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The Best Collaborations and Partnerships with Converse


The Best Collaborations and Partnerships with Converse

Data collected from 2019-2022 informs us that influencer marketing managed to increase sales within the luxury fashion niche by 18%. This data offers more insight into the inner workings of this industry and the beneficial effects it can have on key brands around the world. It is also paramount that influencers are regularly communicating with these brands to secure a plethora of profitable opportunities. As such, Netinfluencer will offer more information about Converse’s most successful collaborations and partnerships. 

What Is Converse?

Converse was originally founded under the name The Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908. These shoes arrived on the high street in 1910 and quickly grew in popularity amongst the general public. It wasn’t until Chuck Taylor, an avid basketball player, joined the brand in 1926 that the shoe really made its mark. Taylor worked as a salesman and helped the brand become a key sponsor of The Converse Allstars basketball team, making the product a hit with sports players. To commend his success, the show was rebranded as the Chuck Taylor All Star, giving us the iconic product we know and love today. 

In the 1960s, Converse began to drift away from its typical athletic image and became an essential part of many celebrities’ images such as Elvis Presley and James Dean. This prolific endorsement pushed Converse into the limelight, making it an integral part of the popular fashion scene across many generations. 

The Best Collaborations and Partnerships with Converse


How Successful Is the Brand?

Together with its simplistic style and diverse product range, Converse has become a front-runner in the western streetwear scene. In the mid-1950s, the brand became the biggest basketball shoe in America and owned 80% of the entire sneaker industry, helping the brand dominate both the athletic and lifestyle sectors and making it a fierce force to be reckoned with. 

The brand also supports the growth of creative expression, building a vast recording studio in 2015. Rubber Tracks was an exclusive studio based in Converse’s main office and encouraged independent artists to record demos of their music that they could then distribute freely. It was completely free to use and aimed to show a sense of gratitude toward all of the artists that had promoted Converse shoes over the years. The brand has also had great success in the film industry with its iconic shoes being shown in over 650 movies around the world. 

Converse also hosts a wealth of crucial CSR initiatives such as The Converse United Networks. These are employee-powered sectors that aim to boost inclusion and diversity across all main areas of the business. Employees are encouraged to join a Network such as Women at Converse or the Converse Pride Network and share their similarities and differences as a way to build a more inclusive and supportive community. 

The Best Collaborations and Partnerships with Converse


Popular Collaborations With Converse

Comme Des Garçons

Inspired by Rei Kawakubo’s quirky art style, the Comme Des Garçons X Play is just one of Converse’s most iconic collaborations and highlights the brand’s ability to create a best-selling shoe with just about any type of design. The brand is best known for its retro New York motifs, blending the style of both the past and present Although this partnership first began in 2009, it was in 2015 that the shoe really took off. Characterized by the nuanced red heart graphic, this shoe was available in both the high-top and low-top design, making it a best-selling product from its initial release. 

The Best Collaborations and Partnerships with Converse


Damien Hirst

As a prominent figurehead throughout the Post-Modern art scene, Damien Hirst’s collaboration with Converse managed to effortlessly denote his signature creative motifs. Known as ‘All You Need Is Love’, this shoe presents a striking red background and is complete with an array of colorful butterflies. This collaboration also pulled upon (RED), a charity devoted to eradicating the AIDS virus across Africa. As such, 100% of the proceeds of these shoes were donated to the cause, raising a significant $40 million throughout its limited-release run. 

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is most recognized for her role as Eleven in the hit series Stranger Things, helping her Converse collaboration to be a popular option amongst her devoted fan base. Brown offered a range of designs as part of her partnership, such as a high-top lavender shoe with lined detailing. These shoes are also completely customizable with the actor encouraging customers to share their own designs on social media. 

All Stars Influencer Program

The All Stars Influencer Program pulled upon creatives such as DJ Sophia to exemplify how the Converse brand works to elevate their personal style and brand image. Throughout this experience, influencers had the chance to perform at a wealth of exclusive events, aiding them in extending their reach and giving them an advantage over others operating in their niche. Creators were also encouraged to give a more intimate account of their craft, highlighting their motivations as a performer.

The Best Collaborations and Partnerships with Converse


How Can You Collaborate With Converse as an Influencer?

Though it may be difficult to compete with a sea of other influencers, it is possible to work alongside Converse as a content creator. The All Stars Influencer Program is consistently looking for candidates to work with as part of its new cohort so it is beneficial to sign up for the mailing list so that you can receive regular updates about opportunities that are available to use. 

Influencers can also join the Chuck’s All Star Affiliate Program, giving them the opportunity to promote Converse’s product portfolio across a wide range of social media platforms. An added bonus is that affiliates will earn a standard rate of 5% commission, meaning that they will be financially compensated throughout the process. 

It is also good practice to reach out to brands that you wish to work with to see if they have any future projects up for grabs. This line of communication can be carried out via social media or email. It is also vital that you list your contact details in the message so that a representative can contact you regarding any further details. 

Why Should You Form a Partnership With Converse?

Although many fashion brands are willing to form profitable partnerships with influencers, Converse is one of the finest on the market. Its products are relatively affordable, which makes it easier for creators to promote them across a wide variety of different demographics. These price points are also important to influencers who have an audience of young fans as it ensures that they are able to afford the shoes that they are promoting. As such, creators can form better connections with their audience base whilst also being associated with one of the most promising shoe brands on the market. 

The brand also hosts an abundance of influencer-driven initiatives, making it simpler for marginalized creators to get involved. When Converse’s influencer program was first launched it relied on the power of many Black creators to help its customers understand the value of pushing against conventional norms. In turn, Converse is an ideal brand to work with if you wish to promote yourself as an off-beat influencer who is eager to break away from limiting traditions. 

These partnerships are also a unique way to gain an influx of additional income as an influencer. With a plethora of paid brand collaborations to choose from, creators now have the chance to show off their immense talent, whilst being financially compensated. In a similar vein, Converse’s affiliate program allows influencers to promote a series of best-selling products and earn an incredibly high rate of commission. Thus, these projects help to add more value and money to this transformative industry. 

The Best Collaborations and Partnerships with Converse


Converse has released a plethora of successful and definitive collaborations, indicating the brand’s ability to dominate a selection of market segments and niches. The brand also values the work of influencers as a prime way to tap into new demographics and continue selling its shoes to the masses. 

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