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Meet The Golf Influencers Changing The Game On And Off The Course


Meet The Golf Influencers Changing The Game On And Off The Course

Social media has helped propel golf from the sport of a select few into a popular sport enjoyed by the masses. 

Meet The Golf Influencers Changing The Game On And Off The Course


Check out the most popular golf influencers today and their reach below. 

Meet The Golf Influencers Changing The Game On And Off The Course


10 Best Golf Influencers

Zac Radford 

Instagram – @realzacradford | Followers – 158K
YouTube – @ZacRadford | Followers – 120K

Zac Radford is known for gaining popularity on social media in a very short span of time. 

He joined Instagram as an influencer in October 2009 and after only a year he emerged as one of the top social media influencers of the golfing world.

Zac comes from the Nashville Golf and Athletic Club and is working to transform golf marketing with a forward-looking perspective. 

He uses platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to build brand recognition for businesses and products related to the sport. 

The PGA Tour remains Zac’s greatest dream. However, he had to take a break from the competition to focus on his other business ventures.

In his personal life he is the kind of person who finds great satisfaction in encouraging others by sharing what is genuine to him and what he observes in his own life. He believes in encouraging others and investing in their life.

Tania Tare

Instagram – @taniatare63 | Followers – 329K

Tania Tare is a professional golfer from New Zealand who is hailed as the queen of golf trick shots. 

Tania’s association with then Twitter and Instagram showcasing her golf stunts and won the hearts of 329k Instagram users with her amazing photographs.

With her quick trick skills, she has become one of the most well-known trick shot artists on social media. She was astounded by a Nike commercial in which Tiger Woods was seen shooting a golf ball as it was bouncing in mid-air.

Tania is very social and loves to travel; which is one of the reasons for her affinity for golf, as the sport enables her to play in different countries.

Garrett Clark 

Instagram – @gm_golf |  Followers – 689K
Youtube – @garrettclarkvlogs | Followers – 849K

Garrett Clark, an American professional golfer, Instagram sensation, and social media personality, has gained thousands of fans and subscribers on his Youtube channel, “gm golf,” with his assortment of wild trick shots. 

He started posting his golf skills online when he was nine years old. At the age of thirteen Garett began competing for American-based golf clubs. 

He has represented several clubs throughout the course of his career, including the very popular KCGA KS club.

Garett posts golf-related content on his channels, including videos from competitions, practice sessions, and various challenges. 

He frequently highlights other golfers, and is a great source of encouragement for young golfers around the world who don’t compete in the major circuits.

Hailey Ostrom

Instagram -@haileyostrom | Followers – 482K
Youtube- @haileyostromgolf | Followers – 25.5K

Hailey Ostrom is a 27-year-old professional golfer from Bend, Oregon. 

Since childhood, Hailey participated in a variety of sports with her brothers,  such as volleyball, soccer, snowboarding, golf, and skating, but golf became her forte.

She participated on Golf Channel’s Shotmakers with her golf partner Andrew Bachelder, reaching the semifinals. 

Her driver shots to the “trench” are well recognized. On Driver vs. Driver 2, Hailey was welcomed as a special guest.

Despite her struggles, Hailey earned herself a name. Initially she had no sponsors and used to collect pennies and save every dollar to fund her golf career.

Hailey shares all her experiences with #TeamHailey, and encourages others to follow their ambitions. She firmly believes that a little encouragement may go a long way and that it all adds up!

Blair O’Neal

Instagram -@blaironealgolf | Followers – 538K

American Blair O’Neal is a former professional golfer, model, and television announcer. 

Her highest achievement as a professional golfer was reaching the LPGA Futures Tour.

She spent most of her professional career competing on the Symetra Tour, and the Ladies Pro Golf Tour of Asia.

Currently she is a television host for programmes on, Golf Digest, and The Golf Channel. Martin Hall’s School of Golf was her most popular and talked about telecast.

Away from golf, Blair has had a successful modeling career gracing the runways of many international fashion events.

Kenzie O’Connell 

Instagram – @kenzie.oconnell | Followers – 147K

Kenzie O’Connell is a professional golfer who was unfortunately diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Despite the handicap, she is now utilizing her social media platforms to encourage others who too are fighting with the brain disorder.

She is actively involved with Women With Drive – a group that encourages women to play golf and is currently a teacher and uses her aptitude for instruction to develop the game of golf.

O’Connell continues to advocate for people with epilepsy through her ambassadorship with groups like the Epilepsy Foundation of America and the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado.

Bryan brothers.

Instagram – @bryanbrosgolf | Followers – 195K
Youtube- @BryanBrosGolf | Followers – 191K

Wesley Bryan and George Bryan are professional golfers who are famous on social media for their trick shots, among other things.

The boys are a natural talent for social media influence because of their extroverted and active personalities. 

They are the second set of brothers to compete in the Big Break  reality television program.

Justin Bieber is their go-to artist to whom they frequently listen when warming up and the biggest rush they have outside of golf is skydiving.

Erik Anders Lang

Instagram – @erikanderslang | Followers – 180K
Youtube – @RandomGolfClubFilms | 247K

Erik is a premier creative, an international community builder, and a top-tier retailer. He is the CEO of Random Golf Club and has thus established himself as one of golf’s most recognized people.

His “All Are Welcome” stance has contributed to expansion of golf’s appeal and in creating a thriving community for players of all abilities.

He makes his living exploring the world’s most unique and inspiring golf destinations. 

Erik firmly believes in the power of meditation and religiously meditates for 25 minutes in the morning and for 15 minutes at night for its healing effect and the clarity of vision it provides him for his day.

Through his YouTube series and Instagram, he is bringing a fresh perspective on how to experience the game.

Anthony Taranto 

Instagram – @anthony.taranto | Followers – 85.3K

Anthony Taranto is a professional club maker. He makes golf clubs for celebrities on the LPGA and PGA tours and tour players, with a way to create personalized fancy wedge art for players.

While constructing a wedge for a Swedish golfer as a golf club builder for Callaway, Anthony had the notion to personalize the club by adding the Swedish flag using a sandblaster. 

His coworkers urged him to continue producing and think of new ways to customize the products after they noticed the addition.  

He is currently in the forefront of golf club creativity, and his incredible works are displayed on his Instagram.

Elise Lobb

Instagram – @ eliselobb | Followers – 302K
Youtube – @MyLifeAsEliseLobb | Followers – 14.4K

Elise Lobb is a professional golfer and a certified golf fitness specialist. Besides being a sports personality, she is also a model, YouTube celebrity, television reporter, and a sportswriter.

She is well known for her modeling career and social media presence among all the professional roles she has held. She has over 302k followers on Instagram

She works out religiously and uses her YouTube channel to teach novice golfers appropriate techniques. 

In addition to golf, Elise is fond of reading in her spare time.


For the longest time, golf has been regarded as the game of wealthy elites, elusive to the common masses. 

Thanks to these social media influencers, the perspective about the game and the possibility of a career therein have considerably improved and the game and people are now closer to each other than they ever were.

This shows the power of social media influence! To read about other sports influencers like Jack Settleman and influencing tips check out

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