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Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse – Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators


Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators

Which digital marketing platform is the best for online creators?

If you run an online business, chances are you may need some extra help with your marketing. Whether that’s trying to get more clicks on your landing pages or more traffic to your site, a digital marketing platform can help boost your sales to another level.

But with so many digital marketing platforms, how do you know which one to choose?

In this article, we will be looking at ClickFunnels and Get Response so you can decide for yourself what the best platform is for your business. 


Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an American online marketing program that helps digital business owners create sales funnels, as well as dozens of other marketing tools, such as landing page builders, online courses, and more. 

Founded in 2014, the site now has partnered with over 100,000 businesses to create successful marketing plans and help boost the sales of thousands of online businesses..

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

ClickFunnels is a subscription-based service, which means you have to pay to access any of the features. There is currently no free plan available. 

The pricing plans are listed below.

Basic – $147 USD a month

This includes the ability to create and design one website and domain and 20 unique sales funnels. You can also create and sell up to 3 online courses.

With those 3 courses, you can register up to 1,000 students. You also receive unlimited workflows, unlimited Pages, unlimited products for your page, as well as unlimited email sequences and access to their basic analytics. 

This plan is best suited for individual business owners or small businesses. 

Pro – $197 USD a month

Along with everything included in the basic plan, you can also create up to 100 sales funnels, as well as have 5 users on the account. 

You can register up to 3 custom domains, and you have the ability to create and sell 15 online courses, with 10,000 students in total. You can also join their affiliate program, gain access to their Liquid Theme editor, and more. 

This plan is best suited for medium or small-sized businesses. 

Funnel Hacker– $297 USD a month. 

With this plan, you can now create up to 3 websites, as well as have access to create and use unlimited funnels. Your account can have up to 15 users on the account, and you can register up to 9  custom domains. You can also create up to 200 online courses and have 20,000 students in total. You also receive access to your advanced analytics and API access.

This plan is best suited for large businesses. 

Once you’ve picked a plan, you can start to access all of ClickFunnels’ features. 

ClickFunnels’ Features

  • Sales Funnels
    • Their most popular feature, their sales funnels allow you to create funnels that will attract customers and create more leads. These funnels are essentially marketing emails and advertisements that will lead consumers straight to your site. Below are a few examples of templates you can use.
Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators
Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators
  • Online Courses
    • Create and sell online courses so you can monetize your knowledge. The same functions and editing tools as the funnel editor, once you understand how to work the program, you can start bringing in more money.
    • If you’ve never run an online course before, ClickFunnels takes you through step-by-step so you can understand how to best make money off these courses. It’s important to promote the courses to your following, as the more students who take your class, the better your ratio will become.

  • Create an E-commerce store or website.
    • If you’re just starting out in your online business, ClickFunnels can help you create an amazing online storefront with its website builder. With all your marketing tools in one place, this could be much easier than having a domain and website on another platform. 
    • You no longer have to worry about third-party applications, handle all your money, and payments, and work from one convenient dashboard.
    • Many satisfied customers of ClickFunnels claim to have run their business on sites such as Shopify or Wix before and were not getting as high yields. 
  • Landing Pages
    • A landing page is a single webpage that will appear in response to a user clicking on a designated link. This can lead to more traffic to your site and create a higher profit to increase your sales.
    • Create unique and thoughtful landing pages with ClickFunnels’ pre-designed templates.
Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators

Get Response 

What is Get Response?

Get Response is a software company and email marketing service that helps online business owners improve their email marketing. Founded over 25 years ago in Poland, the site is now available all over the world and has helped over 350,000 businesses worldwide. There are over 30 tools and features, as well as nearly 130 integrations you can try.

The program is trusted by global companies such as Revolut, Shaw, and Inglot.

How much does Get Response Cost?

There are four different plans you can choose from, including a free plan.


With up to 500 contacts, you can send out 2,5000 newsletters a month, create 1 landing page and site, connect a domain, and create signup and pop-up forms.

Email Marketing – $15 USD/mo.

Create unlimited newsletters, and landing pages, and have access to an AI subject line generator. 

Marketing Automation – $49.98/mo.

Gain access to marketing and event automation, create sales funnels, and create and share webinars. 

Ecommerce Marketing – $97.58/mo.

Gain access to abandoned cart recovery, promo codes, product recommendations, and web push notifications.

Get Response Features

  1. Email Marketing

Create unique newsletters with pre-designed templates that are made to work. Send out reminders, autoresponder, transactional emails, and more. 

You can build intuitive and unique emails with their drag-and-drop creator as well as hundreds of templates.

Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators
Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators
  1. Funnels

Create sales, or conversion, funnels with Get Response’s automated templates. Build and create landing pages, sell products, and convert clicks into customers. 

Simply fill in the blanks to your website and let the sales funnel bring paying customers right to your site.

Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators
Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators
  1. Popup Creator

Create automated pop-up ads, banners, and bars. With the same drag-and-drop editor as their website builder and funnel creator, you can easily create pop-up ads that attract visitors to your site. With various formats and over 30 triggers, these pop-up ads are sure to bring higher yields.

You can create pop-ups for any scenario, from the classic pop-up box –

Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators

To a slide-in box, that will deliver your message on the side of the screen without interrupting your customers. 

Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse –Digital Marketing Comparison for Content Creators

If you are new to your online business journey and still need extra help, Get Response offers thousands of blogs, podcasts, and webinars to help you through the process. This includes step-by-step guides on how to use their drag-and-drop website builder, how to choose a template, tips on creating unique and eye-catching pop-ups and landing pages, and more.

Which online marketing platform will you choose?

Both platforms allow you to nearly effortlessly add more traction to your site without having to ever work with third-party applications. Get Response has more cost-effective plans, which is something the company prides itself on, including a free plan. However, ClickFunnels may have more brand recognition. 

If you can’t decide between a site, each platform offers a free trial so you can try both out to see which one works best for you and your online business.

Let us know what you choose down below.

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