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All About The Nike Influencer Program


All About The Nike Influencer Program

There are very few brands in the world that need no explanation, and Nike happens to be the top one. 

Keep reading to find out how you can apply for the Nike affiliate program and collaborate with one of the leading sportswear brands.

Everything you need to know about Nike

The former Blue Ribbon Sports (1964-78), Nike originated in Beaverton, Oregon back in 1964 and was founded by none other than Bill Bowerman. 

The pair then opened their first physical store in 1966 and officially launched their Nike brand shoe in 1972. It only took two more years until they switch the company name to Nike inc. in 1974, fast forward 4 more years and the company then went public. 

All About The Nike Influencer Program

Moving into the 21st Century the company would have stores in more than 170 countries around the world. They did this by steadily expanding the business and by creating a diversified product line. How they did this was through the acquisition of companies such as Converse and Cole Haa to expand its shoe lines, Canstar and Umbro for their athletic apparel equipment.

That set them up for the future and in 1996 Nike ACG was created in order to push their snowboarding and mountain biking gear alongside other “extreme sports” equipment. This would only advance them further and the brand would eventually start selling sports tech, which had various items such as heart rate monitor and high altitude wrist compass.

The brand owes a lot of its success to endorsements with athletes such as Michael, Tiger woods, Mia Hamm, & Roger Federer. Then in 1990, the NikeTown store chain opened its doors in order to celebrate these and other athletes’ spokespersons.

The company had its fair share of backlash when it came to light that working conditions overseas were less than ethical. The brand was able to bounce back as well as make changes to its way of production. In 2023 the Nike brand sits on top as the world’s biggest and most recognized athletic apparel and shoe company. 

Who are the Nike influencers, and what do they do?

Nike is a strong believer in the Pyramid Spillover theory, which is composed of high-performing top athletes in order to influence the masses to lean towards buying Nike products. 

Then the brand signed on an ambassador which would change the market landscape for years to come, Michael Jordan. This deal no doubt cost Nike a lot of money, but in the grand scheme of things it seems to have worked out for the better as they are no notorious for their Jordan Shoe line and were able to rake in 100 million in sales in just the first year of the partnership.

All About The Nike Influencer Program

The next big campaign would come in the form of a 20 million dollar “Just Do It”. Nike set its sights on TV adverts that were broadcast across sports stations nationwide with the intention of motivating people and athletes alike to pursue their goals.

Thanks to the success of the Jordan shoe collab, Nike decided to sign two more basketball celebs, Kobe and Lebron. The brand would later venture into the golfing industry and signed Tiger Woods to be the face of their new collections. This would work out in their favor increasing their golf division valuation substantially. 

What are the Nike influencer requirements?

Bloggers, business owners, and content creators can all make money from the Nikle affiliate program. To begin using their services you simply need to create an account on AWIN or commission junction. 

If you want to be accepted into the program, you’ll need to have a substantial audience online and be producing content that is high-quality and that adds value to Nike’s target audience. 

Once accepted into Nike’s Influencer program, you’ll benefit from some awesome perks:

  • Earn up to 11% commission on all sales
  • 30-day cookie 
  • Full access to affiliate banners and marketing materials
  • Routine affiliate emails regarding offers, campaigns, and new products releases
  • Gifts are available for affiliate-run social media competitions

How to promote Nike products as an influencer and make money

How Influencers Promote Nike on Tik Tok

First up for our TikTok content examples we’ve got Itspikaaa a gamer and sports fan content creator who shares a little of everything on her account. She boasts an impressive 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

In her recent Nike video, she chooses to do a “day in the life” style vlog. She starts her video by showing off her Nike outfit, proceeding to show a clip of her working out of the gym sporting her branded attire.


my kind of all-day fit – This @Nike set keeps me ready for anything! Especially these cute leggings! Make sure you head over to to stay ready! #nikepartner #teamnike #swooshhigh #backtoschool


 Here we have evettexo, a lifestyle content creator with 623, 000 followers on TikTok. She shares content related to motherhood, fashion, and her daily life.

In her Nike video, she opted to do a “what I ordered Vs. what I got” style video. Where she can be seen showcasing the Nike app and the pieces she ordered online. Later in the video, she tries on the outfit she ordered and shows off the fit to her audience.

Eve is a Nike partner and this video’s sole purpose was to market the app.


Style and comfort are my go-to’s and @Nike does just that! #teamnike Download the Nike app today to make your shopping experience amazing! #teamnike #Ad #Nikepartner

♬ original sound – evettexo

Lastly, we’ve got justjazzzyidk a 26-year-old content creator from New York with 225,000 followers on TikTok.

Jaz is also a Nike partner and in her video, she can be seen sporting an orange tracksuit set while discussing an upcoming event.


Event info for Beyond the Court below! @Nike #NikePartner

♬ original sound – jaz

How Influencers Promote Nike on Instagram

First up we’ve got Tara A Nicolas an actress, global trainer for Nike, and a meditation and reiki coach. She has 13,000 followers on Instagram and is a Nike partner.

She shares content that is fitness, health, and lifestyle related. In her recent Nike collaboration, she can be seen promoting The Nike SuperRep 4 which is designed to help you make strides on your fitness journey.

Next up we’ve got Aryna Sabalenka a Belarusian professional tennis player based in Miami, Florida.

She’s currently sponsored by Nike, and all of her tennis court pics feature her wearing the brand’s clothing.

Nike recently posted congratulations to the tennis player after she won on the court.

Lastly, we’ve got @laurenschrammfit a global Nike trainer, breath work, and ice bath coach with a little over 5,000 followers on Instagram.

Lauren is currently partnered with Nike, and in her recent post, she can be seen showing off a new sports bra for the brand. With a caption that says “With a breathable, custom fit, there’s nothing that you can’t tackle when you’re supported by the new Nike Swoosh Flyknit Bra.”

How Influencers Promote Nike on Youtube

Here we have lifeasgin, a micro-influencer on Youtuber who shares clothing hauls, lifestyle, and vlogging content for her audience. 

In her recent Nike clothing haul, she can be seen trying on various pieces and sharing her opinion with her audience. 

Next up is @mizchiefmagik she has a little over 10,000 subscribers and shares a lot of fashion content and hauls on her channel. 

Her video is unique because she decided to do a 700$ Nike haul in Korea. It’s filmed in vlog format, so you can see her walking through the city streets and into the store, and then walking her audience through each piece, a try-on, and finally closing off with her leaving the store. 

Lastly, we’ve got BlueEye a fashion and lifestyle influencer with over 386,000 subscribers on Youtube. Pretty impressive!

Blue Eye filmed a clothing haul a couple of years ago featuring a bunch of brands, some of which included Shein, Berska, and Nike. In the video, she can be seen trying on her new finds and putting together outfits, while at the same time discussing each piece with her subs.


Becoming a Nike affiliate partner can be an awesome addition to your content creation strategy, especially if you’re an influencer within the sports, health, and fitness niches. All you need to do is follow the steps we’ve outlined in this guide in order to correctly apply to their affiliate program.

Don’t worry if you fail to receive an email response within 48 hours, as sometimes there can be a bit of delay. This is because each application is reviewed by a brand representative. If you meet all the requirements you should get approved, it might just take a few weeks. 

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