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All About the ASOS Influencer Program - How To Collab With Asos


All About the ASOS Influencer Program – How To Collab With Asos

ASOS online retailer has seen incredible growth over the years. The fashion giant carries over 900 brands and is a reliable source that many turn to for the latest trends. The company has many loyal ambassadors, influencers and content creators sharing their most recent finds with their followers.

In this guide, we’re going to be highlighting the ASOS influencer program and how you too can earn an income sharing your fashion finds with your audience.

All About the ASOS Influencer Program - How To Collab With Asos

What is Asos Influencer Program?

ASOS is one of the largest online retailers in the fashion and beauty niche offering over 70,000 different products across multiple verticals such as menswear, and kidswear. The company is growing at FAST, with an increase in revenue of 17% last year alone, and showing no signs of it slowing down in the near future. In fact, a spokesperson from the brand was quoted stating that during the pandemic they saw incredible growth, which they hadn’t expected.

The company launches thousands of new lines a week, with its main target customer primarily consisting of Gen Z and Millenials. Their website is constantly flooded with traffic and eager shoppers, registering millions of visitors per month from all around the globe.

ASOS was originally launched in the United Kingdom and can now also be found in Australian, Asian, and North American markets. The best part being is that the brand offers an affiliate program for each of these countries, meaning that you don’t need to worry about missing out on this opportunity as it’s accessible to almost anyone!

All About the ASOS Influencer Program - How To Collab With Asos

The ASOS affiliate program is popular amongst content creators because it allows them to earn a commission from sharing their latest fashion finds with their audience. Because ASOS carries primarily fashion-related items their affiliate program is best suited for influencers and content creators within the lifestyle, fashion, and beauty categories. Keep reading if this sounds like you!

Lastly, if you love highlighting smaller businesses and supporting their growth then ASOS is perfect. The fashion-giant works with thousands of independent retailers, from small start-up designers to retro brands. It’s the perfect platform to use if you’re looking to promote small up-and-coming biz’s to your audience.

All About the ASOS Influencer Program - How To Collab With Asos

Benefits of Joining ASOS Influencer Program

The ASOS affiliate program offers:

  • A commission earning of 4.8% of sales to new customers
  • A commission earning of 2.4% of sales for already existing customers
  • 4-star reviews in Flexoffers
  • A 45-day cookie period

And something else that’s worth mentioning which is a bonus to the affiliate program is how this fashion retailer offers their customers a ton of added perks, making your job a lot easier when it comes to promoting the brand!

Some of these perks are:

  • Worldwide free delivery on orders over $30
  • Premium delivery options for $19 per year
  • New products are added daily
  • 10% discount if you’re a student
  • Outlet section on the website offering 70% off

A Step-By-Step Guide On to Join ASOS Influencer Program

Okay, this is what you came here for! In this section, you’ll see just how easy it is to join the ASOS affiliate program. 

Before we kick off the tutorial we thought we’d let you know that it’s totally free to join the ASOS affiliate program and you can do so through Flexoffers.

You need to create an account with Flexoffers first. Their website’s very user-friendly so you shouldn’t have any issues finding your way around everything.

Once Flexoffers has approved your account you’ll need to go to the “Search Advertisers” section and type in ASOS. This is what it will look like:

All About the ASOS Influencer Program - How To Collab With Asos

Once ASOS pops up you can click the button that says “Join Program”. Next, you’ll need to accept their terms of service and click the green button that says “Apply to Program”.

That’s it! Now you just have to wait, although it normally doesn’t take long at all for Flexoffers to get back to you via email letting you know whether your application has been successful, normally a couple of days, if that.

Once you receive your confirmation email from Flexoffers and have successfully joined the ASOS affiliate program, then you’ll need to log in to your account with Flexoffers to find the links you want to promote.

How Influencers Promote ASOS on TikTok

Here are some of the ways that influencers are promoting ASOS on TikTok:

Abi Clarke

Abi Clarke is a comedian and at the same time a popular ASOS influencer. She regularly posts about the company, but not in the ways you might think, there are no fashion hauls or gift idea style posts – Abi’s content is very different!

