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How to Use Pearpop to Secure Successful Brand Collaborations


How to Use Pearpop to Secure Successful Brand Collaborations

The creator economy is said to consist of over 300 startups, with each of these businesses striving to reap the benefits of this ever-growing industry. Many of these businesses are looking to create a profitable landscape for influencers and content creators, helping to maximize their growth and competitiveness. To discuss this topic further, Netinfluencer will highlight how influencers can use Pearpop to seek out their next brand collaboration. 

What Is Pearpop?

Founders Cole Mason and Guy Oseary launched Pearpop as a way to help content creators jump on the latest trends whilst still being compensated for their work. The platform works to pair influencers and brands together, presenting a wealth of challenges for creators to complete. 

Pearpop was officially launched in October 2020 and quickly received funding from a plethora of stars such as Snoop Dogg, Mark Cuban, and Mr. Beast. The platform then raised an impressive $16 million in funding, helping to boost the earnings and exposure of a wide range of creators. 

The platform aims to assist influencers in finding profitable projects, bringing influencers and brands together without the use of agencies. Pearpop also focuses on eliminating scam collaborations, which can help to support the financial stability of a creator. 

How to Use Pearpop to Secure Successful Brand Collaborations


How Can Creators Earn Money From the Platform?

Pearpop promises to aid creators of any size, helping influencers to earn a living by creating enjoyable content. The platform mostly revolves around challenges, these are produced by many advertising agencies who are looking to recruit influencers and content creators in the next campaign.

Users must then select a challenge that is best suited for them and the platforms that they operate on. Influencers will then be asked to submit their challenge, showcasing their best talents as well as the nuances of their own content creation strategy. 

Once you have created the content, you will be asked to submit your work. This content will then begin to generate views, which you will then be monetized for. Each challenge will present a maximum payout feature alongside a percentage of how much has already been delivered. 

Therefore, multiple influencers can embark on the same challenge, offering an abundance of equal opportunities for every type of influencer. 

What Are Its Main Features?

Alongside its challenges, Peaprop presents a variety of other ways in which influencers can connect with brands as well as some of their most devoted followers. For example, the platform is also branching out into live subscription services.

In June 2022, the platform announced a collaboration with TikTok, which will allow the app to showcase a fortnightly comedy series on the platform. Finding Jericho is exclusive to TikTok Live and will cost viewers $4.99 to watch the entire series. 

Pearpop is also looking to expand across many other social media platforms. Although it is currently integrated into TikTok, the founders hope to grow into Instagram in the next few months. Thus, this opens up a new set of collaboration opportunities for those who solely operate on Instagram.

How to Use Pearpop to Secure Successful Brand Collaborations


Examples of Pearpop Challenges

Netflix Tudum Challenge

TikTok is well known for its viral dance trends and Netflix was quick to notice their success. The Tudum Challenge required influencers to choreograph a simple dance routine to the streaming service’s iconic opening sound. The maximum payout for this challenge was $560 and the hashtag gained 226.5 million views.

Panera Bread

This household American food chain created a TikTok challenge to showcase how its customers enjoy their meals. The Dinner at Panera Bread hashtag relied on influencers to purchase their favorite foods and to complete various taste tests. 

Pearpop has also worked with Panera Bread to release a series of NFTs. The company announced the launch of the Paneraverse, a virtual space in which customers could operate restaurants in a Web 3 format. Plus, the brand is also working on using NFTs as currency to purchase real food and drinks in their stores. 

Hack the Holidays with Ibotta

Ibotta provides customers with an assortment of cashback incentives, helping shoppers to save money on their regular purchases. The Hack the Holidays with Ibotta campaign used influencers to show how the platform worked as well as some of their best deals. This was a very popular challenge, boasting a maximum payout of $1000.

How Do I Join the Platform?

  1. Create an account on Pearpop.
  2. Link your active TikTok account as well as any other social media platforms.
  3. Choose a challenge you would like to complete.
  4. Create content that supports and promotes that brand.
  5. Submit your entry.

Benefits of Using Pearpop as an Influencer

Pearpop has seen a tremendous amount of success over the last few years, signifying its value within the wider circles of the creator economy. As such, this is an ideal platform to use if you are looking to make content creation your full-time job. By simply adhering to popular trends on TikTok, influencers now have the chance to work alongside some of the world’s most profitable brands without having to liaise with them directly. Therefore, this can help smaller creators to make their mark on the influencer marketing industry whilst still earning money. 

This business has also created a separate platform for NFTs, known as Pearproof. This app encourages creators to mint NFTs of their personal social media posts. In turn, as their content begins to grow, so does the value of their NFT. This offers a great opportunity for those looking to transition into the world of Web 3, whilst still maintaining an active social media career. 

Pearpop also creates a level playing field for influencers of any size, producing a marketplace that is constantly attracting new creators. This helps to add value to this type of work and persuades brands to work with micro-influencers more often. Thus, Pearpop’s focus on equal opportunities helps to build a more bustling market for content creators to operate in. 

How to Use Pearpop to Secure Successful Brand Collaborations


As Pearpop continues to collect a wide range of prosperous opportunities, more and more influencers are increasing their earnings. This helps to build a generation of full-time influencers who are able to support the growth of many iconic brands. 

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