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Aditi Rajvanshi Powerhouse Digital Marketer, and Director of Strategy at Portal A Helping Creators and Brands Soar


Aditi Rajvanshi: Powerhouse Digital Marketer, and Director of Strategy at Portal A Helping Creators and Brands Soar

Aditi Rajvanshi has long been fascinated with the creator economy. After years of experience working with creators, she builds strategic digital marketing campaigns and helps creators build sustainable, successful careers online. Today, she shares her journey, thoughts on the creator economy, and how to support creators on the company side.

About Aditi Rajvanshi

Aditi Rajvanshi is the Director of Strategy at Portal A, a digital content company that partners with leading platforms, brands, and creators, and the Founder of Brewing Awesome, a company working with creators, brands, and agencies on their YouTube presence. She has over six years of experience working in the creator space and worked at Google for eight years. 

Aditi shares, “When I first started at Google, my role took me towards the ad side of the business, understanding how digital advertising worked, understanding what marketing would focus on, and that sort of Genesis of really beginning to understand how Internet-based businesses happened.”

Aditi has a passion for YouTube and even launched the YouTube Partner Program in India. Her past work includes The Viral Fever Videos, Yoboho, NishaMadhulika, and GeekyRanjit.

Today, she works with top creators and content companies to build powerful online video narratives. 

Aditi Rajvanshi: Powerhouse Digital Marketer Helping Creators and Brands Soar

Founding Brewing Awesome

After working at YouTube for eight years, one of the main things that stood out to Aditi was the differences between the top tier of creators and emerging content creators and marketers. 

“There’s a top tier that they will service and service very well, that they will be able to meet the top tier creator requirements from one end of the business to another end of the business, but that’s not true about the middle class. On any platform, there is an emerging generation of content makers, media businesses, and startup companies that are trying to build their own content sales.”

She explains that this middle class is trying to get started using the creator economy, but they often need more expertise and knowledge to pull off successful marketing campaigns. 

“There is a whole generation of content makers, of media businesses that will require people with a deep understanding of platforms, people with a deep understanding of how the creator economy worked and what it takes to translate an idea into a successful piece of content on the platform and build long-term audiences.”

Aditi decided that this was with the zone and type of business she wanted to focus on with her work. By helping these companies create impactful content, she is helping them find their footing and build a long-term marketing strategy for themselves. 

The name Brewing Awesome came from her love of coffee. As she puts it, she is a coffee addict, so the name was a natural choice. 

Aditi Rajvanshi: Powerhouse Digital Marketer Helping Creators and Brands Soar

Working at Portal A

Aditi is also the Director of Strategy at Portal A. She shares that she landed the job after meeting Zach Blume, one of the Co-Founders of Portal A, on the set of a YouTube shoot. 

She shares, “Portal A was always in my orbit as a company because I really enjoyed the work that they have made over the years… Zach brought me on to help build out the strategy for two key projects this year, and within the first few weeks, we started talking about what our long-term relationship could look like.”

Aditi notes that the degree of collaboration and flexibility that her job with Portal A allows is crucial to her because of how important Brewing Awesome is to her as well. 

“It’s [Brewing Awesome] is something that I’m building for the long term for myself. It’s something that I want to continue to write under, make stuff under, and continue with, and it is part of my long-term vision for myself.”

She is excited to bring her expertise and know-how to the Portal A team to help fill in any gaps in the world of content strategy, which is an extensive topic encompassing many types of knowledge and expertise. 

She adds, “It felt like a really healthy marriage where we could really make this work, where I could bring my complete self to work and really show up for the team and know that I didn’t have to give up on what I was building for the long term.”

Creator Economy Challenges

Aditi feels that the creator economy’s biggest challenge is a need for more focus on sustainability and diversification. 

“Creators don’t necessarily get support on and get the right kind of support, coaching and mentoring, and the right kind of advice on how do you build something that is going to last, how do you do this in a way that is sustainable?”

Creator burnout is an epidemic, which Aditi shares she sees up close frequently. Mental and creative health need to be prioritized as part of a sustainable creator career. 

“Many times creators are working without business managers, without a support team, and they’re a single person running the whole show, which is not sustainable.”

A huge stressor for this issue is the constantly evolving platforms, which force creators to change how they post and create online. 

Aditi Rajvanshi: Powerhouse Digital Marketer Helping Creators and Brands Soar

Supporting Creators with Her Work

One of the ways Brewing Awesome supports creators is by only hiring people for long-term projects with a minimum of three months rather than hiring a creator for a couple of hours a week. 

This sustainable income and reliability can reduce creator admin work, burnout, pitching, and worry. 

“Some of the clients that I worked with, that I continue to work with, are actually people that I’ve worked with for 2, 3, 5 years at this point… when you work with someone that long you can really impact everything from how they hire and build their team to who they bring on to how they build processes.”

Another aspect of the creator economy that Aditi would like to improve is creators owning more of their content. 

“Platforms change, economies change, but if you have that direct connection with communities, if you utilize platforms like Patreon or Discord, you are really trying to move away from the idea that you and your audience are only restricted to one platform that you put content on.”

She would also like to see creators paid better for their work and notes that YouTube is still the platform that pays creators the best. Other platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have a lot to catch up on regarding fair creator pay. 

Aditi’s biggest highlight?

Seeing creators she’s worked with grow immensely during their time together. Aditi highlights one creator she has worked with since their first video on YouTube. Today, this creator has over five million subscribers and has been awarded by many Indian and international organizations. 

“It brings me such joy to know that I was part of this story.”

Aditi Rajvanshi: Powerhouse Digital Marketer Helping Creators and Brands Soar

Future Goals

Aditi’s biggest goal is to build up Portal A’s strategy team. She reveals they have a fun slate of projects she’s already looking forward to, and they are currently working on an exciting series for Target. 

“Something that I really want to focus on next year is strengthening our data tools and how we report on campaigns, how we really build deep relationships with teams.”

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