She shows off the clothes in the form of comedy sketches, some of her past videos on TikTok include her imitating being in an ASOS team meeting, and her ASOS strangest finds.

@abiclarkecomedy I think #asos have been having some major fabric supply shortages recently… #fashionfails #comedy #sketch ♬ original sound – Abi Clarke

Nevertheless, because her account is focused on parodies she uses this form of messaging when promoting ASOS products because Abi recognizes that this type of TikTok will resonate most with her audience.

For this reason, it’s important to always understand your followers and don’t focus too much time on what other content creators are doing, just do your own thing!

Denise Mercedes

Denise Mercedes is next on our list of Tik Tok inspo and for good reason. This U.S.-based content creator enjoys posting her outfits and fashion finds.

Denise is the founder of #stylenotsize and the majority of her TikTok consist of her showcasing gorgeous fashion finds in the form of hauls and other fun types of videos, in an authentic and true-to-herself manner.

Recently she posted a couple of holiday dress roundups promoting ASOS, which went down a treat with her audience.


I’m looking for the perfect @asos holiday dress – what do you think? Get yours with the Black Friday warm-up as it continues with 25% off ALL ✨EXCLUSIVE✨ ASOS BRANDS – today only so make sure to grab your favorite or all dresses now ! #AD #Asos

♬ A Beautiful Theory – Brendon Moeller

Nava Rose

Nava Rose is a fashion influencer with a crazy following on TikTok. She boasts 5.8 million followers on TikTok and nearly half a mil more on the gram. 

She creates fashion content in the form of unboxing videos, hauls, and outfits inspired by type of videos, among others. There’s certainly not a lack of creativity, as her content is pure fire!

In the past, Nava Rose promoted ASOS by creating upcoming trend videos.


which 2021 fashion trend are you excited to wear? ✨ @asos #asos #tiktokfashion #outfitideas

♬ Elastic – Joey Purp

How Influencers Promote ASOS on Instagram

Next up is our Instagram roundup! Let’s see what content creators are getting up to on the gram when it comes to promoting ASOS:


Juiceefruitee is a popular Instagram influencer with over 100k followers. Her content is mainly fashion and body-positivity related. She recently shared an ASOS dress haul on her IG where she is seen in various different garments. The reel uses a voice-over clip of Rihanna talking about female empowerment.

Real Sarah Malen

Sarah Malen is a London-based luxury influencer. Her content is primarily geared toward the luxury lifestyle and fashion niche. 

Sarah has 12k followers on Instagram and a successful Youtube channel where she posts her latest capsule fashion finds along with skincare routines, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle experiences. 

In a recent post on her Instagram, Sarah is seen promoting ASOS and the post itself consists of a candid photo of her repping the new Puma rs-x which had just launched on ASOS.


Lastly, for our Instagram roundup, we’ve got Jilly Isabella who’s recently been promoting ASOS using carousel-style posts with multiple images from different angles.

This type of content really helps to showcase the garment as it gives a full 360-style view.

How Influencers Promote ASOS on Youtube

Freddy Cousin-Brown

Freddy is a model, dancer, actress, and fashion influencer. Her content routinely includes trend and try-on hauls, recommendations, closet organization, tips, and other aspects of her daily lifestyle.

On her Instagram, she primarily focuses on promoting her own clothing line, but on her Youtube channel, she’s seen also promoting other brands such as ASOS.

She creates ASOS hauls every season on her Youtube channel, her latest being the Autumn one.

Georgia May

Georgia is another popular influencer that’s seen collabing and promoting ASOS on her youtube channel. 

Her youtube channel boasts 180 thousand subscribers, and her content consists of fashion hauls, travel videos, lifestyle blogs, and everything in between. 

Here’s a recent ASOS haul:


Becoming an ASOS Influencer and being accepted into their affiliate program is something most fashion-lovers aspire to and all you need to do is follow the steps we’ve outlined in this article and apply to their program. 

If you don’t hear back from ASOS through Flexoffers don’t lose hope, simply reapply in a month or so. Check out what other influencers are doing as a source of inspiration, and remember to follow their brand messaging when creating content, which is all about fashion trends, fashion finds, oh and more fashion.

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