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NEW Audience Insights Feature With Christian Brown, Co-Founder And CMO Of Glewee


NEW Audience Insights Feature With Christian Brown, Co-Founder And CMO Of Glewee 

Audience insights, like the average age and income, are critical for brands curating impactful influencer marketing campaigns. However, this data can take a lot of time to amass, making it challenging for brands to keep up. Recently, the all-in-one marketing network Glewee released Audience Insights for brands so that thet can connect with creators who have their ideal target audience.

Glewee is an all-in-one marketing network connecting brands and creators together so they can collaborate on social media campaigns. The network allows brands and creators to manage their social media campaigns from start to finish on one platform, streamlining the entire process. 

Today, we’re discussing Glewee’s new Audience Insights feature with Christian Brown, Co-Founder and CMO of Glewee. 

Christian shares, “As brands begin to mature and as marketing budgets scale up and increase. Different individuals, like marketing managers, CMOS, [and] social media managers – they need to actually see more insight to make data-driven decisions. So, we knew as a team that the best way to allow brands to make the most informed data-driven decisions was to give them all of the follower insights for each creator.”

Giving brands access to insights for each creator lets brands make the most informed decisions about which creators are ideal for reaching their target audience and delivering different campaign messages. 

NEW Audience Insights Feature With Christian Brown, Co-Founder And CMO Of Glewee 

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Glewee’s New Audience Insight Feature

Recently, Glewee released Audience Insights, which shows both brands and creators the following data information :

• Gender

• Age

• Ethnicity

• Education

• Personal Income

• Family Status

• Native Language

• Occupations

• Distribution by Country, State, and City in the U.S.

• Industries They Have Affinity With (And Show Interest In)

• Likes and Interests Insights, such as Music, Sports Followed, Hobbies, TV Shows, Movies

Leveraging an influencer’s follower demographics can significantly increase a brand’s reach and conversion rates within its target audience. Brands can filter their search for creators by their different audience goals. 

Christian shares, “Our team did an amazing job bringing it to life. There were a lot of components that went into it from a visual perspective and how the UI/UX looks.”

The Glewee team’s heavy emphasis on a user-friendly, visually pleasing interface resulted in the team developing data displays, like percentage or numerical forms showcased in pie charts, bar charts, graphs, and maps. 

He explains, “With our tool, the way in which we’re showing this data down to a very granular level is the only form of audience lights in the market [like that.] When a brand comes to our platform on Glewee and is working with creators, that brand is able to see much more than just the follower count of the creators.”

Brands can quickly and easily access detailed information about the creators’ followers, such as their audience’s gender, location, and family status breakdown, allowing them to pick the best creators to work with for their campaigns. 

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Identifying Fake Creators

One of the biggest benefits of Glewee is that the platform vets influencers before they are allowed into the community. 

Christian explains, “Our users [creators] download and apply for the Glewee platform. Our team vets them based on their minimum follower account, their average engagement rate, their brand likability score, professionalism, and their dedication to work. We have tools on our side that actually authenticate the follower accounts of creators applying.”

Based on Glewee’s authentication tools, creators with 25,000 to 50,000 followers need a minimum engagement rate of 5%. Bigger creators with millions of followers may have a lower engagement rate, but Glewee still does the footwork to ensure their followers are real. 

How Can Glewee’s Audience Insights Tool Help Creators?

In addition to making it easier for brands to connect with the right creators, creators can also benefit from the new Audience Insights feature. 

Influencers have access to their audience data, allowing them to understand their audience more effectively. Once an influencer is vetted and given access to the Glewee community, there is no cost to them to use and app and access these extensive audience insights. 

The Glewee team has also taken significant data safety steps to ensure all user data is kept secure and meets compliance requirements. 

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The Glewee Process for Brands

If you’re a brand subscribing to Glewee, you’ll receive a dedicated customer success manager and Glewee representative. 

Christian notes, “This is a member from our team whose job is to ensure that every brand participating in influencer marketing with Glewee is getting the most out of the platform and ensuring they’re making the best data-driven decisions for their team.”

He adds that brands need to be a part of the advanced or professional subscription tiers to access the Audience Insights feature. These tiers start at $6.99 per month. 

Case Study: Pink Taco

Pink Taco is a Los Angeles eatery selling ‘tacos with attitude’ since 1999. Recently, Glewee worked with them as they opened a new restaurant location in Hollywood. 

Christian shares, “They worked with our team to use the Audience Insights and deep dive analytical insights to see which creators actually had a large percentage of following in the Los Angeles area. When they worked with those creators that had a high percentage of followers in Los Angeles, they were able to promote the new activation and the new Pink Taco location in West Hollywood.”

These successful influencer marketing campaigns drove in-person attendance to their new restaurant. 

The Future of Influencer Marketing

Glewee’s mission is to cultivate authentic relationships between brands and creators using cutting-edge technology and analytic tools. 

Christian shares, “We have a lot of very, very fun, intuitive features coming soon throughout the duration of this year. A few would be a Shopify integration, so e-commerce and ROI tracking through influencer marketing. That’s something we’re really excited about on the horizon, as well as AI recommendations. Using the power of artificial intelligence to understand what the wants and needs of a brand are.”

The upcoming AI recommendations feature will provide brands with suggestions for the ideal creators within their target audience, goals, and price range for their marketing campaigns. 

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