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The Best Website For Podcasts Create And Promote Your Podcast Today


The Best Website For Podcasts: Create And Promote Your Podcast Today

If you’re a podcast host, having a dedicated website for your show helps you connect with your audience. It’s also a great way to capture leads, publish content, and build a community. In this informative guide, we take a look at the benefits of having a podcast website and details on the top web platforms.

Creating a website for your podcast is a step beyond getting your episodes published on a hosting platform. A website allows you to attract your audience and convert them into leads to sell products and services. It can also help you foster a listener community and provide your audience with helpful tools and resources related to your podcast episodes. Having a website for your podcast helps you attract listeners and monetize your show. Here, NetInfluencer reviews some of today’s best websites For podcasts.


  • Attract Listeners: People are always searching for answers on Google. When you have a website for your podcast, your chances of like-minded listeners finding you increases tremendously. SEO-optimized web copy and blog posts can also help boost your podcast website to the top of the search results page. 
  • Provide Value: If you want to provide listeners with more information about a topic you covered in a podcast episode, a website is the perfect place to store it. Link to helpful worksheets, instructional videos, and guest information on your website so they’re easy for listeners to locate.
  • Create a Listening Community: Chances are your listeners are like-minded individuals looking to connect over shared interests and the topics you share on your show. Use a website to create a listener community or forum where everyone can interact with each other. It’s also a great place for you to interact with your audience and answer their questions.
  • Keep Track of Episodes: Although podcasting platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts keep a running list of all your episodes, having them available on your website is key. Your website is a great place to archive all of your episodes and create a library for your listeners.
  • Sell Products and Services: If you’re looking to monetize your podcast through affiliate marketing or by selling your own products or services, you’ll definitely need a website. Generate leads through your website by collecting listener email addresses for your email list or newsletter. 

Now that you know the benefits of having a website for your podcast, let’s dive into some of today’s best hosting platforms.


The Best Website For Podcasts: Create And Promote Your Podcast Today

Best Websites for Podcasts in 2023


If you’re a beginner at website creation, Wix is a user-friendly website platform with lots of helpful tools and features. Wix websites are optimized for selling products and services, starting a blog, and building a community, perfect for podcasters looking to expand their horizons. Use Wix’s drag and drop editor to easily make changes to your site and use the built-in AI technology to create a custom website based on your needs and preferences. You can also use Wix to create a custom domain and logo. 


Squarespace is another great website platform for beginners, as it allows you to create and edit websites from templates, no coding required. Squarespace websites come with full commerce and marketing features to expand your podcast into a successful business venture. Use the blogging tools to share information and connect with your listeners. You can also schedule posts for later, a great feature if you prefer to write your content in batches. Squarespace also includes a number of free SEO tools to help your website rank high in search results.


With SITE123, you can easily create your podcast website using ready-made styles and layouts. Use the intuitive editing features to edit your site and use the online store tools to get your website ready for global e-commerce. SITE123 websites are mobile-friendly so your listeners can check you out on the go. The platform also offers free safe and secure web hosting, robust SEO tools, and free domain registration. One of the best perks of using SITE123 is getting access to 24/7 live customer support. 


Podbean is an all-in-one podcasting solution. When you choose Podbean for your podcast publishing and hosting needs, you also get a free podcast website. Like many of today’s popular website builders, Podbean is intuitive and user-friendly. Choose from several customizable templates to get started and add additional features like sidebar widgets. You can also create separate About and Contact Us pages. In addition to creating your website, Podbean also allows you to customize your embedded podcast player for a more personalized and branded listening experience.


Like Podbean, Buzzsprout is a one stop shop for podcast publishing, hosting, and promotion. A Buzzsprout website houses all of a podcast’s episodes, host information, and show notes as well as descriptions and chapter markers. You can also link your site to your social media accounts and create custom donation pages for fundraisers and charity events. Buzzsprout webpages are customizable and allow you to change the color and background to suit your brand. There’s also a place to upload bios and headshots for the show’s hosts and co-hosts.


WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder and is a favorite among everyone from bloggers to business owners. Create a WordPress website for your podcast through customizable themes and one-click layouts. WordPress sites are great for podcasters looking to start a regular newsletter or build out an online store. Use the drag and drop editor to make changes and add new content to your site. WordPress plans offer domain hosting, security features, and customer service through email and live chat.

With Podcastpage, you can create and launch your own custom podcast website in just minutes. This platform was developed specifically for podcasters and doesn’t require any coding. Easily upload all of your podcast episodes to your site and customize the embedded audio player for listeners. Other unique features include podcast subscribe buttons, automated episode timestamps in your show notes, and guest intake forms. Podcastpage websites also integrate seamlessly with today’s most popular podcasting platforms.

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