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How To Attract More Brand Deals as an Influencer


A Guide on Attracting More Brand Deals as an Influencer

Many influencers are able to gain an incredible amount of traction and engagement just from their own content. However, by collaborating with significant brands in their respective market, influencers have the potential to access new and vibrant audiences. Data predicts that brands will spend an average of $15 billion on influencer marketing by the end of 2022, highlighting the prevalence of the industry in wider circles. If you are looking to dive into the world of paid social media content, Neitnfluencer has a variety of tips on how to gain more brand deals as an influencer. 

How To Attract More Brand Deals as an Influencer


What are brand deals?

In the modern world of e-commerce and social media, many markets are becoming increasingly competitive with brands constantly looking for ways to diversify and improve their next marketing campaigns. Generally, brand deals refer to a collaboration between a content creator and a business and usually aim to increase attention and revenue for the specific business. 

Brand deals generally occur in two types of ways: Branded content and brand integration. Branded content is funded by the business and ensures that their product or service is the main focal point of the content produced by the influencer. In contrast, brand integration is more subtle and involves an influencer using the product in a more nondescript way.

How To Attract More Brand Deals as an Influencer


Why are they so important to influencers?

Influencers are usually able to make content whenever they please and can attract a large audience across a plethora of platforms. Yet, brand deals are well sought after across all different types of influencers. This type of collaboration can not only supply an additional revenue stream but can also offer the influencer another type of perk. For example, some influencers may produce branded content in exchange for a discount code or sample products.

Brand deals are also an excellent gateway to other opportunities, helping an influencer to build a striking brand portfolio. In turn, the influencer may be more obliged to work with a brand on a continuing basis. In some cases, an influencer can become an integral part of that brand, almost as a model for the product or service. A prime example of this is how comedian Pete Davison recently became a brand ambassador for Smartwater

Depending on the type of content you produce, brand deals can open up engagement with your other social media platforms. This is particularly true with TikTok, which allows you to post content on your Instagram reel. Thus, with one partnership, influencers have the ability to expand their content across an abundance of social media platforms. 

How much money can you earn from a brand deal?

As with all aspects of influencer marketing, the amount of money a creator can make depends greatly on the number of followers and the platform they are using. Generally, brands should pay $10 per 1,000 followers

However, this price can vary greatly on the length of the project and the type of content the brand requires. For example, if a brand were to repurpose an influencer’s content for an additional marketing campaign, the influencer should also receive some sort of financial compensation for their content. 

How To Attract More Brand Deals as an Influencer


5 Ways to Attract More Brand Deals

Brand deals are an ideal way to source more engagement and build additional revenue streams. Due to their benefits, these collaborations can be difficult to find or maintain, if you are just starting out as a full-time influencer. Listed below are five simple ways you can build more brand deals in the future.

  1. Define your personal brand and values

With so many influencers to choose from, it is vital that you stand out from the crowd. By building a personal brand, influencers can become more attractive to their audience as well as other businesses. Not to mention, a personal brand can help an influencer to become more transparent, again increasing their popularity. Building a personal brand does not happen overnight but can occur in three simple steps: Consistency, frequency, and visibility. Thus, in order to create a successful brand for yourself, an influencer must create content regularly, share said content to attract new followers, and ensure their content is being viewed across multiple different markets. 

  1. Discuss your favorite brands with your audience 

As an influencer, you have the ability to share your opinions and thoughts with a wide range of people from around the world. This privilege can be put to good use and can help an audience learn more about a particular brand that an influencer is passionate about. Many YouTubers create ‘Monthly Favorites’ videos, highlighting their most used products and services from that month. Although this may not reward you with a brand deal at first, it can help a business better define the type of influencer they want to work with. Plus, if a brand recognizes that an influencer is already aware of their product catalog, they may be more inclined to collaborate. 

How To Attract More Brand Deals as an Influencer


  1. Make your rates accessible for brands to see

As mentioned earlier, many brands follow a consistent formula when devising their influencer marketing budget. However, this does not mean that every influencer will, or should, be paid the same. Additionally, if you have a higher engagement rate but fewer followers, you should still be entitled to a fair rate of pay. It may be beneficial to create a website or rate card to help businesses better understand how much you charge for a specific type of content. This can also help avoid any uncomfortable confrontation about payment, as you have already defined it within your working conditions. 

  1. Keep track of your analytics and engagement 

If you are creating content across many social media platforms, it is paramount that you are aware of how each platform is performing. This analytics data can also be useful for potential brand partners. Try to collect this data at the end of every month to help stay on track of how much engagement you are gaining per post. This may sound like an arduous task but it can be a useful resource to give to brands as a way to show off your skills and competencies. Your analytics data does not have to be made public but should be presented clearly enough for brands to understand and extrapolate data from.

How To Attract More Brand Deals as an Influencer


  1. Be mindful of the content that you post

This may sound obvious but when working with prominent brands, it is vital that you do not post any distasteful content. This can be in reference to discriminatory behavior, misinformation, or even just misleading facts about the product you are promoting. It is good practice to reaffirm the conditions of the project and adhere to any brand guidelines received by the client. By doing so, you are easily showing your understanding of the importance of good working relationships, potentially leading to more business ventures with that client.

Influencer marketing is becoming a stronger force as time goes on, allowing large brands to work alongside popular influencers to create a range of exciting and intuitive marketing campaigns. Brand deals have enabled these influencers to gain more visibility and add more validity to the world of social media marketing. To discover more about the varying types of influencer marketing, visit our website

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