This article covers how one can become a YouTube Influencer playing counter-strike games, how much professional CS players earn through YouTube, and 12 top counter-strike channels to follow. Further, we will explore some of the Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow.

Can one become a YouTube influencer playing counter-strike games online? 

Playing popular multiplayer games like counter-strike is more than entertainment. Players have turned this pass-time into a full-time source of earning. Any gamer with high skills and a little charisma can become a YouTube influencer. People worldwide follow top gamers to watch their gameplay, learn their style, and experience the game from their POV. 

Given the opportunity, sports, gaming, and other brands partner with these players to promote products and expand their reach. YouTube has become a top source for influencer marketing, and brands know how influential YouTube Counter-Strike players are and their role in influencing consumers’ buying behaviors. 

How much do professional Counter-Strike players make on YouTube?

Professional counter-strike players earn around $1,000 to $5,000 monthly on average through YouTube. However, the money made through views is not the only sum they make. They also make money through influencer deals and sponsorships. Not to forget, top players also earn prize money by winning competitive esports tournaments. 

For instance, Andreas Højsleth, or Xyp9x, made $1,621,921 through esports counter-strike tournaments. In addition, pro gamers also sell their skins and merchandise by marketing it to their loyal fan base through YouTube. In short, it all adds up to give pro gamers enough money to quit their day jobs and play professionally.

12 Top Counter Strike YouTube channels to follow

Every aspirant counter-strike influencer must follow top channels to stay current with all the latest updates in the gaming world. Gamers grow and turn pros by watching and learning from other gamers. Here are 12 top counter-strike YouTube channels you must follow:

  1. vLADOPARD 3 – 213K Subscribers 
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

Joined August 12, 2017, vLADOPARD 3 has over 210K subscribers on YouTube. In the last five years, the channel uploaded 721 videos and amassed over 72.6 million views. The YouTuber uploads CS: GO tournament streams and ‘Best Moments’ videos and makes around $13K monthly solely through YouTube. People follow vLADOPARD 3 for high-excitement gameplays and tournament clips.

  1. Anomaly – 3.14M Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

The Anomaly YouTube channel has over 1.1 billion views, and the creator earns around $12K a month solely through his videos. The channel uploads funny videos, weapon reviews, pranks, and other humourous content. Unlike others, its content isn’t richly gameplay streams but more generic and unique content. 

A Sweden-based channel, he joined YouTube back in 2007. Five years before the launch of the most popular Counter-Strike game, CS: GO.

  1. 3kliksphilip – 1.05M Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

With over a million subscribers, 3kliksphilip is among the most-watched counter-strike YouTube channels. The channel has 1,000+ videos with over 431M total views. Over 200 new subscribers join the YouTube channel every day. Through his videos, the YouTuber makes around $14K a month. 

3kliksphilip posts Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay videos and live streams. In addition, he often posts funny videos and shorts to entertain his audience. The most viewed video on the platform has over 5M views.

  1. TheWarOwl – 1.43M Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

TheWarOwl YouTube Channel uploads fun, creative first-person shooter videos with in-game commentary. The channel has over 1.43M subscribers and 384M total views from 882 videos. Forty-two new subscribers join each day, and the content creator earns around $4K monthly through YouTube. TheWarOwl mainly uploads weapon tutorials, competitive gameplay streams, and how-to videos. 

  1. Ancient CS – 28K Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

Ancient CS uploads old, classic counter-strike videos from competitive tournaments and other professional gamers. The channel has uploaded over 1,000 videos and has over 10M total views. Top videos on the channel include ESWC, WCG, Arbalet Cup Euro, and esports clips. People follow Ancient CS to access archive videos and watch classic counter-strike pros in action. 

  1. Counter Strike Proland – 331K Subscribers  
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

Counter Strike Proland is among the top counter-strike channels. With over 331K subscribers, it continues to gain popularity on the social video-sharing platform. It uploads world tournament highlights, creative plays, and funny videos from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The creator earns around $1.8K a month through YouTube. 

  1. SynTV CS: GO & More! – 277K Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

Joined YouTube on April 21, 2014, SynTV CS:GO & More! YouTube Channel has 32.2M total views from 419 videos. The channel uploads CS: GO Twitch clips featuring top gamers like S1mple, Stewie2K, and Niko. The most popular video on the channel has over 532K views. SynTV CS:GO & More! makes around $1,000 a month through his content. 

  1. voo CSGO – 223K Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

Run by a gamer with over 12 years of competitive gaming experience, voo CSGO has over 223K subscribers. The channel uploads CS: GO tips, setting guides, how-to videos, and pro secrets. The YouTuber has amassed over 39.4 million views and earns around $2K monthly through his YouTube channel. 

  1. NadeKing – 1.25M Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

NadeKing has over 1.25M subscribers and uploads creative, fun, and unique videos of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. On his channel, you will find videos like 10 Things You Want To Know in CS: GO and How To Bunny Hop in CS: Go. The YouTuber joined the platform in 2015 and has amassed over 249.9M views. Twenty-four new subscribers join the channel every day. 

  1. Fitz – 5.41M Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

An Australian YouTuber with over 5.4M subscribers, Fitz is a super-popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive channel. His most viewed video has over 19M views. He is famous for his unique, creative, and humorous content. Besides CS, Fitz also uploads creative gameplay videos of games like Fortnite and PUBG. 

  1. Holk CSGO – 241K Subscribers
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

Holk CSGO is another popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive YouTube Channel packed with fun compilations and gameplay videos. You will also find pro gamers videos like Best of Scream and Best of Stewie2K. The channel has over 107M total views from a total of 213 videos. 

  1. ESL Counter-Strike – 1.38M Subscribers 
12 Top Counter-Strike YouTube Channels To Follow

One source for all ESL videos, the channel uploads clips from competitive finals, semi-finals, and qualifiers played between the top gamers worldwide. With over 70.9M total views, the YouTube channel is on its way up and frequently posts tournament highlights, fun compilations, and creative CS: GO videos.

Who are top Counter-Strike influencers? 

Names like Fitz, Swagger Souls, and Anomaly are famous globally for their unique, creative, and original content. Best gamers actively collaborate with top brands to promote and market products to their loyal fanbase. Here are five top counter-strike influencers from around the world:

  1. Fitz – 6,600,000 Followers

Through YouTube, Fitz provides his audience a sneak peek into a counter-strike pro gamer’s life and shares gaming experiences with fans worldwide. 

  1. Swagger Souls – 5,140,000 Followers

Swagger Souls is famous as a man in a knight helmet. Not just Counter-Strike, he streams different popular games and also uploads game-related funny compilations.

  1. Anomaly – 2,997,000 Followers

Anomaly is another famous influencer on his way up. Originally from Sweden, he uploads creative gameplay videos and shares his gaming experiences via in-game commentary. 

  1. Jericho – 1,582,000 Followers

A young, dynamic, and funny gaming influencer, Jericho is gaining popularity worldwide for his funny content and professional gaming videos.

  1. bysTaXx – 7,390,000 Followers

StaXx loves Counter-Strike but doesn’t let his love for the game limit him. He posts epic gameplay videos from popular games. 

Which Counter-Strike is most popular? 

The CS: GO, the fourth and the latest game in the series, tops the list of most popular first-person shooter games. The game recently broke the world record held by DOTA 2 by hitting over 1.3M concurrent players on Steam. 

Wrap Up 

Counter-Strike is undoubtedly the best and most popular first-person shooter game. Major big CS: GO tournaments are held worldwide with huge prizes. Pro gamers and influencers earn a lot of money by playing Counter-Strike on live streams and uploading their gameplay videos on YouTube. 
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