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Creators in the Creator Economy Report by Adobe


Creators in the Creator Economy Report by Adobe

The creator economy impacts every aspect of digital marketing, allowing a new generation of influencers to produce and monetize a plethora of content. Adobe has released its latest report, highlighting how these creators are operating in this space and how they continue to see great success. Netinfluencer details all of the key findings expressed in the Creators in the Creator Economy Report by Adobe. 

Creators in the Creator Economy Report by Adobe

Who Conducted the Survey?

The Creators in the Creator Economy report was carried out by Adobe, a leader in computer software. The institution focuses on document productivity, helping people to utilize online pieces to their highest capability.

Survey Methodology

To collect the data for this report, Adobe created a small survey for candidates to complete. The survey contained a series of short questions and could be completed online in around 15-minutes.

Candidates were separated into two samples. The first was aged between 16-25, reflecting the entire spectrum of Gen Z. The second sample were all over the age of 18 to give more insight into the rest of the market. 

These individuals were based in a selection of different markets such as the US, the UK, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. 

The sample was made up of an array of creators including influencers, social cause creators, and business owners. It should be mentioned that all of the influencers expressed in this report had over 5,000 followers and were earning revenue from at least one social media channel.

Three Key Takeaways

The Creators in the Creator Economy report expressed an assortment of interesting results, further emphasizing the appeal of sharing creative work online. Listed below are just three key takeaways from this report.

  1. More than half of influencers are making the top income bracket or the US equivalent of bringing in household income of over $100K.
  2. On average, creators are 40 years old, with Gen Z only representing 14% of all creators.
  3. 95% of creators are taking any action at all to advance or support causes or issues that are important to them.

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding detailed in this report elucidates the financial benefits of operating in the creative economy. With 51% of influencers earning a very high income, it seems that many influencers are not struggling to make ends meet. Adobe goes on to mention that this value is equalized across all countries, meaning that influencers across the globe are also seeing this immense level of success. This finding also leads us to believe that the hard work and dedication that goes into regular content creation does pay off financially. 

Creators in the Creator Economy Report by Adobe

Although Gen Z is the most sought-after demographic, they only make up a fairly small percentage of the market. This data also shows that Millennials are truly dominating a collection of creative spaces. As such, we can assume that this demographic has the most influence and impact on wider markets and their buying power. The report also shares that 52% of this Millennial population are men, offering a slight indication of the gender variation in this market. 

Creators in the Creator Economy Report by Adobe

The third finding gives more insight into the types of content that creators are producing and feel most passionate about. Nearly the entire sample shared devotion to social change, indicating that social media can allow for a large amount of expression and creativity. The report also describes that 1 in 4 creators use their skills to create original social cause content. This means that a lot of creators are sharing existing educational content, to further engage with their audiences. 

Creators in the Creator Economy Report by Adobe

Link to the Survey

The Creators in the Creator Economy report can be found on Adobe’s website alongside access to their wide selection of software and resources. 

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