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Best Tech Influencers on YouTube


Best Tech Influencers To Follow on YouTube

YouTube is an ideal platform for influencers who are looking to build an engaged audience surrounding their key interests and passions. Data from 2021 informs us that users spend around 30-minutes per visit to YouTube, highlighting its strengths when it comes to long-form content. Tech is an incredibly successful niche on YouTube as it allows creators to educate their audience on the latest gadgets and become affiliated with iconic brands from around the world. To understand this niche further, Netinfluencer has compiled a list of the best tech influencers on YouTube. 


As one of the earliest and most successful female tech influencers, iJustine has definitely made her mark in this niche. This tech influencer has been producing content since 2006, earning her 7.02 million subscribers during that time. Although she began her career creating humorous sketches, she quickly transformed into a tech review channel, helping her to build an entirely new audience. iJustine is best known for her obsession with Apple products and regularly shares her unboxing of the latest releases. Alongside her tech videos, iJustine also conducts fascinating interviews such as her conversation with Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube

Unbox Therapy

Lewis Hilsenteger is the host of Unbox Therapy, a channel that centers around the latest tech releases and offers reviews of their capabilities. Unbox Therapy critiques an abundance of products from the Google Pixel 6a to an assortment of quirky gadgets that cost less than $30. Hilsenteger has been making content for this platform for over a decade and has managed to build a devoted community of 18.2 million subscribers and see over 4 billion views. This tech influencer is also active on Instagram, sharing stunning photos of highly acclaimed products with a further 2.3 million followers. 

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube


With his easy-to-consume videos, UrAvgConsumer offers his 3.18 million subscribers helpful advice when buying their next gadget. This influencer is also known as Judner Aura and is dedicated to sharing the latest updates on the biggest tech items. He also offers less expensive alternatives in his Tech You Can Actually Afford series. Aura also showcases his Smart home, highlighting products such as a voice-activated trash can as well as a premium toaster that is designed to make his life just a little bit easier. UrAvgConsumer often uses Instagram to share personal life updates and short unboxing videos with his 298K followers.

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube

Marques Brownlee

With a budding audience of 16 million subscribers, Marques Brownlee is well recognized for his no-nonsense tech reviews. Brownlee is able to get his hands on the most alluring pieces such as the immense Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor. Despite his links with successful brands, this influencer is never afraid to give his most honest opinion and is often seen to scan a critical eye over the latest releases. He has even created a Shorts channel where he can provide quick tips and reviews to a further 560K subscribers. In order to maintain an amicable relationship with his large community of followers, Marques Brownlee has also built a Discord server to help his fans interact with one another. 

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube

Austin Evans

Austin Evans’ tech reviews are sometimes quite literally out of this world as seen when he reviewed the ROG Flow X16 in a zero gravity portal. This influencer delves deep into the industry, unboxing the latest gaming consoles as well as discussing rumors that occur throughout the tech market. Evans also unlocks mysterious scams in a hilarious way, ensuring that his 5.32 million subscribers do not fall into the same traps. He is also very active on TikTok where he shares condensed reviews and shows off his latest purchases to his 498.6K followers. 

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube


Arun Maini, better known as Mrwhosetheboss, is an economics graduate who uses his background to help his 11.3 million subscribers purchase the best tech on the market. Maini reviews tech from every type of niche such as fitness gadgets as well as the next generation of high-end smartphones. Alongside his contemporary reviews, Mrwhosetheboss also travels back in time to educate his audience on toxic tech fails and tech that has the potential to become deadly. In order to keep his large audience even more engaged, Maini also has a channel dedicated to short-form content which boasts a further 5.17 million subscribers. 

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube


Using her impressive robotics skills, Estefannie is dedicated to transforming her life using a wide variety of tech. She has built a detailed robot that can deal tarot cards, plus one that can expertly prepare an avocado. Alongside her creations, Estefannie teaches her audience how to use a variety of Instagram filters and learn how to make their own. This tech influencer first started making videos in 2016 under the name Estefannie Explains It All. During the beginning of her career, she explained the complexities of time and space using a humble notepad and pens. Nowadays, she has an impressive 84.8K subscribers and hosts fascinating seminars at a collection of conventions. 

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Sebastian has been hosting the Linus Tech Tips channel since 2008, helping his 14.8 million subscribers to build a perfect PC every time. The ongoing success of this channel inspired him to build a series of tech channels under the Linus Media Group, which he founded in 2013. Linus Tech Tips reveals the latest gaming gadgets such as the Intel Arc A770 and a collection of 3D TVs. Together with his comprehensive reviews, Sebastian shows his viewers how they can build a fully functioning gaming setup at an affordable price such as using products exclusively from Walmart

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube

Sara Dietschy

By releasing new videos every week, Sara Dietschy has managed to keep her 871K subscribers engaged for over a decade. Dietschy covers all things tech like the newest Macbook Air and what type of products she carries in her backpack every day. When she’s not giving her expert opinions on her favorite gadgets, she is hosting her podcast That Creative Life. This platform allows Dietschy to collaborate with other like-minded influencers such as Gary Vanyerchuk and Elle Mills. She also has a gaming channel where she produces lengthy streams of games such as Halo Infinite for her 8.46K subscribers to enjoy. 

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube


James Hobson is the main contributor to the Hacksmith channel, a platform that uses high-functioning tech to make science fiction a reality. Hobson has crafted a wide variety of items from popular culture such as an overpowered vehicle from Mario Kart and an indestructible Tesseract from the Marvel franchises. Despite his devoted community of 12.8 million subscribers, Hobson originally used his channel to post footage of his front flips with his friends. In 2015, he quit his corporate job to focus on YouTube entirely, leading him to gain over 1 billion views on his channel. 

Best Tech Influencers on YouTube

Tech influencers on YouTube are proving that influencers can transform their passions and hobbies into extremely profitable ventures. These creators are quickly building large followings for their insightful commentaries and in-depth reviews. To discover more about how to make money on YouTube, visit our website

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Best Tech Influencers on YouTube