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The Top 5 Q&A Questions For Your YouTube Channel


5 Q&A Questions For Your YouTube Channel To Engage Your Audience

Trying to think of new ways to engage your viewers on YouTube?
Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of the top five Q&A questions for you to answer for your audience that will offer them valuable insight without offering up personal or sensitive information.

Trying to think of new ways to engage your viewers on YouTube?

Perhaps you have noticed some high-profile YouTubers start to implement question-and-answer sessions with their audience with significant success, and you want to see the same success for your platform.

But where do you start? Trying to identify the best questions for your Q&A session can be tricky and can leave you scratching your head, trying to understand what your audience might want to know and what information you are willing to share.

The Top 5 Q&A Questions For Your YouTube Channel

Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of the top five Q&A questions for you to answer for your audience that will offer them valuable insight without offering up personal or sensitive information.

Why are Q&As so popular?

The Top 5 Q&A Questions For Your YouTube Channel

But before we get into our top five questions, let’s look at why Q&A’s have become so popular in recent years. Ultimately, there are several factors that have resulted in Q&A’s becoming extremely popular with YouTubers and their audience, but here are the three main reasons.

Q&A’s allow for community engagement

Firstly, Q&As are a fantastic way to build community engagement. They offer your audience a unique opportunity to learn about you. Most of the time, the relationship between a YouTuber and their audience is one way. 

It focuses on you creating content and your audience digesting it. Sure, you can create some engagement by responding to comments, but addressing each and every comment gets harder and harder as your channel grows in popularity.

Rather than spending hours trying to reply to every single comment, Q&A’s offer you an opportunity to engage with community questions on a larger scale and offer users insight into questions they have tried asking for some time.

The more your community feels like you are engaging with them and listening to their questions, the more loyal they will become to your channel. Having a loyal following is essential for any content creator that is serious about growing their channel.

Q&As offer viewers a look behind the curtain

Alongside building community engagement, Q&A videos also offer excellent insight into who the person behind the channel is. Sometimes deliberately and sometimes unintentionally, we all have an online version of ourselves that we share, meaning your audience will very rarely see the real you.

Thanks to editing, careful planning, and conscious action, it is easy to only show your best side on camera and keep your weaknesses, flaws, and fears to yourself.

But here’s the thing. Everyone has weaknesses, flaws, and fears, including your audience. While it might not seem conducive to sharing that you also suffer from your own issues, not only will it not harm your channel, but it will help it!

By showing your audience you have your own flaws and issues, you will become more relatable. You might even get some incredible advice from one of your viewers to overcome issues you face in a way you had never even considered.

Being vulnerable in front of a camera and a large audience is not easy, but a Q&A session is a great way to do just that.

Q&A’s are different from your other content

Finally, Q&A content offers your audience something completely different from the other content you share on your channel. While your other content styles might be popular, it certainly doesn’t hurt to throw in different forms of content from time to time.

Not only will it keep your audience on their toes, but it will offer them something new and exciting to engage with.

Creating a wide range of content is essential for any YouTube channel that is interested in long-term success. A variety in content ensures your videos never get stale, don’t get impacted as hard by societal changes or trends, and keep you entertaining and engaging for viewers who have followed your channel for a long time.

The Top 5 Q&A Questions for Your YouTube Channel

The Top 5 Q&A Questions For Your YouTube Channel

Now let’s dive into the top five questions for you to answer for your audience! These questions all provide plenty of insight that your audience will appreciate without sharing any sensitive or personal information.

Remember, you should never answer questions that make you feel uncomfortable. If any of the questions on this list make you feel this way, ensure you skip them.

What is your scariest memory?

When you undertake a Q&A, it is always best start to open with an ice breaker. You don’t want to jump straight into the detailed questions, or hit your audience with an answer they weren’t prepared for at the start of the video.

One way to do this is by starting with your scariest memory. Showing your audience you get scared sometimes will make you seem more real and authentic, and may help them overcome their fears. 

Plus, it might be a funny story that gets a laugh from your viewers.

Which YouTubers do you watch?

You could also offer your audience and insight into which content creators you watch when you are producing content yourself. If you and your audience watch the same content, they will feel closer to you, and more loyal to your channel.

Equally, you could use your platform to promote less well-known YouTubers that deserve more viewership.

What are your plans for the future? 

Not only does your audience want as much content as possible from you in the present, they also probably want to know what your plans are in the future.

That might mean telling them about what type of content you plan on making in the near future, or even your plans outside of YouTube in the coming years.

Be as honest and as open as you want with your audience, and don’t feel forced to share anything you don’t want to.

When did you start creating content?

This question is an excellent one for a Q&A, and it is probably a question you see a lot in your comments section. Some of your audience watch you sheerly because of how entertaining you are, whereas others will watch you in the hope of one day becoming a creator themselves.

Offering them an insight into how long it has taken you to gain an audience is a good way to pass on your knowledge.

What content do you want to make?

Finally, this question can surprise your audience, especially if the answer is content that differs from what you are currently making!

This question is a great opportunity to understand whether there is interest in your potential content ideas or not, and possibly give you the confidence to start making content in that fashion.

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