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Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok


Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

The advent of influencer marketing has led to a diverse array of individuals being able to share their lifestyles and educate others on the nuances of their daily routines. Disabled influencers have also seen a rise in popularity with agencies such as Purple Goat being formed to support their work. TikTok is also working to commend disabled influencers with an assortment of special events. Netinfluencer discusses all of the influencers taking part in Disability Pride Month on TikTok.

How Is TikTok Celebrating Disability Pride Month?

TikTok has welcomed Disability Pride Month with open arms, showcasing a plethora of events throughout the month of July. The platform collated individuals who deal with physical, mental, and learning disabilities and highlighted how they overcame the obstacles that often stood in their way.

Nine influencers were placed in the TikTok Spotlight, giving them a chance to share more about their conditions as well as the content they produce on the platform. 


Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

Lively sisters Hannah and Becky Cheetham produce a wide variety of content across social media, helping to raise more awareness of cerebral palsy. CheethamsWithDreams gives insight into the world of accessible travel as well as other disability accommodations.  Alongside their frequent adventures, these sisters also enjoy partaking in viral trends, bringing joy and delight to their 1.9 million followers. CheethamsWithDreams are also active on Instagram, sharing more of their personal ventures with an additional 144K followers. The pair also produce long-form content for Youtube, creating vlogs of their trips to London as well as hilarious makeup challenges. 

@cheethamswithdreams and we did it without a third pair of hands 💪 #accessibletravel #sisters #cerebralpalsy ♬ original sound – CheethamsWithsDreams

Lucy Edwards

Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

As a brand ambassador for Pantene, Lucy Edwards is no stranger to being a disability advocate. Edwards uses TikTok to denote her experiences as a blind woman, sharing what she thinks famous celebrities look like and even how she drives a go-kart. This influencer also answers burning questions about her disability, creating a positive and engaged audience of 1.7 million followers. Lucy Edwards has even branched out into the world of journalism. She recently conducted interviews at the premiere of The Gray Man, which was the first Netflix premiere to contain audio descriptions. 

@lucyedwards Hosting the first ever audio described Netflix premiere: The Gray Man #netflixuk #thegrayman #blindbroadcaster #speech ♬ original sound – British blind girl 👁🦮👩‍🦯


Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

Combining disability awareness with LGBTQ+ activism, Disabled_Eliza has managed to create a virtual safe space for her 68.4K followers. As a wheelchair user, Eliza often makes content surrounding their disability aid. They also review certain events and exhibitions, determining whether they are accessible for physically disabled people. This influencer also uses YouTube to describe their experience as a non-binary person, exploring how they discovered this label and how it affects their daily life. Eliza also produces branded content, partnering with large retail chain Boots to show how certain products can make a disabled person’s life a bit easier. 

@disabled_eliza #AD Showering as a Disabled person isn’t always easy but here are the steps I take with Pantene and @bootsuk ♬ Hydra Glow Summer – Harry Price

Kate Stanforth

Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

With her incredible dance moves and infectious personality, Kate Stanforth shares how her disability impacts her role as a professional dancer. She launched the Kate Stanforth Academy of Dance to help others to express themselves through dance, hosting an array of deeply moving performances. On TikTok, Stanforth offers an intelligent and experienced commentary on a selection of issues such as dating as a disabled person with her avid community of 70.5K followers. Together with her work on social media, she also contributes to an extensive blog where she shares more information about her work and philanthropy projects. 

@katestanforth My dating life #FYP #WheelchairProblems #OnlineDating #TKMaxxTalentShow ♬ Coconut Mall (From “Mario Kart Wii”) – Arcade Player


Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

Amassing an impressive 445.6K followers, Shelbykinsxo adheres to an abundance of viral trends to share her latest fashion stylings and personal milestones. Shelby has made an integral impact on the fashion scene, becoming one of Kurt Geiger’s first disabled models. At just 25 year old, she has also been petitioning for more education on disability within the UK schooling system, hoping to put a stop to prejudice and ableism. Shelby produced a lot of content throughout Disability Pride Month and spent time highlighting the engaging work of other disabled influencers within her field. 

@shelbykinsxo #disabilitypridemonth takeover 2! Michelle is here to talk about the lack of acessability while flying! #disabledtiktok #travel ♬ original sound – Shelby

Life of a Palsy

Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

Life of a Palsy, otherwise known as Stephen Thomas Smith, celebrates life with Cerebral Palsy and shares the simple joys that his life brings. Smith uses TikTok to its full potential, reacting to popular videos, and engaging with comments from his 131.5K followers. He also brings light to some of the ableist comments he receives online, proving his strength as well as his sense of humor. This influencer is also active on a collection of other platforms such as Instagram where he updates his 1650 followers on his recent trips to Disneyland and his adorable dog Pumpkin. 

@lifeofapalsy Why abled bodied ppl be like this. #disability #cerebralpalsy #fyp #disabled #wheelchair ♬ som original – Rafaela Winchester G


Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

By discussing the nuances and positives of autism, Cheryl from _thislineismine has managed to build a devoted audience of 526.7K followers. Cheryl uses TikTok to share her tips and tricks for coping with issues such as noise sensitivity and lack of self-care. She also partakes in alluring craft projects to create sensory items that are safe to stim with. Cheryl has also made her mark on television, appearing on the popular show Blue Peter. Here, she worked with an array of other presenters to make the entire experience as entertaining and accommodating as possible. 

@_thislineismine How do you experience noise sensitivity? @loopearplugs | AD #autism #awareness #autistic #loopearplugs #neurodivergent ♬ The Journey – Sol Rising


Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

Although this influencer only has 4422 followers, her content has made an impactful impression on the platform. Highlighting her collection of incredible cosplays as well as her indulgent recipes, Makeatrish welcomes a sense of vitality and compassion in their community. She took on the challenge of creating 27 cartoon outfits in 27 days, making her a fan favorite within the costume community. They are also a dedicated miniature artist, sharing their small, but mighty, creations with a collection of engaged fans. Makeatrish only started marking content in September 2020 but has been able to uphold a consistent content schedule and regularly diversify her videos. 

@makeatrish I like to make tiny things…. #miniatures #craft #fyp ♬ Over the Garden Wall – Clive Gregson


Celebrating Disability Pride Month on TikTok

Veganluke, otherwise known as Luke Polton, is a stand-up comedian with autism. Polton uses TikTok to share his latest hilarious antics as well as his experience of living as a neurodivergent individual. This influencer creates a lot of entertaining series on his platform such as his daily packed lunch and his extensive PEZ collection.  As such, he often interacts and answers questions from his assortment of 114.6K followers. When he’s not performing across the UK, Vegan Luke can also be seen streaming a variety of games on Twitch for a growing audience of over 100 followers. 

@veganluke Replying to @the_faxoltl #Question #PEZ #PEZDispenser #PEZDispensers #PEZCandy #PEZCollection #PEZCollector #SpecialInterest ♬ original sound – Luke Poulton

Disability Pride Month signifies a change within the world of influencer marketing, bringing new faces and personalities together to produce engaging content. As the market continues to diversify, more disabled people are seeing prosperous opportunities with some of the world’s leading brands. To discover more about the different types of influencers on TikTok, visit our website

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